Why are virtual reality and augmented reality trending?

Why are virtual reality and augmented reality trending?

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Have you ever attended a remote meeting or class? You must have watched science fiction movies! How has it been different from the ordinary video conference? Virtual reality meetings display the exact condition of every individual and provide an outlook of a corporate atmosphere. Imagine, playing a game with a backdrop of your choice. Wouldn’t it be an extraordinary experience? 

Undoubtedly, advancements in technology have led the world to witness new innovations every passing year. Right now, this is the era of virtual reality. 

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What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a computer technology creating an artificial environment that feels real. It plays psychologically, tricking the user’s brain to believe in a virtual world created using artificial intelligence. The user’s eyes are positioned in the simulated environment where they can interact in the 3D world, unlike the traditional user interface. The integrated sensors measure the velocity and physical orientation of the user. This enables VR technology to simulate a responsive environment. Meanwhile, Augmented reality compliments virtual reality by adding elements to the existing world as well as in the cyber environment.

How virtual reality is helping in different segments?

Virtual reality has proved its significant role in enhancing the quality of life in various segments, especially in the covid-19 pandemic. Let’s deliberate how?


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The healthcare services overhead budget, as well as patients especially with health concerns like brain strokes and dementia, are benefited from virtual reality. The capabilities of virtual reality to provide a simulated environment helps in recovering motor deficiencies. The real-time information helps in making patient analysis easier for doctors. A company named Augmedics provides headsets to US hospitals enabling surgeons to analyze the 3D projections of patient’s organs before the surgery. The company claims it to be “the first augmented reality guidance system for surgery.” The headset was reported to be 98% effective.

Virtual reality is also helpful in medical training. It gives a 360-degree view of body anatomy. The trainees can treat complex areas easily. It emulates the surgical procedures keeping the patients safe.


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Military training is also conducted via virtual simulations. The major advantage of using this technology is negligible physical injury and cost-effectiveness. All the dangerous scenarios are simulated. Battlefield, boot camps, fights, medicine are using virtual reality as an ideal replacement to traditional training Both the US and UK have adopted the virtual military training method in all service sectors like navy, airforce, army coast guard, and marines.

The flight simulation for the training purpose of pilots from 80 years has now attained momentum through an advanced virtual reality technology, where virtual cockpits and real-time emergencies are to be felt through. Though  Bruce Cogan, an aeronautical engineer at Armstrong has a different aspect to say, “there’s not a lot of fear factor, because you’re not doing it. You screw up, you hit the reset button, you try again,” 


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Virtual reality is useful for teaching and learning in a much efficient way. During the covid-19 pandemic, online education with virtual reality helped students in taking classes and educational trips like museums, transporting to different eras, and the solar system. 


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Some inefficiencies of physical security are overcome through various innovations in virtual reality. The VR glasses can be used by on-ground security personnel to respond to real-time security needs. The augmented reality could provide x-ray visions in the areas of large gatherings. The security can scan through the walls, floors, networking cables, pipes, and other possible hidden spaces. This will lead to more accurate safeguarding in the future.

How demand for virtual reality is rising and its impact on human life?

One of the unique characteristics of virtual reality technology is its ability to provide a full sensory stimulation of the environment. This is making things a lot easier and cheaper for people. Video gamers can feel the graphics around them. Some adventurous experiences like roller coaster rides and skydiving are in the process to be available. Children with autism can practice speech therapies and people with stage fear can practice public speaking in one room. Events and concerts held in different parts of the world can be attended from any place. The applications of both VR and AR can overcome many daily basis issues of the common man. 

Virtual reality came as a solution when XRHealth announced the first Virtual Reality telehealth support groups for people in isolation during the pandemic, where patients with similar ailments can gain support from each other and from doctors associated with the XRHealth telehealth clinics.  The face-to-face interaction with doctors without being near them was enhanced through VR technology. Similarly, this application can be used in carrying out the treatment of remote patients in the future.

What are the 5 virtual reality breakthroughs?

Oculus Quest 2 

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The Oculus Quest 2 exhibits a premium display with 50% more pixels than the original quest. The setting up of this smartphone app helps to enter the world of VR. It is a $300 standalone VR headset powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865.

HTC Vive Cosmos

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This upgraded version of the Vive headset may be more expensive than Oculus Quest 2. It provides a higher resolution with replaced external base stations and outward-facing cameras for motion tracking. It is available at $700 on Amazon.

Valve Index

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It was created in 2019. This has a refresh rate of 80Hz,90Hz, and 120 Hz. It costs around $999.Being compatible with HTC Vive base stations, it can be bought at a cut-down cost.

Sony PlayStation VR

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The PlayStation VR is available at $350. Incredible games like Rez Infinite, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and Five Nights at Freddie’s: Help Wanted is complemented are available on it. It lags in the motion controls as the headset still uses the PlayStation move wands from the PlayStation 3 era which is still expensive and not as comfortable as Oculus Touch controllers. 

Hp Reverb g2

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Their interpupillary distance (IPD) lets the different eye distances adapt to the width of its lenses for a perfect fit. The face mask can fit every shape and size with flex material and magnetic detachability. It is the highest resolution PC VR headset. It is available at $600  at HP.

What is the market for virtual reality in the future?

The future market of virtual reality will be relentless with the investments from tech giants like google. HTC, Sony, and Oculus have already set the bars for the gaming industry through their products.  Entertainment, gaming, and training are moving towards more ideal options of virtual and augmented reality. With worldwide recognition over the years, in 2019 virtual reality market was valued at $11.52 billion. With a 48.7% rate of return. It is expected to reach USD 87.97 billion by 2025. 


Virtual reality has the potential to dominate the market. Many sectors such as healthcare and education are already adopting this artificial intelligence and will relish the fruits of ongoing innovations in VR and AR later. 


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