7 Ways that Modern Technology is Shaping Our World

7 Ways that Modern Technology is Shaping Our World

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From artificial intelligence (AI) to lifelike animation, different forms of technology have completely transformed the way that we process, perceive, and approach different things. Whether you like this change or remain wary of it, you may have already seen it or even benefited from it.

This also makes it crucial to learn about modern technology and its effects on the world. In addition to helping you understand what technology can achieve in the current day and age, it also lets you determine what new advancements you can expect in the next few years. 


To give you an overview of these man-made wonders, here are 7 ways in which modern technology is shaping our world. 

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI has become a buzzword in every corner of the web. But despite its frustrating popularity, AI makes a lot of processes possible that would otherwise remain an inventor’s dream. This includes but is not limited to voice recognition, generative content, and big data analysis. With its multiple benefits, AI is improving marketing, research, and supply chain management, among other industries as well. This makes it perhaps one of the most defining pieces of technology that humankind has ever invented. 

2. Engineered Environments

Engineered environments are spaces that simulate environmental conditions that are wildly different from their surroundings. This includes weather-based recreational spaces. A shining example here comes in the form of artificial domes that replicate ski lodges despite having warm and sunny weather outside. The technology also includes accelerated aging labs that simulate temperature- and chemical-based reactions to test the longevity of certain materials and products. This makes it an incredibly important technology for various industries while also proving highly beneficial to their end-users. 

3. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are similar technologies that simulate a different form of reality or interweave it with actual surroundings. With products such as a VR headset, you can become a part of your video games, immerse yourself in digital environments, and browse virtual messages on the wall of your home. While both VR and AR have a long way to go, their effects can already be seen in additional aspects such as medical studies and shopping experiences.

4. Realistic Animation


Animation has made quite some strides in the past few years, with the mix of 2D and 3D animation being highlighted in the widely-acclaimed Spider-verse franchise. But realistic animation still remains just as important, especially when it comes to video gaming. With various new titles replicating characters that look hyperrealistic, realistic animation has made it clear that it is here to stay. This is also causing developers to look for a guide to 3D animation services to keep up with the times. 

5. 3D Printing

3D printing had once been reserved for large corporations or research institutes, but it is now available to home users. With a 3D printer, you can now easily make your own designs come to life in forms such as action figures, wearable accessories, and device prototypes. The technology has also evolved to the point where it can be used to make manufacturing parts for a variety of devices while also ensuring leagues of advancements for use cases such as costuming.

6. Self-Driving Vehicles

While learning how to find the right car for your needs, you might stumble upon an array of electric vehicles (EVs). With that, many of these EV models might even offer you the chance to use self-driving technology in the future. The technology, which is under real-world testing in many areas, is changing the way we will handle our vehicles in the future. When successful, it wouldn’t be long before you are driving in a car that is steering all by itself.   

7. Renewable Energy

The use of renewable energy has also gained widespread popularity, with low subsequent costs, ease of use, and environmentally friendly energy production being some of the top reasons behind this phenomenon. With offerings such as a solar power generator, you can power your outdoor expeditions solely with solar energy. Other projects, such as community solar farms, are also emerging as viable ways to make renewable energy a part of your life. 

These technologies show that as we advance with our inventions, we can expect our lives to change dramatically in the next few years. By learning about these advancements ahead of time, you can embrace the change more easily and comfortably.

8. Innovative Construction

Modern technology is transforming the construction world in powerful ways, one of the most visible being hanging formwork. This new technology allows for the construction of towering structures with unprecedented speed and accuracy. The formwork is suspended from the system and can be adjusted to any shape and thickness, saving time and money. These structures can then be easily and quickly built with minimal adjustments, reducing the need for large teams on the construction site. Hanging formwork is revolutionizing the construction industry, allowing taller, more complex structures to be built faster and safer.

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