Akshay Chopra & Sourabh Arora, Inspiring Leaders

Akshay Chopra & Sourabh Arora: The Leaders Behind Wellness Revolution


“We simplify your ayurvedic journey by making health choices easier, healthier, and fulfilling.” 

Akshay Chopra & Sourabh Arora (Directors & Co-Founders, Mango Herbs)

The global Ayurveda market is on an upward trajectory and is estimated to grow by USD 7.19 Billion by 2028. This tremendous expansion indicates a significant paradigm shift in consumer preferences, as they increasingly gravitate towards natural and time-tested remedies to enhance their well-being. Against this backdrop of burgeoning demand emerges Mango Herbs, a pioneering ayurvedic brand that dedicates itself to providing a harmonious blend of nature’s wisdom and modern wellness to customers. Spearheaded by visionary minds, Akshay Chopra and Sourabh Arora, Mango Herbs envisions providing innovative & effective solutions by drawing from the age-old traditions of Ayurveda.

The products brought into the market by Mango Herbs contain organic ingredients sourced ethically from a pristine environment. Over the years, it has become the ideal choice for all those aspiring towards a fit and healthy lifestyle and wish to experience the healing magic and true essence of Ayurveda. It specialises in a wide range of products that address various aspects of well-being including skin care, stress & anxiety relief, heart health, sexual wellness, and more.

Mango Herbs Commitment To High-Quality Products

Mango Herbs Commitment To High-Quality Products

Three defining features– Quality, Trust, & Effectiveness distinguish the product line of Mango Herbs from other players in the market. The highest quality raw materials and innovative product designs help create top-notch products and build trust in Mango Herbs’ products. 

In Akshay’s words, “We introduce products in the market with a combination of the finest ingredients in their most bioavailable form and provide the best of both worlds.” To make the best quality products, they come from the best possible source, are lab-tested, and certified by the top government agencies before they enter the market. 

Health & Wellness Products

Under this product range, Mango Herbs offers products developed with utmost care. From top-notch skincare solutions to immunity-boosting supplements, the company provides effective solutions that in turn promote a healthy lifestyle. This category includes Amla Pro (juice), Aloe Vera Pro (juice with pulp), Digestion Pro (supplement for healthy digestion), Shilajit Pro and many more. The company also curates health combos like Collagen & Amla combo, Diabetic combo & Stevia Pro combo, Shilajit Bhasma Pro combo, and Brain & Relaxation combo.

“To prevent and treat diseases such as cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, peptic ulcer, anaemia, liver, heart diseases and other disorders, we harness the therapeutic properties of compounds like tannins, alkaloids, and phenols. An example of such a product is Amla Pro which is known for its exceptional nutritional values. It is highly nutritious and one of the richest sources of vitamin C, amino acids, and minerals,” adds Akshay while emphasising one of the best-selling products.

Skincare Products

This product line offers products designed to address several skincare needs. It includes products like Diabetic Foot Pro Lotion (a curative medicine), Skin Collagen Pro (an advanced plant-based skincare supplement), Anti-acne Pro (pigmentation formula) and Multi-Collagen Pro (a complete range of Type I, II & III/ 100% Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides).

All the products at Mango Herbs uphold stringent standards. They are metal-free, antibiotic-free, devoid of artificial preservatives or colours, drug-free, and contain no soy or gluten.

Views by Sourabh Arora

“Our products are 100% raw and unprocessed and free from added colours, flavours, sweeteners, sugars, thickeners or harmful chemicals that help ensure a wholesome experience,” mentions Sourabh.

From A Completely Bootstrapped Company To A Leading Name In The Market

Covid didn’t spare any industry. While businesses were shutting down, Akshay and Sourabh were burning the midnight oil to lay the foundation for Mango Herbs. “Ours is a completely bootstrapped company. We began with one product in 2019 but today we are serving our customers with over 26 products. We have expanded our footprint in more than 28 countries and are looking forward to scaling up in more geographies,” mention the duo with pride. 

Mango Herbs lives by the word ‘Trust’ – Trust in its customers, its quality and its services. The duo envisions expanding their product range to over 60+ products and diversifying into new business verticals including coffee, fragrances, skincare and hair care. 

