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SPBC Group: Fostering A Legacy of Excellence in HR and Recruitment Consulting


“At Synergy Plus Business Consulting Group, our mission is to build collaborative partners across Pan India.”

M D Vanjani (Founder & CEO, SPBC Group)

“After dedicating a lifetime to serving top corporations, life gives you two options– retirement or a fresh start. For me, it meant stepping into the entrepreneurial world with an intent to contribute meaningfully to society,” shares a 70-year-old M D Vanjani who had spent his entire career making profits for many prominent organisations in the business world. Today, he proudly presides over SPBC Group, a highly acclaimed HR Consultancy and Recruitment company. Running it with full vigour,  Mr Vanjani’s passion for fostering growth and making a positive impact can be seen in the entire HR realm. 

SPBC Group is an acronym for Synergy Plus Business Consulting Group where the word Synergy carries a special meaning. “SPBCG is named after “Synergy”, to create synergies of the unique talent of human resource and mission of business of all sectors to produce the accelerated growth in business,” says the seasoned septuagenarian. 

Meet M D Vanjani

M D Vanjani is a proud alumnus of SRCC and holds professional qualifications as a Chartered Accountant (CA) and Company Secretary (CS). With over 45 years of experience, he has steered the role of CEO in India and overseas (UK and Singapore).

At SPBC Group, sitting on the other side of the table, Mr Vanjani adorns many hats in a day. As the firm’s CEO, he spearheads the development and execution of strategic initiatives. Leveraging his extensive leadership experience, he guides the company through complex business landscapes.

Besides managing the firm’s regular administration work, Mr Vanjani excels at nurturing client relationships, driving business development and expanding the global footprint of the Group. 

“SPBC Group is completing its 10 years in 2024. Our goal stays clear- Take the company to new realms of success and foster a legacy of excellence in recruitment and management consulting,” states the CEO.

SPBC Group’s Comprehensive Service Portfolio

SPBCG is more than just a group of consultants, where every service is offered keeping in mind each client’s unique requirements. Here are the services that the firm provides:

  • Executive Recruitment

People are the lifeblood of any business and losing out on senior talent or experienced industry professionals can create a significant disadvantage. SPBC understands the significance of leadership in organisational success. Therefore, the firm hunts the best talent in the industry and recruits mid-level professionals to top-tier executives, including CEOs and Directors. 

  • Strategic Management Consulting

SPBCG also specialises in aiding businesses during tough times and fostering continuous growth. Tailoring its consulting services to address unique business challenges, the firm offers expertise in devising plans that drive expansion and include strong ways to handle risks. Furthermore, transformation for any business can be tough. The firm guides businesses through transformational journeys, ensuring sustainable success in a dynamic business landscape.  

  • Comprehensive CA Services

SPBC Group is equipped with highly qualified professionals who bring their expertise in financial management, tax planning and compliance. Be it optimising financial processes or navigating complex regulatory landscapes, the firm provides it all.

As the Founder highlights, “We are serving multinational corporations (MNCs), prominent global hubs such as the USA, UK, South Korea, and Japan, and other esteemed Indian companies. We cater to clients from diverse industries like large infrastructure, industries/ manufacturing, banking, education, IT and hospitality among others.

  • Project Management

Team SPBC also helps enterprises in planning, organising and managing project activities essential for accomplishing specific objectives with predetermined parameters. This also includes consolidating project management efforts, establishing clear expectations, and implementing process standards aimed at enhancing consistency and optimising project outcomes.

Rising Beyond Challenges

True growth isn’t cultivated in calm waters; it thrives amidst storms. When a business grows, different problems demand different solutions. Mr Vanjani’s commitment has been put to the test many times since the firm’s inception, yet each challenge has strengthened the SPBC’s roots.

  • Establishing in Competitive Waters

Facing the challenge of competing against well-established industry titans, especially the globally renowned Big Four, emerged as a key obstacle for SPBCG. Yet, this challenge helped the company to evolve from all angles.

“We overcame this obstacle through strategic positioning and emphasising on strengths of the firm. Our client-centric approach did wonders,” mentions Mr Vanjani.

