Vastu Tips For Office

Vastu Tips For Office Interior Design To Boost The Business


People nowadays prefer to ensure that their offices adhere to Vastu Shashtra guidelines. But why though? It’s because it is believed that designing an office as per Vastu brings fortune and financial prosperity at the workplace.

And for all those who love to surround themselves with positive energy and get away from the negative vibes, here is the list of easy-to-implement Vastu tips for office design to boost your business:


Let’s start with the reception first. Reception is the first place your clients, employees, business partners, and visitors see and thus plays a crucial role in leaving a good impression. The ideal location for the reception is in the East or Northeast direction with your office name board in the South direction. You can also place the reception desk diagonal to the main entrance door.

Consider placing a bunch of French lavender flowers or green jade flowers on the desk as it will surround the place with positivity. 

If you love plants, consider snake plants, four-leaved clover plants, areca palms, and lucky bamboo.


Vastu Tips | Room Positions

Founder/CEO’s Room: The Founder’s room should be placed in the South-West corner with them facing East or North. Vastu guidelines do not prefer frames, idols, glass, or wooden partitions behind the CEO’s desk. The table should be wooden instead of a glass one and the shape should be rectangular or square rather than elongated or curved. 

Conference Room: This should be placed in the Northwest direction as helps in bringing good clients. 

Temple Room: The best suitable direction for the Pooja room is the Northeast direction. But if that direction is not available, you can also prefer the East direction. 

Storage Room: Employee lockers, storerooms, and other storage places can be in the Southwest or South direction. 


Bright colours spread positivity and keep negative vibes away. Here is the colour palette for the walls of your workplace. 

Colours To Choose Good For Direction Benefits
Blue Mind Southern wall It stimulates the brain, resulting in greater efficiency.
White & Yellow Emotion South-east, East, North-east, and North-west corners It lights up spirits, makes the day joyful and is an ideal tone for creative thinkers.
Green Balance Southwest wall Green colour is about equilibrium, consolation, and smoothness. Green is also a symbol of money. 
Pink & Red Body Office interiors are generally not painted in these colours but if you choose to, go for Southern walls These colours bring prosperity. 

If you look forward to boosting productivity and creativity in employees, consider hanging paintings of sun and greenery on the North walls as these promote fire element in the office space. 

You can also consider artworks related to water flow as it creates more career opportunities and brings endless success to the business. Water has a deep traditional link with strength and success. 

In order to foster interaction between the employees, use eye-pleasing paintings that depict wind elements. These paintings can bring positive energy to every corner of the office and make the surroundings auspicious. 

Above all, the paintings with motivating and inspiring quotes give a strong reminder to become focused and stay positive throughout the day. Consider hanging the paintings of famous tycoons, industrialists and businesspeople on the sidewalls of the office. 

Using paintings that resemble music can also be a great idea as musical notes rejuvenate strength and lay a crucial and positive impact on human emotions and feelings.  


Employees in the office should face the North or East direction. 

Managers: They should face Southwest, West or South directions as these sides increase the decisionmaking capabilities and bring positivity. 

Accounts Department: It is one of the most important departments in the office and should sit in the North or East direction as these directions are best for conducting cash transactions. Consider placing financial records in the Southwest or North of the cabinet. 

Marketing & Sales Department: People belonging to these departments should face the North-East direction to ensure proactiveness. 

HR & Administration Department: Southeast or Northeast directions are suitable for people working under these departments. 


Vastu Tips | Keep Plants

You can consider placing different kinds of plants in the office according to Vastu guidelines.  

Types of Plants Benefits Direction
Holy Basil Plant Brings prosperity and wealth North, East or North-East direction
Lucky Bamboo Plant Attracts peace and luck East or Southeast corner
Lotus Plant Represents morality, strength, and purity North-East corner
Money Plant Brings prosperity and wealth North or East direction 
Lily Plant Spreads harmony and happiness South or West direction
Snake Plant A hub of positive energy  Southeast direction


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