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Nutan Rai: The Maestro of Engineering Solutions


“What started as a company with just four engineers, has since burgeoned into a powerhouse, equipped with 200+ engineering talents.”

Nutan Rai (Managing Director, CIZMAK)

“Attached to the ground and aiming for the sky” is the guiding principle that Nutan Rai, the brain behind a renowned engineering firm, follows wholeheartedly. Nutan’s journey from serving different organisations to victoriously heading CIZMAK Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and taking it to tremendous heights, can give goosebumps to many.

Nutan, a graduate of Thapar University, boasts a rich background from various prominent engineering firms. In 2016, she found herself at a crossroads. Juggling the rigours of her career alongside the responsibilities of motherhood became increasingly challenging, especially with the care of her child weighing heavily on her shoulders. As she realised the pressing need for a more flexible approach to managing her familial duties with her professional aspirations, she found herself inspired to take the leap and start her own business.

Nutan Rai The Maestro of Engineering Solutions

Nutan shares, “Another significant factor that motivated me was my husband’s entrepreneurial journey. I drew strength from his guidance, knowing that his support would bolster my confidence in this new venture. He has consistently been my guiding light, smoothing the waters. He is my role model.” 

Furthermore, Nutan’s engineering background also pushed her and served as a catalyst for her ambitions. She recognised that her expertise could contribute significantly to shaping the success of her own company. Thus, fueled by a blend of personal motivation and professional aspirations, she boldly took the oath to explore the uncharted waters of entrepreneurship. She marked the inception of CIZMAK Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in 2016, which soon became one of the highly renowned firms in the engineering domain, under her stewardship.

Evolution from a Quartet of Engineers To A Cohort of 200+ Intellectuals

CIZMAK kicked off as a company providing simulation services. However, as time unfolded and Nutan keenly observed shifting client demands and industry dynamics, the company swiftly adapted and broadened its horizons. 

Today, CIZMAK stands as a trailblazer in the domain of engineering services. With proficiency spanning the entire product life cycle, the company offers a comprehensive suite of services including new product development, product modifications, and improvement ideas for products in operation. From investigating problems to suggesting alternative design solutions, the company does it all. It aids OEMs in cost reduction and weight optimization while improving the performance of products, resolving field failures, using superior materials and optimising manufacturing processes, ultimately ensuring the excellence and longevity of their products.

CIZMAK provides diverse engineering solutions by taking full ownership of projects. From mechanical engineering to plant and process engineering, engineering analysis and simulation, and electrical & controls engineering, CIZMAK delivers holistic expertise. It also supplements manpower during staffing shortages to ensure seamless project execution.

“When I initially entered the industry, I realized that there was a significant disparity between the expectations of clients and the actual services provided by other companies. Our focus initially revolved around providing simulation services but as we saw our clients struggling with unmet needs in different other domains, we took up the challenge to bridge this gap by expanding our team and their capabilities.”

“We ventured into new realms such as benchmarking, reverse engineering, concept designing, and styling among others, which allowed us to evolve into a holistic solution provider. Gradually, we transformed into a one-stop destination, offering a comprehensive range of services under one roof, eliminating the hassle for clients to seek assistance elsewhere for specific requirements,” elaborates Nutan.

What started as a company with just four engineers, has since burgeoned into a powerhouse, boasting a team of over 200 engineering talents. It has experienced remarkable growth in both its customer base and employee count. 

CIZMAK caters to key sectors like Automotive, Off-Highway, Process, Food, Pharma, Energy, Oil & Gas, and Industrial Equipment & Machinery. The firm envisions becoming a leader in the engineering service sector, renowned for its unique working methodologies, technological heritage and human resource capabilities.

Why Clients Choose CIZMAK for Engineering Solutions?

CIZMAK Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Team

From the initial stages of conceptualization to final implementation, CIZMAK guides clients along the entire product development journey. With a comprehensive range of services encompassing conceptualization, CAD design, simulation validation, and final model creation, CIZMAK eliminates the need for clients to navigate multiple service providers or spend excessive time coordinating various activities.

The firm becomes the ideal choice for many for its team’s profound understanding of client goals and its ability to help forge a strong brand identity. By focusing on the ‘Voice of the Customer’ and offering cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality, CIZMAK consistently delivers excellent customer satisfaction. It’s this dedication to client success and satisfaction that has firmly established CIZMAK as a trusted engineering partner in the fiercely competitive market.

“We aim to establish long-term associations with our clients while also focusing on the development of world-class talent for all facets of engineering services. We drive operational excellence with a positive impact on Quality, Cycle Time, Delivery & Cost,” states the MD.

CIZMAK’s Success Lies In Its Client’s Success

CIZMAK ties its success to the success of its clients. Several client successes serve as notable illustrations of its achievements.

  • The company’s expertise in controls and electronics led to the development of an Engine Control Unit (ECU), resulting in significant cost savings for one of its trusted OEMs.


  • Its comprehensive engineering support played a pivotal role in assisting a startup in the electric three-wheeler (3W) sector to bring a cost-effective, high-quality vehicle to market.


  • Utilizing its expertise in simulation, CIZMAK successfully met various client requirements related to noise, crash, durability, and performance.


  • With a deep understanding of plant and process engineering, the firm has helped various customers develop complete plants across disciplines such as equipment, piping, electrical/instrumentation, civil engineering, and steel structures.


  • The company’s commitment to speedy and high-quality deliveries consistently supports clients in reducing their time to market.

For its commitment to delivering innovative solutions to its clients, CIZMAK has achieved significant milestones. The company was recognized among the 10 most promising product design and development companies in 2022. With time, it has solidified its position as a trusted strategic engineering partner across diverse engineering segments.

“We take pride in our capability to add exceptional value to our clients’ projects. We invest in tomorrow’s technology and market developments, which helps our clients gain a competitive edge in their respective industries. By prioritizing client satisfaction and constantly innovating, we are becoming the driving force behind the development of Engineering Services and Products,” mentions Nutan while taking pride in her firm’s offerings.

Strategic Vision for the Near Future

CIZMAK understands its responsibility towards the environment, therefore it supports its clients in the development of products and processes aligned with sustainable technology principles. By upholding the environmental responsibilities, the firm aims to contribute to a healthier planet. 

It also looks forward to driving efficiency and innovation through the implementation of automation in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and manufacturing techniques. This move will shorten product development cycles and enable clients to bring their products to market faster than usual. Additionally, CIZMAK is proactively engaging in sourcing and vendor development initiatives. It is connecting its global clientele with qualified manufacturing vendors in India for sourcing components at the right price and with the right quality.

“We are also integrating the use of AI and ML in our engineering processes. By using these advanced technologies, we envision gaining deeper insights, optimizing processes, and ultimately delivering more efficient and effective engineering services to our clients,” Nutan states with optimism as she concludes, envisioning the promising path ahead for CIZMAK.

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