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Legal Trends Immigration: Guiding Immigration with Integrity


“Ethics coupled with competency give us an edge over the competition.”

Varalika Sharma (Founder, Legal Trends Immigration)

With the primary goal of addressing clients’ immigration concerns, Varalika Sharma established Legal Trends Immigration in 2022. As an experienced lawyer, Varalika leads the firm, serving as the initial point of contact for all clients. Her expertise lies in drafting detailed cover letters for each application and tending to any legal matters that are attached to the application.

“Having been a part of the immigration industry since 2017, I’ve had the privilege of working with renowned names in the industry. Throughout my journey, I came face to face with some areas of immigration that were beyond the scope of normal consultants,” recalls Varalika. That’s when she got the inspiration to delve deeper into the field. She conducted extensive research, expanded her network, and explored diverse facets of immigration. The inner calling to contribute in the same field led her to incept ‘Legal Trends Immigration’.

“I am very fortunate to share that we have helped clients convert their immigration dreams into reality. The sense of fulfilment derived from this journey is unmatched,” states the Founder.

Services Offered By The Company

Legal Trends Immigration offers a comprehensive range of services. These include free profile assessments based on eligibility criteria of visa categories, visa application and biometric appointments. Moreover, post-visa approval, the company extends its support by helping with flight bookings and arranging travel insurance.

Beyond the visa process, Legal Trends Immigration goes the extra mile to provide after-landing services such as accommodation and job assistance. Additionally, the company helps with reviews, appeals, and re-applications in the case of visa rejection to its clients (B2C) and Institutional partners (B2B).

Immigration consultancy is a highly competitive industry. Varalika points out, “Ethics coupled with competency give us an edge over the competition and our commitment to our principles is unparalleled in the industry. Our foundation has been laid on the grounds of Ethics and Integrity. We believe in building relationships of trust. In providing our service, we understand that our clients invest immense trust in us. Respecting this association, we do not, under any circumstance, compromise on integrity.”

Honesty and Integrity Above Anything!

The market is flooded with immigration agents who oversell visa categories and ignore the limitations. Many firms create unrealistic expectations, assuring clients of guaranteed visa approvals, and ignoring the complexities involved. Legal Trends Immigration, unlike other market players, adopts a different ethos. The firm prioritises honesty and integrity.

“There have been cases where we have declined files where we felt the chances of visa approval were minimal. Instead, we guided them about how to work on strengthening their profile. Though this approach sometimes offends the clients, we believe honesty is better than false promises.” 

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The Clientele

Legal Trends Immigration has a diverse clientele. It ranges from students to parents, farmers, and professionals. The firm emphasises actively listening to the client’s needs. The company’s relationship with the clients starts at the first meeting and grows and continues well after the application concludes. This client-centric philosophy helps the consultancy firm offer customised solutions aligned with the client’s profile.

Taking pride in the team’s commitment, Varalika reiterates, “Each team member at the organisation is equally responsible for establishing a strong base of Legal Trends Immigration. They have embraced core values that define our company: Focus, Strategy and Results. This comes with utmost honesty and accountability towards clients.”

Varalika has been interviewed by AajTak regarding Canadian diplomats going back to Canada amidst India-Canada tensions. Her views were aired on the channel and quoted by India Today. She also shared insights with top Canadian immigration lawyers.

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