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Salot & Shah Associates: Pushing Boundaries in Techno-Legal Consulting


“We stand tall with over 150+ clients spanning across 10+ Countries, providing high-end Techno-Legal and Legal-Commercial Advisory Services.”

Adv. Bhaumik Shah (Co-Founder, Salot & Shah Associates)

With rapid advancements in technology, Techno-Legal Consulting has gained prominence, specifically in industries like information technology, construction and engineering. Businesses are now understanding the significance of complying with legal compliance, making the role of a techno-legal consultant indispensable in the industry. At the forefront of legal innovation and advisory stands Salot & Shah Associates. Established in 2020 and helmed by Adv. Bhaumik Shah, the firm currently has a presence in three cities, with its corporate office located in Ahmedabad. The firm specialises in the Non-Litigation domain, especially in the techno-legal space.

The Leadership

Adv. Bhaumik Shah is a seasoned professional who has advised diverse stakeholders – entrepreneurs, CXOs and management across industries. Academically, he holds a graduation in Computers, a Post Graduation in MBA and Law and diploma degrees in Human Resource Management and International Business. His experience spans various industry domains like manufacturing, education, Logistics, EPC/PMC, Fin-Tech, Banking, and more. After brushing up his skills in different industries and having hands-on experience as a Litigation lawyer, he led the inception of Salot & Shah Associates. His current practice area is at the Hon. Gujarat High Court, specialising in corporate law.

“I believe that techno-legal consulting is like being a mainstay guide for businesses using technology (either of service-based or Product base tech-firms). It involves guiding them and streamlining their processes in sync with the then existing Laws of the Land. It’s about understanding their product/services and enabling them to adhere to various compliances like that of labour law, DPDPA etc. That’s what the lawyers at Salot Shah & Associates do, with utmost determination,” explains the lawyer.

The Differentiating Factors

Salot & Shah Associates specialises in a plethora of advisory like traditional legal advisory, litigations, data privacy and compliances, legal due diligence, drafting and other additional legal services like legal opinions, structuring and more. Since its inception, the firm has placed itself uniquely with an edge in understanding technology and related aspects; this law firm:

  • Handles entire advisory from a legal perspective 
  • Provides a prompt digital advisory with multiple advocates in the team performing as SPOC for immediate disposal of client queries; apart from delivering services digitally, it also supports various Legal Negotiations and represents clients across borders to achieve fruitful legal commercial resolution 
  • Conducts thorough legal assessments and documents the overall legal framework of companies 
  • Ensures continuous advisory and hand-holding on legal and HR matters of businesses 
  • Represents the company and appears on its behalf in legal matters, post-authorisation 
  • Adheres to high standards of ethics and principles to attain optimal client satisfaction 
  • Builds close associations with promoters and offers guidance in their legal matters 
  • Ensures complete flexibility in scaling up or down the need for on-site legal experts as per requirements

“Timeliness is the key, especially in legal matters. Salot & Shah Associates likes being on top of things, giving quick yet high-quality services,” mentions Adv. Shah.

The Diverse Clientele

Salot & Shah Associates has served more than 150 clients, especially in the service industry including, but not limited to, IT Companies, fintech, edutech, hospitals, digital fantasy leagues, gaming, sports associations, manufacturing units, education institutions & universities, pharmaceutical companies, entertainment and real estate developers, among others.

Salot & Shah Associates’ team comprises highly skilled and experienced lawyers who bring their extensive knowledge to the table. They bring advisory a new dimension with benchmarked ethical values for greater standards of service with a high degree of professionalism and responsiveness.

What’s on The Horizon?

The firm now looks forward to expanding its reach in both Litigations along with expanding its city base in its non-litigation practice. In Adv. Bhaumik’s words, “We are gearing up to broaden our footprints. We are not just aiming for growth, we are envisioning to become the trailblazers in our field. As we set our sights on expansion, we want to set the highest standards by consistently delivering unmatched legal consulting solutions to our clients.”

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