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“We relentlessly strive to innovate with the changing global consumer and technology and aim to make the construction industry work smoother.”

-Hardik H. Solanki (National Sales & Marketing Director, Nilkanth Engg Works)


The demand for construction machinery is anticipated to continue increasing at a fast pace with the ongoing economic development of emerging economies. With a mission to meet the demand arising in the construction industry and infrastructure development, Hasmukhbhai A Solanki incepted Nilkanth Engineering Works in 1982. 

With a powerful dream and the strength to fulfil it, Hasmukhbhai was adamant about setting up a company that would become a leading manufacturer and exporter of all types of Construction Machinery like Mobile Concrete Batching Plant, Compact Concrete Batching Plant, Stationary Concrete Batching Plant with Pan Mixer and Twinshaft mixer. 

Today, Nilkanth has become one of the reputed manufacturers and exporters of all types of construction machineries. Nilkanth is swiftly moving towards the cutting-edge advancement that provides high-quality components to add to the longevity, reliability and durability for manufacturing the best quality Concrete Batching Plants.



Nilkanth is the vision that Hasmukhbhai visualized in 1982. He, who had affluent skills to fulfil his dreams, dedicated over 25 years in the field of ready mix concrete machine manufacturing and relentlessly undertook research and developed concrete mixing equipments, which are globally recognized for their quality and services. 

It was 1986 when Nilkanth developed its first-ever product marking machine for the cable industry, the cables could be identified by identification numbers and can then be traced. The cables could be easily installed by their marked identification number. 

In 1993, Nilkanth started manufacturing Asphalt Paver- a finisher machine that can be used in road construction projects. 

In 2000, Nilkanth developed its first mobile concrete batching plant and started sending the plant to various parts of Gujarat like Gandhidham, Bhuj and the Kutch area. Realizing the ample opportunities prevailing in the market, it then entered into export in 2006 and became one of the most desired mobile concrete batch manufacturing companies in the economy in 2021. 



Hardik H Solanki, son of Hasmukhbhai Solanki decided to carry on the legacy built by his father in 2018. As the National Sales and Marketing Director, Hardik is responsible for sales, marketing, dealer building, strategy planning, and handling corporate customers in India and abroad. Furthermore, he also identifies and plans differentiated and impactful marketing strategies. 

Hardik’s deep expertise and well-thought marketing strategies are bringing the finest technology in the company to manufacture products with an aim to deliver high-quality components to add to the durability, trustworthiness, and stability. With Hardik’s phenomenal sales and marketing strategies, Nilkanth is expanding rapidly throughout the economy. 

“We have successfully served our customers with more than 1000 plants and have exported to 15 countries. We believe our customers are our family and are always keen on providing them with after-sales services. This helps us build a stronger connection with them,” says Hardik.



Nilkanth always stays on top of the clients’ list as it is always ready with its deep technological expertise to make changes as and when required. It manufactures 3 major products which are as follows:

  • Mobile Concrete Batching Plant with Pan Mixer/Twin shaft Mixer Cap. 30/45/60 Cu.M/Hr.
  • Compact Concrete Batching Plant with Pan Mixer/Twin shaft Mixer Cap. 30/45/60 Cu.M/Hr.
  • Stationary Inline Concrete Batching Plant with Pan Mixer/Twin shaft Mixer Cap. 30/45/60/75/90/120 Cu.M/Hr.



When the entire world was hit by the deadly Covid-19 pandemic and came under a lockdown, travel was hampered due to several restrictions imposed by the government. Realizing the need of the hour, Nilkanth shifted everything to online. 

“Putting sales at the centre of our strategy, we updated our existing website, created videos to explain our products and established new and exclusive social media campaigns to increase our online presence,” says Hardik. 

As the company always puts customer relationships on priority, it hosted informative webinars and online meetings to build trust and educate the customers. That’s how, when other companies were struggling to survive in the pandemic, Nilkanth continued to strive and set itself apart from the competitors. 

“Clients are our priority. It’s our responsibility to make every important aspect of the client experience better every day,” adds Hardik. 

To stay on top of the clients’ expectations, Nilkanth focuses on:

  • Use of latest and leading-edge technology
  • Constant Quality Check
  • Maintaining packaging list through software that avoids glitches during installation
  • Calibration is done onsite on the same day 



Nilkanth always strives to become a customer-oriented company. Right from ideation to installation and maintenance, Nilkanth makes sure to benefit the clients with their requirements. Its customer-centric approach and well-defined execution processes help the company to deliver top-notch results to the clients to achieve 100% client retention. 

It strives to innovate with the changing global consumer and technology and make the construction industry work smoother and better.

Its top 5 clients are:

  • Kunal Structure India Pvt Ltd; served with 23 plants
  • Sri Raja Rajeshwari Constructions; served with 16 plants
  • LCC Projects Pvt Ltd; served with 14 plants
  • RCC Developers; served with 8 plants
  • Unique Infra Engineering Pvt Ltd; served with 8 plants



Nilkanth’s business philosophies serve as its roadmap to growth. These are crafted in such a way that encourages a positive mindset and evolves best practices in the company. Its core philosophies are:

  • Quality

With an experience of over 40 years, Nilkanth’s core philosophy has always been to keep quality above anything. The company understands that the quality of the concrete depends on the quality of the concrete batching plant. Quality for them is not just a word, it’s a promise. 

“Quality has always remained at the top of Nilkanth’s list. A strict quality inspection is done through in-house software before dispatching the product on the client’s site,” reiterates Hardik.


  • Customer Satisfaction

This is the company’s motto since day 1 and has helped in getting repeat and reference orders from several customers.


  • High Technology

Nilkanth constantly keeps a strict eye on the latest technological developments and quickly reacts to trends to always stay one step ahead to maximize customer benefits.


  • Fast Services

The team at Nilkanth is known for its quick resolutions of onsite service requirements, with the majority of the resolutions provided for onsite equipment on phone or remote video support. If the issue is not resolved on off-site support service, the service engineers reach the site within minimum time and resolve the problem.


  • Continual Improvement

Nilkanth emphasizes on continual improvement of products and developing them dynamically to offer future-oriented solutions.


  • 24 x 7 Support

The company stays open to customer support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week ensuring the quick solutions to an issue, no matter what day or time it is. The team stays active to address any technical questions to ensure the smooth running of onsite operations. 



Nilkanth aims to become a global market leader by providing the best and highly efficient and cost-effective concrete batching plants. It constantly strives to provide a hassle-free experience to its clients. 

Furthermore, Nilkanth always gives a 100% guarantee on the quality of its products and provides services without any delay as it believes that the faster it attends to clients’ needs, the more trust it builds in their minds. 



Since the company’s inception, Nilkanth has been the recipient of many awards and accolades. Some of the well-renowned awards are listed below:

  • Top 10 Road and Civil Construction Equipment Manufacturer 2021
  • Business Innovation of the Year 2021
  • Creative Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 Award to Hardik Solanki
  • Best Operator Training Program Award 2021

The global market for construction machinery is expected to sustain double-digit growth. Companies like Nilkanth Engineering Works have a major role to play in the development of this industry. With a rich experience in designing and developing customized engineering solutions with the latest technology, today, the company has proudly become one of the major leaders in the manufacturing of construction machineries.


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