The World's First Space Hotel Is Coming Soon

The World’s First Space Hotel Is Coming Soon

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Yes! This is for Real! The Gateway Foundation has announced the opening of the world’s first space hotel in 2027. The Voyager Station will be built by Orbital Assembly Corporation.  The Foundation originally revealed its design in 2019 and is scheduled to open in 2027.

We know you are in a shocking state right now but hold on! We have more to tell. 

The Voyager Station will be located 500-550 kilometres away from Earth in the shape of a ferris wheel. The space station will create artificial gravity using centrifugal force as the hotel will keep spinning to simulate gravity in its pods.

World's First Space Hotel
Credit: Orbital Assembly Corporation

What to Expect In The Space Hotel?

This hotel will basically be a resort comprising a restaurant, gymnasium, bar, entertainment center, full-service kitchens, and relaxation spots. The guests will enjoy space food meaning the food produced for consumption in outer space. Because of the lack of gravity, change of smell and a lot of factors, not all food that we consume on Earth is fit for eating in space. However, with time, the hotel will start improving its menu. 

World's First Space Hotel
Credit: Orbital Assembly Corporation

If we talk about the accommodation, the hotel will accommodate up to 280 guests and 112 crew members. 

Arrangement of High-Quality Entertainment

World's First Space Hotel
Credit: Orbital Assembly Corporation

What’s the point of a holiday without any source of entertainment? The company has got this covered. It also plans to entertain its guests by inviting top artists from all over the globe to perform daily at the space hotel. The company’s executive already mentioned Beyoncé while talking about means to entertain guests.

The main objective is to let visitors expect high- entertainment and fun when they stay in the hotel.

Who Will Take Care of Transportation? 

The spotlight is on SpaceX Starship. It is proposed that the transportation will be handled by another company as building a space hotel is one thing and accessing it is altogether another thing. While the company that will take care of transportation has not been finalized yet, SpaceX Starships can be of huge help in making space travel a reality. 

The Space Hotel Is Going To Be Very Expensive!

Space Hotel
Credit: Orbital Assembly Corporation

Although there’s a lot of time left in its launch, much information has already been released. Many sources are putting the price for booking the accommodation at $5 million which clearly depicts that initially, this luxury can only and only be affordable for super-rich people. 

Final Words

While everyone is excited about the idea of space travel, this still remains largely an idea. It would be quite interesting to watch transform the idea of making space tourism a reality.  

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