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“We are stance with fresh mindset & innovative thoughts to give a 360 solution as per the client’s need.”

Neha Talwar (Founder, Adne Group)


The HR industry has been in the limelight for quite a while now. The industry is credited for providing exclusive services that help in the holistic growth of a business. One such HR company that is helping different businesses acquire skilled and creative professionals to contribute to the respective business growth and position itself at the top in the HR industry, is Adne Group by Neha Talwar. 

Incepted with a mission to help organizations to achieve their goals and strategies through appropriately designed HR solutions and recruitment support, Adne Group is a highly renowned company in the HR industry.  It is a young emerging organization, commenced in 2009 by a set of young professionals with an aim to provide wide-ranging staffing, manpower and recruitment solutions to different organizations in India & Gulf Countries. 


Neha Talwar is a hardworking professional who defines the vision and roadmap of Adne Group. Being the Founder of the firm, she takes major corporate decisions and manages the overall operations and resources of the company. Neha is also responsible for formulating and implementing the strategic plan that guides the direction of Adne Group. 

She also makes sure that the services provided by the company should align with industry direction, standards, and best practices. 


Adne Group takes pride in delivering top-notch HR services to its diverse clients. Some of them are as follows:

  • Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

Adne Group identifies and acquires skilled professionals to meet the needs of various organizations. It has deep functional and industry expertise with a proven executive search and valuation procedure to help companies find talent that best fits the organizations’ unique demands.  

“We work with our clients to understand their recruitment needs by identifying the skills and experience that they are looking for. Our professional and experienced team find the perfect candidate for any role the clients ask for,” mentions Neha. 

  • Payroll Management

Adne Group offers complete payroll outsourcing services, from necessary payroll calculations to statutory compliance, thereby facilitating transparent employee communications. Other services under Payroll Management include redressal of employees’ grievances, managing attendance records, timely compliance with all applicable rules and regulations, and many more to list. 

  • Personality Test

Personality tests reveal important qualities of candidates which directly impacts team performance. Adne Group specializes in conducting personality tests to help companies find a suitable fit. Through personality tests, Adne Group measures emotional stability, extroversion, conscientiousness, and openness to experience. 

Other services provided by the company include:

  • Employee Handbook and other Policy Development
  • Compensation Consulting Strategy and Planning
  • Training & Development
  • Psychometric Test
  • Reference Check
  • Strategy & Systems


For any company, understanding the needs of the clients and business specifics is essential. Adne Group, first finds out the client’s problem to take a grasp of the solution it will be working on. Thereafter, it makes in-depth research about the company’s goals, its competitors, and customers. Putting all the research together, it solves the problem systematically, thereby increasing the credibility of the company and the perceived value of what it has done. 

“We have successfully fulfilled some of the niche requirements in a very short period of time. We personally connect with clients via calls, Video Calls, or Face to Face Communication, whenever required, to understand the key pointers, issues & pain points and then work on delivering the project,” shares Neha.


Knowing and understanding clients’ needs is at the centre of every successful business. Adne Group believes in understanding the clients’ business in order to proactively align its strategies and develop professional partnerships with the clients. It works across multiple industries and conducts market research to build a picture of the probable requirements of the clients. 

“We are here to find the right solution in order to meet our client’s expectations. The better the understanding of the client’s requirements, the easier becomes the methodology and the rate of conversion becomes higher,” shares Neha.


It is often said that delivering what you promise is a big skill to learn and master. Adne Group has mastered the art of fulfilling every promise it makes to its clients. Its services are fundamentally based on the highest standards of Human Resource Management, effective communication, trust and a friendly approach. 

Adne Group gives utter confidence to its clients that they are operating in accordance with Employment Law and Regulations, enabling them to minimize any business risks and create a healthy workplace with happy employees.

For Adne Group, every client is important. The team always stays ready to render its HR services; whether it’s a small, medium or a large business; retained clients or a customer who needs simple HR advice.  

“These brand pillars help us provide an experience that supports our customers in doing what they love. In the end, it’s all about creating a successful business story,” says Neha with pride. 


Recent times have seen a technological transformation in many industries, including the HR industry as well. The rate of technology adoption in the hiring process is accelerating at double speed. Realizing these swift changes, Adne Group is moving away from the traditional method of hiring and trying out new tools and techniques to make hiring a pleasing experience for its clients. 

Adne Group has implemented Applicant Tracking System and Resource Management System to keep pace with the current trends happening in the industry. It has also started utilizing social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook for hunting the top talent for its clients. 

“The hiring trends are evolving; the old practices are making way for the new ones. We are proud to say that Adne Group always stays open to adopting new changes to thrive in the competitive marketplace,” shares Neha.


Adne Group consists of a highly dedicated, talented and motivated team that has experience in different industries. The company has also developed a large pool of databases for smooth coordination built via various searches and processes. 

Neha believes that “a collaborative teamwork leads to a better outcome”. She improves employee engagement and brings her team closer together by following a set of practices. They are:

  • The team practices different methods of communication on a regular basis to boost business relationships with clients.
  • The team gets rewards and recognition for every big and small work which enhances the team performance and improves organizational values.
  • The team is consistently upgraded with new technologies and new skill sets required in the HR industry. Adne Group provides its employees with time-to-time training programs so that they are at par in the industry. 


According to Neha, success is a continuous journey with no end. As she puts it, “Success should constantly be worked upon for self-improvement. One should keep pushing for their dreams and focus on success no matter what people may think of them.”

She further adds, “Success is not about the accumulation of wealth, rather it’s about happiness and enjoying that proud moment when the goal is achieved.” 

She advises budding entrepreneurs to “do the right thing, unyielding integrity and build the desire to perform no matter what the situation is”, and that’s how one can build a credible brand.


Adne Group envisions expanding to each and every corner of the world. Although going global carries an equally heavy load of peril, Adne Group is ready to overcome all the obstacles that come its way. The greater the obstacles, the more glory in overcoming them. 

The last decade was defined by events that marked unprecedented transformations in the HR space, bringing with them humongous challenges. Undeterred by hurdles, Adne Group is flourishing in the HR Sector expeditiously. The company has a unique, creative track record of helping major brands in India & Gulf Countries. It also specializes in finding solutions across work of different nature. As a matter of fact, Adne Group is emerging as one of the highly acclaimed companies in the Human Resources industry.

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