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“Innovate and Create” is the foundation of our business, where each venture has been developed to contribute back to the society and its people.”

Sandeep Mahajan (MD, Vrisa Innovation Limited)


Owing to the lengthy construction time for conventional brick and mortar structures and growing awareness about environmental concerns, people have started to prefer prefab homes. A well-renowned company, Vrisa Innovation with its unified aim of ‘Design to Deliver’ and to meet the increasing demand for prefabricated housing, was incepted in 2017 by Sandeep D. Mahajan. 

Vrisa Innovation believes in bringing novelty with sustainable methods. It believes that modernism should flourish without hampering the environment. Therefore, every product or service i.e. Luxurious Wooden & Prefab Farm Houses, Bungalows, Resorts, and Cottages, it provides are ecofriendly and sustainable. Having more than 10 years of experience in the construction field, it has more than 200 clients to add to its credit. 


Sandeep D. Mahajan is the face behind Vrisa Innovation. The Creative, Innovative, and Dynamic Sandeep is always keen on exploring new and innovative concepts. 

He began his first venture when he was only 18 years old. At the age of 22, his packaged water manufacturing plant was ranked the 2nd largest plant in the state of Maharashtra. On his 30th milestone, he expanded his business in the field of Modular Constructions, Real Estate, Hydro Energy and Hospitality sectors. He globalised it further in partnerships with Canadian, Russian and European wooden suppliers.

Currently, he is responsible for developing and executing Vrisa Innovation’s business strategies, preparing and implementing comprehensive business plans, and planning cost-effective operations and market development activities for the company. 


Sandeep believes that “My Team is My Greatest Asset, and we create an enjoyable work Environment and a vibrant community.”

Poonam Mahajan accompanying as a Corporate Head, involves in Sales and Marketing along with Site Management and Quality Control

Sunil Kadam and Sameer lead the Production department

Arc Sakshi and Arc Sanket lead the Design Department and Material Selection

Sheeba Jecob takes care of Sales, Customer Relations and Site Co-ordination

Jayashree looks after Accounts Department, Statutory compliances and Govt. dept. co-ordination


With a vision to make the process of owning a dream home hassle-free for its clients, Vrisa Innovation pioneers sustainable and pre-crafted luxurious Wooden or Prefab Farm Houses, Bungalows, Resorts, and Cottages. The prefab homes that it supplies can be built on-site within 90 working days time span irrespective of their remote location. 

“Our Prefab homes seamlessly unite client’s needs with the sustainable construction method, creating structures of classic simplicity and enduring beauty,” says Sandeep.

Some of its products are listed below:

  • Modular Prefabricated Structures

Prefab homes of Vrisa purely embrace the high-end modern technology and blend it with classic simplicity and enduring beauty. These homes are highly cost-effective, quick to construct, require minimal maintenance and offer a better return on investment. Those desiring a different feel and a break from regular living can consider these homes an ideal choice. 

  • Wooden Homes: The Sustainable Alternative

Vrisa’s desire to transform the prefabricated construction method and shift towards sustainability has led to the innovation of prefab wooden homes that offer a similar appearance of wood. These structures are an ideal choice for all those who like the appearance of wood but at the same time, want them to be maintained properly. 

  1. Canadian Pinewood Structure: Canadian Pinewood Structures are constructed using the most genuine quality certified pinewood, obtained from B.C Canada.“We have the support of FII, Canada for the procurement of wood and an expert team of wood specialists. The wood we use is certified by global agencies-CSA (Canadian Standards Association), FSC and SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative). Wood species that are available with us are SPF, Douglas fir, Yellow Cedar, and Red Cedar,” explains Sandeep.
  2. Russian Pinewood Structure: Vrisa brings the most seasoned natural pinewood from regions of Siberia and Russia to make exclusive homes, resorts, cottages and tiny cabins. The high-quality lumber is sourced from 90 thousand hectares of the forest region of Russia. These structures are lightweight wooden structures, resist shrinking & swelling, have good elasticity, etc.
  3. European Pinewood Structure: These structures come with an immaculate finish, high durability, negligible maintenance, elegant look, attractive designs and much more.


Vrisa’s other business verticals include providing interior design solutions, hospitality services, and hydro energy. 

Interior design services include providing residential design solutions like designing homes, farmhouses, apartments, and studio houses. It also designs commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants, offices, resorts, and much more.

Vrisa’s first Hydro Energy Plant was established in the year 2010, with an aim to pioneer the concept of clean and pollution-free energy to combat climatic change. “Our current goal is to produce 1 Cr Units per annum from next year and we thus plan to increase this production up to 5 Cr Units per annum by the year 2027,” explains Sandeep.


Vrisa Innovation is the only Public Limited Company and leading manufacturer & supplier in India that works on wooden and prefab simultaneously. 

Vrisa upgrades the projects with the latest construction methods and products and provides its client with turnkey solutions based on their choice and site location. It also comes up with innovative concepts for each construction. 

“We work with our team hand in hand right till the time we hand over the project. Our team’s sincerity, punctuality, and hard work help us to maximize customer satisfaction,” explains Sandeep. 

Vrisa positions itself uniquely in the competitive market due to the below-mentioned factors:

  • Custom Made Designs

Vrisa offers custom made wooden and prefab & modular structures, using eco-friendly materials and the latest technology.

  • Durability and Strength

Vrisa’s structures are so strong that they stay stable and durable in any climatic conditions, be it tropical or coastal region. 

  • Reusable and Eco-friendly

The materials that Vrisa uses for its construction activities are LEED and ISO certified, are reusable and thus eco-friendly. 

  • Best Quality & On-Time Delivery

Vrisa makes all its processes and details transparent to the clients and adheres to delivering quality work on time to gain clients’ trust. 

  • Expert In-House Team

Vrisa has a highly skilled and experienced in-house team of expert architects and engineers, who convert every impossible thing into possible and deliver projects of elegant and aesthetically pleasing look.

“Our clients are our priority. We give them complete support from the initialization till the completion of the project and solve any queries and doubts that arise in their minds,” reiterates Sandeep. 


Vrisa is committed to serving its clients with professionalism, honesty, transparency, dedication, time, knowledge and expertise to ensure successful and stress-free transactions.

Its transparent and regular updates during the construction keep the clients updated and well informed. Vrisa also gives flexibility to its clients to choose, modulate, and innovate the products to create a healthy structure for their personalized needs. 

“At Vrisa, we are extremely proud of the quality of the services we provide to our clients and thrive on delivering maximum satisfaction. We are always open to listening to their suggestions and tailoring our deliverables as per their needs and requirements,” says Sandeep. 


Vrisa believes that modernism should flourish without hampering the environment and also believes in bringing novelty with sustainable methods and approaches.

The aim of Vrisa is to combat climatic change and contribute to developing a holistic sustainability model for the country.


Sandeep has his own definition of success. He says:

  • One should be true to oneself and the clients
  • Be transparent in everything one says and executes
  • One should build a hardworking, dedicated, and committed team that coordinates with the clients and work on the maximization of clients’ satisfaction

Executing what has been committed is his success mantra for building a credible brand.


Vrisa Innovation has been the recipient of two highly prestigious honours. These are:

  • Udyog Bharati Award – For Quality Excellence and services
  • Bhartiya Udyog Ratana Award – For National Economical Development through Individual contribution

Vrisa’s approach to sustainability, core philosophies, and commitment to providing top-notch services position it uniquely in the competitive landscape and make it one of the leading manufacturing companies fueling the growth of modern India. 


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