  • Formula for Acquisition and Retention

Another formidable challenge was attracting and retaining top-tier leaders across various fields. The firm solved this challenge by offering competitive compensation packages and fostering a work environment prioritising professional growth and learning. Mr Vanjani emphasises, “We invested in the team’s development and brought in specialised team leads who would think out of the box to meet the client’s needs.”

  • Motivation and Learning Amidst Business Cycles

Maintaining team motivation and fostering a culture of continual learning during extended business cycles posed a significant challenge for the company. Drawing from his global background and expertise, Mr Vanjani implemented strategies to keep the team inspired and motivated. 

“We conducted regular training sessions & mentorship programs and infused special team leads at strategic levels to foster a culture of adaptability,” states Mr Vanjani. 

The Differentiating Factors

Human Resources is a highly competitive industry with many big players already existing in the market. However, SPBCG has been able to create a unique identity in the industry due to these factors:

  • Quality Above Anything 

The core principle of SPBC Group revolves around surpassing client expectations by delivering a calibre of manpower beyond industry standards. The firm doesn’t merely promise top-tier solutions; it brings them to life through action. It lets its actions speak louder than words. 

“I always prefer face-to-face interactions with clients to build personal connections. This helps us delve deeper into their evolving needs, thus helping us tailor our services to their objectives,” he elaborates.

  • Proactive Engagement

Recognising the market dynamism, Team SPBCG prioritises staying abreast of evolving trends. Through direct, personal interactions and face-to-face meetings, the team ensures client satisfaction. This proactive engagement not only enables them to assess the effectiveness of the services but also assists in seamlessly adapting to the latest market shifts.

To identify new market opportunities, Team SPBC does a comprehensive analysis of sectors that would benefit from the company’s services. The team examines industry growth potential, competitive landscapes, market sizes, shares, growth rates, unit prices, per capita sales, and brand positioning. Once that is done, the team makes informed decisions.

  • Clients As Partners

SPBC doesn’t treat its clients as just business transactions. It sees them as partners in their journey towards success. The firm understands their needs and goals, followed by aligning services to support their long-term growth. By thinking this way, SPBC actively contributes to its clients’ achievements.

Team: The Biggest Asset

Team at SPBC Group

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it. Mr Vanjani gives the credit for SPBCG’s success to his team. Year after year, their impact on the company is skyrocketing because of their commitment to constantly evolve for themselves and the company’s growth. 

Amalgamating the employer’s mindset and the employee’s mindset, Mr Vanjani fosters a collaborative team environment and encourages each team member to bring their diverse perspectives to the table. Through regular training and development initiatives, he empowers his team to stay updated with industry trends, adopt best practices and hone their skills. 

Women Power at SPBC Group

“SPBC consists of a dynamic team of 26 talented minds from varying backgrounds, where 80% of the strength comprises women. I let my team take calculated risks as it helps them explore unexplored territories. I believe this approach isn’t just about taking risks, it’s about supporting and encouraging the team members to push their boundaries,” explains the CEO. 

Looking Ahead To The Next Decade

SPBC Group looks forward to adapting to technological advancements and sustained growth across various industries like infrastructure, manufacturing, banking, hospitality, IT and education. As  India’s economy is on the rise, the firm anticipates a surge in demand for skilled manpower. The company will look forward to capitalising on the market demands and achieving an ambitious target of achieving a remarkable 30% year-on-year growth.

SPBC Group Team

Mr Vanjani elaborates, “As we mark 10 years of Synergy Plus Business Consulting Group, we stand at the threshold of a significant milestone. This milestone serves as a stepping stone to greater aspirations.”

SPBC Group envisions becoming a premier provider of human resource and business solutions across Pan India. The firm endeavours to carve a distinctive identity known for its excellence in human resources and comprehensive business solutions nationwide.

“As we look forward to seeing India make its position among the developed nations by 2047, businesses hold a pivotal role in this transformative vision. Synergy Plus Business Consulting Group is committed to contributing significantly to this trajectory.”

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