Mango Herbs products philosophy combines modern health sciences with Ayurveda through research and innovation. The company meticulously tailors each product to address specific health concerns. Rather than rigidly adhering to a vegan or organic-only approach, it focuses on creating products that effectively meet individual needs. While some products may contain ingredients sourced from non-vegetarian sources, this decision is based on extensive research indicating superior efficacy in compounds derived from these sources compared to plant-based alternatives.

Striving For Trust And Resilience

Bootstrapping a business is like climbing a mountain with no ropes, no gear, and a blindfold. Where every step is a challenge. Being a bootstrapped brand, Mango Herbs also faced its fair share of challenges. Akshay and Sourabh had to dig deep to spread awareness about the efficacy of their brand and establish credibility and trust among people. 

The duo mentions, “As we focused on maintaining the best quality and transparency from day one, we were gradually able to win over customers’ trust. Our commitment to providing 100 per cent raw and unprocessed products which are free from harmful chemicals, heavy metals, antibiotics, and artificial additives, helped us connect with people and gain an edge over our competitors.”

In its nascent stage, Mango Herbs relied heavily on word-of-mouth promotion from its loyal customers. Fortunately, customers’ enthusiastic endorsements and testimonials & reviews helped the brand gain traction in the market.

The Directors stay firm on their philosophy of eschewing hefty profit margins and extensive discounting. Instead, they focus on maintaining limited margins and providing minimal discounts, reserved only for specific occasions. Furthermore, the products undergo rigorous laboratory testing before they reach the market. 

Views by Akshay Chopra

Looking ahead, their ambitious target for the next three years is to surpass annual sales of 100 crores and as the leaders say, “We are inching closer to our mission with each passing day by wholeheartedly committing to the ethos of quality, integrity, and transparency.”

Leaders Behind The Brand

Akshay Chopra & Sourabh Arora The Leaders Behind Wellness Revolution

  • Akshay Chopra, Director & Co-Founder

Akshay Chopra, the Brand Ambassador of Mango Herbs is a graduate of the prestigious National Defence Academy and Air Force Academy. He is a former Indian Air Force pilot and has been the Captain of the Air Force Bodybuilding team. 

He is famously known as the ‘Encyclopedia of the Indian fitness industry’. Akshay has authored over 90 books and ebooks in his research field, along with several articles for different magazines and websites, which positions him as a prolific writer. Besides writing, he is a versatile speaker. He has conducted many lectures & talks for thousands of people of all ages across India in various defence establishments, schools, universities, corporates, hospitals, gyms, fitness expos, and venues like TEDx, Josh Talks & India International Science Festival.

Akshay is now a Fitness Entrepreneur, the Founder of ‘WE R Stupid & Genesis’ and Co-Founder of ‘Mango Herbs’. He has won the ‘Business World 40 under 40’ awards and is the General Secretary for The International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation (IFBB) India.

“I truly believe in the profound impact of holistic wellness on our lives. Through Mango Herbs, we aim to help people improve their physical fitness. My journey from serving as the Captain of the Air Force Bodybuilding team to incepting Mango Herbs has taught me the significance of maintaining balance and consistency in achieving optimal health. Fitness is all about taking care of our body, mind, and soul. Through our venture, we hope to inspire others and help them onboard a journey towards a healthier and more vibrant life,” states Akshay.

  • Sourabh Arora, Co-Founder & Director

Sourabh Arora brings a wealth of experience to the table with a master’s degree in business entrepreneurship from the University of London. His expertise in Data Management, Business Development & Analysis helps him make informed decisions, and identify new business opportunities and strategies for the expansion of Mango Herbs. 

Apart from juggling balls in the entrepreneurial world, he finds his passion in outdoor sports.  He is a national player and plays in multiple national-level tournaments in different sports like volleyball, athletics, and swimming. Alongside his passion for sports, Sourabh has a keen fascination for automobiles, particularly cars, which makes him keep a close eye on advancements in automotive technology.

“We all know that life is full of tough choices. When it comes to choosing the best for our health, we often find ourselves in a dilemma. Via Mango Herbs, we are here to nurture the world with the purest natural products, backed by solid scientific research.”

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