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Anil Hinge: The Strategic Genius in Design Engineering


“We have delivered more than 90 landmark projects with efficiency and dedication. We are now focusing on major forthcoming infrastructural projects in India.”

Anil Hinge (MD, RASS Project Consultants) 

What sets a leader apart in the domain of design and project management? “It’s not just about technical expertise or managerial acumen, but the ability to assist companies and seamlessly address their project difficulties at all fronts right from planning to execution,” states Anil Hinge, the Managing Director of RASS Project Consultants Pvt. Ltd, who has built the firm from the ground up.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Pune University and over 24 years of rich experience spanning Residential, Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial construction, Anil has carved a niche for himself as a visionary in the realm of design and project management consultancy.

Anil’s Foray Into The Entrepreneurial World

“In my academic years of civil engineering, I never pictured myself in the project management domain. Job opportunities were scarce in the mid-90s. Established civil companies were treating us as freshers and not useful for the construction sites. I began as a construction supervisor in a remote location. With no senior guidance, I developed my own techniques, managing a 55-acre project. Amidst these challenges, I honed my skills and learnt innovative techniques in the field of site executions and checking systems,” shares Anil while reminiscing his struggling days.

He further got the opportunity to work for a design engineering firm in 2002 where he handled 12 industrial projects simultaneously. This experience boosted his confidence and expertise. As he understood the disparity between design engineering and site supervision, he spearheaded the establishment of a separate project management division within the firm. This pivotal decision marked the inception of his independent career in design and project management consultancy. 

Drawing upon his wealth of prior experience and after receiving incredible responses from prestigious clients, he transformed the Project Management Consultancy Division into ‘RASS Project Consultants Pvt Ltd’ in November 2013. While the Co-Directors focused on design services, Anil got the opportunity to develop his own strategies and systems to shape the further growth of the company. In 2018, he purchased 100% equity shares and took over the company. 

In a decade, RASS has extended its footprint across a wide range of industries, including Automobile, Pharma, Chemical, Food, Heavy Engineering, Textile, Packaging, Residential, Institutional, Hospitality, and Commercial Projects. Under Anil’s strategic acumen, RASS has become the preferred choice of many, delivering Design Engineering, Project Management Consultancy Services and turnkey projects across Pan India.

Before incepting RASS, Anil immersed himself in a lot of research and found out that multinational companies providing project management tend to adopt a systematic and paper-oriented approach. To address this issue, he invested in training the team to handle challenges and expedite problem resolution. Since delivering prompt solutions is essential for the clients, he made his team understand the client’s concerns and taught them how to offer swift resolutions with proper documentation.

RASS Project Consultants Team

Delivering Design & Project Management Services

RASS Project Consultants is an all-encompassing Design and Project Management Consultancy that addresses all the project difficulties from planning to execution. The team at RASS Project Consultants assist companies to make optimal decisions with the help of their specialised skills, expertise, and knowledge to make the best possible project decisions. Industries ranging from Automobile to Hospitality projects across India seek help from RASS for managing their projects. 

Under Project Management Consultancy, the firm offers statutory liasoning, constructability review, value engineering, tracking design deliverables, pre-qualification of contractors, review of tender documents, and techno-commercial negotiation, at the Pre-Construction Stage. At the Construction Stage, it takes care of time management, cost, quality, safety and risk management. Final reconciliation, extra item settlement, project completion report, assistance in as-built drawings, closing of snag list items, commercial close-out, and handover of documentation happen at the Post-Construction stage.

Under the domain of Design Engineering, the firm delivers architectural and structural design, electrical design, HVAC and ventilation design, fire fighting design, and interior and landscape design. Its portfolio also includes Turnkey and Interior Projects, under which it provides detailing and design engineering, civil construction, electrical installation, infrastructure development, and other services.

Views by Anil Hinge

“Our USP lies in our ability to deliver over 90 landmark projects with efficiency and dedication. At RASS, our clients gain a competitive edge over other businesses due to their effective project management planning and cost control techniques,” states the MD.

RASS Project Consultants aims to become a one-stop shop for effective planning, designing, and project management while focusing on infrastructure development. Anil understands that infrastructure is essential for a country’s growth and development, and it requires planning, resources, and skilled personnel. Therefore, his long-term vision for RASS revolves around becoming the premier consultancy firm for the private and public sectors by fostering collaboration and delivering exceptional results.

Treasures In The Vault

RASS Project has an impressive portfolio of over 1200 projects that reflect its experience and expertise in the infrastructure industry. With a client base of over 800 customers and customer satisfaction reaching 99%, the company and its team of more than 125 members deliver high-quality solutions and exceed clients’ expectations, making RASS the most trusted business to undertake reliable project management services.    

As a result of its outstanding performance, RASS has achieved significant milestones and received several awards, such as the ‘Project Consultant of the Year’ in 2016 by the Singapore-based Business Excellence and Research Group and ‘The National Architecture and Design Excellence Award 2022’ from the Architecture and Design Forum in Bangalore for its dedication to architecture and design excellence.

Anil Hinge received the ‘Udyog Ratna Award’ in 2024 from the Municipal Corporation of Pune, recognising his leadership and contributions to the industry. His creative and far-sighted approach has been celebrated with the ‘Shiv Chhatrapati Award’, ‘Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw Gaurav Award’, ‘Dipastambh Puraskar’, and the ‘Dr. Abdul Kalam Award’ from esteemed national and international organisations.

The Source of Inspiration

Anil Hinge finds his daily motivation in the great Maratha King, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, who is known for his visionary leadership and selfless service to people’s welfare and progress. His virtues help Anil emerge as a leader and dedicate himself to the greater good. 

Anil Hinge with wife and Business Partner, Shaila Hinge

As he mentions, Anil’s wife– Ms Shaila Hinge has also been a driving force behind Anil’s success. She has transitioned from being his life partner to becoming his business partner. Currently, she oversees administrative, purchase, accounting and other support functions of RASS. Shaila’s passionate drive and exceptional people management skills have been instrumental in the company’s growth, making her an invaluable asset. Additionally, she brings her expertise as an expert Yoga teacher.

Except for the Hinge family, the core leadership of RASS comprises Project Directors Mr. Nitin Naik, Mr. Rohit Jain, Mr. Santosh Gaikwad and Ms. Varsha Deshmukh. Together with a team of skilled engineers and designers, they form the backbone of the organisation.

“Since India is a developing country, there is a vast scope for government infrastructural development. After recording tremendous success in the Private sector, we are focusing on major forthcoming infrastructural projects throughout the country. With an etched-out plan for the future, RASS is definitely moving in the right direction to achieve its targets,” reiterates Anil while signing off.

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