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Alefiya Singh: The Travelpreneur Extraordinaire


“We’re not just a travel consultancy; we’re storytellers of unique and sustainable adventures.”

Alefiya Singh (Founder & Director, IRIS Reps)

Travelling opens up a world of its own, where experiences shape memories and destinations leave lasting impressions. With a mission to redefine travel with a diverse portfolio of sustainable and unique experiences, Alefiya Singh takes centre stage with her decade-old travel consultancy, IRIS Reps

“When I incepted the firm in 2012, I made sure IRIS Reps became the go-to representative for top brands in hospitality and tourism. We’re proud to work with esteemed brands in the hospitality and tourism sectors. From iconic hotels to stunning destinations, our mission is to elevate each traveller’s journey beyond a mere excursion and serve them with unforgettable experiences.”

Alefiya has positioned IRIS Reps at the forefront of the tourism industry. It has become the trusted ally of renowned international travel brands. Its portfolio boasts more than 30 esteemed clients, including renowned names like Beachcomber Hotels, Regal Hotels, and Coco Collection Maldives.

In this ever-evolving digital age, IRIS Reps guides its clients through the global competition by providing services like marketing, communication, brand management, advertising support, PR, planning & execution of customised corporate and public events, consumer marketing, trade shows & events, celebrity-driven brand amplification, and travel and tourism representations.

How Alefiya Leads IRIS Reps

Alefiya’s journey in IRIS Reps is about delving deeper into the travel industry, building connections through networking, and staying tuned to the pulse of market trends. She always keeps her doors open to new opportunities and learning new things, which helps her and her team come up with fresh ideas and work well together.

The hallmark of successful entrepreneurship is the willingness to embrace challenges head-on. Covid 19 was tough for the tourism industry and the same held true for IRIS Reps as well. “Covid hit us hard. But even during those challenging times, my love for what I do never wavered. To tackle the downturn, I attended many webinars and immersed myself in social media to keep our associated brands visible and engaged. It was a difficult phase, but it taught me the importance of being adaptable and resilient. It showed me that even when things seem impossible, passion and thinking outside the box can help us grow stronger,” shares Alefiya.

Alefiya believes in creating a collaborative and innovative atmosphere. She leads with a team-oriented approach, promotes open communication and encourages each team member to challenge traditional thinking and explore state-of-the-art solutions. Transparency, accountability, and a shared vision are also significant pillars of her approach.

Alefiya Singh The Travelpreneur Extraordinaire

Alefiya considers several factors while making strategic business decisions. First and foremost, she prioritises staying updated on industry trends and market dynamics. Secondly, she values input from her diverse team, as she believes in the power of collective intelligence. Thirdly, she evaluates the potential impact on clients, partners, and the industry as a whole. Lastly, Alefiya ensures that her decisions align with the company’s core values and long-term goals.

Elevating Travel Experiences

Under Alefiya’s leadership, IRIS Reps has grown into a vibrant travel consultancy that prides itself on representing a diverse range of sustainable and distinctive products. Among its many partnerships comes Beachcomber Resorts and Hotels in Mauritius, renowned for its commitment to sustainable development. Its other partners include Radisson (Sri Lanka), Kwantu Game Reserve (South Africa), Makunudu Island Resort (Maldives), and Regal Hotels (Hong Kong) to name a few. It works with three Destination Management Companies – Authentic Asia Vietnam, Tour Managers Fiji, and Pacific Pearl New Zealand & Australia. 

“We serve individuals, families, and corporate entities looking for unique travel experiences. IRIS Team stays in touch with our clients and maintains absolute transparency and open communication. We also pay special attention to feedback as our goal is to make every trip with us special and unforgettable,” mentions Alefiya.

Gems In The Crown

IRIS Reps has achieved significant achievements in the twelve years of its journey. It was honoured at the VETA Awards for its Coco Collection and Beachcomber Resorts and Hotels in 2019. Coco Dhuni Kolhu received the Leading CSR Programme Silver award at the SATA Awards in 2018. For her selfless service, Alefiya Singh received the Women Entrepreneur Award at OTM. The firm was also nominated for the Best Outbound Representation Company at SATTE. The team’s relentless dedication also led to Travel Clan certifying Makunudu Resort as the most preferred resort. 

IRIS aims to redefine travel by offering a variety of sustainable and special experiences that leave a mark on both travellers and the places they visit. The long-term vision is to stay at the forefront, using new ideas and expanding the global footprint. “We aspire to be a leader in representation, known for our excellent services and dedication to responsible tourism.”

Views by Alefiya Singh

Alefiya draws inspiration from Richard Branson who is admired for his entrepreneurial spirit. She also learns from industry experts who lead the way in sustainable tourism. She finds her motivation in making a real and positive impact on both the travel industry and the world at large.

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