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Mohd Shakir Anwar: The Transformative Leader


Growth Wings is here to transform businesses into impactful brands.”

Mohd Shakir Anwar
(Founder & CEO,
Growth Wings Marketing & Logistics Pvt Ltd)

Competition reigns supreme in today’s world where businesses struggle to stay ahead of the curve. Amidst this dynamic environment, the concept of growth is not just a goal but a necessity for survival. Businesses need to continuously adapt, innovate, and expand their reach to remain relevant and sustainable in the long run. This is where visionary leaders like Mohd Shakir Anwar enter the room to help businesses by offering them multiple solutions under one roof. 

With over 12 years of experience across various industries including BFSI, E-commerce, Logistics, and Technology and having gained a lot of valuable learnings from those experiences, Mohd Shakir pivoted to the entrepreneurial path and incepted Growth Wings in 2013 in UAE. 

“I established Growth Wings nearly a decade ago with a clear vision in mind: to help businesses of all sizes boost their leads and sales and create action plans to transform their use of digital media, technology, and data,” shares Mohd Shakir while emphasizing on his aim to offer clients with a comprehensive suite of solutions all under one roof, thereby propelling businesses to greater heights of success.

Mohd Shakir Anwar excels in managing pre-sales, large-scale sales operations, and project management. He also possesses strong experience in developing new businesses in the BFSI industry through sustainable market-level operations, customer service, compliance, risk management, and fraud detection. He has a track record of leading cross-functional projects and developing expertise in leading industry-wide projects in financial services. 

Acing The Marketing and Branding Game

Growth Wings is India’s Leading Digital & Performance Marketing Agency offering consultation and concepts to over 150+ reputed brands in BFSI, e-commerce, Automobile, Technology, Travel, Hospitality, Real Estate, and more. It helps businesses grow, develop, and drive marketing results through an ROI-driven approach. It has a strong management focus, breadth of capabilities, and flexibility in engagement which makes its customer relationships a success. Growth Wings provides technology-enabled quality, cost-effective, and business-integrated solutions & services to customers worldwide. Through excellence in technology and building lasting relationships with the clients and staff, Growth Wings has become a leading services provider in the ERP marketplace.

Mohd Shakir talks about the core ethos of the agency and shares, “Growth Wings values trust, honesty, service, accountability, and creativity. We stay on our toes to search for new ways to engage with customers. Our track record of delivering exceptional results makes us the go-to choice in creating a tangible & meaningful impact, thereby helping a business grow multifariously.”

With over a decade of collective experience, Growth Wings has successfully catered to the evolving needs of over 150 clients spanning diverse business verticals. What makes the firm stand out is its collaborative approach to working closely with clients and developing and executing strategies that integrate innovative design, marketing, and digital solutions, all aimed at driving business growth. To build impactful brands, it delivers a mix of digital solutions, including digital marketing, social media optimization, content creation, pay-per-click advertising, creative design, and e-commerce branding. The company also specializes in SAP new implementations, Applications Maintenance & Support, System Integration, SAP Training, Web & Mobile Development, SEO & SMM Optimization.

Under Mohd Shakir’s guidance, the Team at Growth Wings move mountains to explore new ways to engage customers and grow with purpose. The agency helps companies grow, develop, and drive marketing through an ROI-driven approach. With access to major Ad exchanges, the firm provides marketers transparent access to over 500 billion global advertisement opportunities across video, display, mobile and native ads. It helps in technical development by building CRMs and has a 360-degree ERP solution for the employee management system.

Providing Integrated Transport and Supply Chain Solutions

Growth Wings Logistics

Growth Wings Logistics Vertical is one of the fastest-growing and most diversified maritime and logistics companies in the UAE & India that focuses on offering integrated transport and supply chain solutions. Starting as a shipping agent in 2013, it has built a strong regional foothold in transportation and logistics through a growing fleet, dedicated staff, and world-class partners. 

In a short period, it has become a prominent company that provides Maritime & Logistics services in the UAE and the Middle East. Growth Wings Logistics, with six strategic business units, offers Maritime Energy Transportation, Logistics & Transportation, Warehousing & Operations, Integrated Supply Chain Solutions, Manpower Services and third-party logistics. 

Growth Wings Logistics India uses EVs for last-mile deliveries. The high maneuverability and small carbon footprint of EVs make them ideal for last-mile delivery. Empathizing more with EVs will promote pollution-free circulation, reduce carbon emissions significantly, and be beneficial to compact city centers, urban spaces, and indoor areas.

Views by Mohd Shakir Anwar

Mohd Shakir Anwar proudly mentions, “Back in 2011, we saw the potential for marine energy transportation, therefore set out to build a company that would be at the forefront of this new field. And here we are today with Growth Wings Logistics.” He further adds, “We are committed to delivering clients’ goods safely and securely while focusing on giving them the best quality services.” 

The company’s vessels have a fleet history of over 10 years without witnessing any major incidents. Growth Wings is committed to sustainability as its vessels are equipped with the latest emissions reduction technologies and constantly look for ways to reduce the environmental impact. Moreover, it is the premier choice for marine energy transportation due to its relationship with major oil and gas companies for its safe, reliable, and cost-effective services. It offers services like Vessel ownership and operation, Third-party commercial management of vessels, Floating, Storage and Offloading (FSO) operations, post-fixture operations management and technical support.

With its core values of safety, quality, sustainability, teamwork and innovation in mind, the company invests in new technology, expands its fleet and explores new markets. “With over 5,000 shipments being handled and a network of ten offices and service centers, we offer efficient logistics solutions. “We help customers and businesses connect with 09 airports and operate a fleet of 1,000 vehicles across 50 network cities,” explains Mohd Shakir.

Entrepreneurship is Not A Bed of Roses

Mohd Shakir Anwar The Transformative Leader

Building a business is like a puzzle – challenges are just pieces waiting to fit. True leaders are those who face them fearlessly. Mohd Shakir faced many hurdles while establishing the core of Growth Wings. With every undesirable scenario, he has gained valuable experience. 

His ability to remain focused on the vision and his determination to move towards his goals has always pushed him to achieve the unattainable. His overarching approach to working alongside his team and monitoring their targets and performance keeps him at the edge. He believes in maintaining operational efficiency and prioritizing integrity within the organization. Even during the toughest situations, such as the challenges presented by COVID-19, Mohd Shakir found opportunities for growth and learning.

He credits Growth Wings’s success to his team of talented and passionate individuals, who share the same vision and are on a constant thirst for excellence. As a leader, the most important lesson he has learnt is empathy and compassion, helping him cultivate environments of mutual respect and support within the workplace. He prioritizes the well-being of his team and offers support and understanding whenever needed.

Growth Wings now plans to launch a data-enabled and technology-driven Educational Product ‘360Careerguide’ seamlessly integrating millions of students and institutional data points to build sophisticated Prediction and Recommendation products for the students to explore and achieve career plans, based on their interests and abilities. The company also plans to enter the insurance broker arena and has received principal approval for an Insurance Marketing Firm from IRDAI. “We will open a call center for insurers under the name – Policy Triangle IMF Private Limited,” explains Mohd Shakir.

Mohd Shakir’s leadership has steered Growth Wings through several challenges. As a leader, he dedicates himself to client satisfaction. Under his stewardship, Growth Wings has set new benchmarks in the industry.

Mohd Shakir Anwar loves to chart uncharted waters. With Trust, Honesty, Service, Accountability, and Creativity as his pillars, he aims to revolutionize the market landscape and inspire progress.

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