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Did you know these interesting things about AI Technology?

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Have you ever talked to your phone, television, or laptop? I think everyone has. Artificial intelligence, AI technology is already deep-rooted in our lives. It is the greatest innovation in recent years of humankind. The much-needed boost to technology. 

Robots |Did you know these interesting things about AI Technology?

Artificial intelligence is a technology mimicking human abilities such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. One of the appreciated abilities of artificial intelligence is its sense of ability to take rational actions, to achieve a specific goal. Carl Djerassi is famous as an initial member of artificial technology development in 1965. 

What is the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Most people fail to understand the real meaning of artificial intelligence and its importance. We have grown up watching fictional movies, showing the world in havoc due to robots. The only thing we could gather from artificial intelligence is Robots, which are far away from reality. In reality, Artificial intelligence is a smart technology leading to a future evolution with the amalgamation of multidisciplinary approaches such as mathematics, computer science, linguistics, psychology, and more. AI is transforming the business, healthcare, lifestyle, and whatnot.

Applications of Artificial intelligence (AI)

Applications of AI | Did you know these interesting things about AI Technology?

  • The applications for Artificial technology are perpetual. The innovation can be applied to a wide range of segments and ventures. Computer-based intelligence is being tried and utilized in the medical care industry for dosing drugs and diverse therapy in patients, and for surgeries in the operating rooms. 
  • Different instances of machines with man-made reasoning incorporate PCs that play chess and self-driving vehicles. Every one of these machine developments should be done considering wisely the outcomes of any move they make, as each activity will affect the final product. In chess, the outcome of the game is dominating the match. For self-driving vehicles, the PC framework must record for all outside information and figure it out to act in a manner that forestalls an impact. 
  • Man-made reasoning likewise has applications in the money-related industry, where it is utilized to recognize and hail movement in banking and fund, for example, using debit cards which is unusual and enormous money debited from an account—all of which help a bank’s extortion office.
  •  Applications for AI are additionally being utilized to help smooth out and make exchanging simpler. This can be managed by making supply, demand, and pricing easier to estimate.

Categories of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence can be broadly classified into two categories:

  1. Weak artificial intelligence:

    Have you heard of Alexa and Siri? Yes, they are a part of weak AI systems. Weak artificial intelligence can perform only one function at a time. They are designated one particular job to achieve the best results. Simple games like chess function in this system. For example: When you ask a question, Alexa answers it, but in the case of multiple questions there is no or incorrect response.

  2. Strong Artificial intelligence:

    These are systems with strong and human-like working efficiency. These systems need an undisturbed environment to work at the highest efficiency. Such systems are usually found in cars that are found in self-driving cars or in specified self-working Hospital operating rooms. These systems are only efficient when there are no intervening external sources. 

Future of artificial intelligence 

When you think of the future, how can you not think of artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence is practically everywhere, in every area of interest, from government organizations to the public sector. Artificial intelligence simply just can’t be avoided. It has been acting as a major driving force in many big data industries, robotics, and has become an essential part of new technological innovations for future devices.

Sundar Pichai- The CEO of Google said that “AI is one of the most important breakthroughs humanity is working on at the moment. It will be more life-changing than electricity and fire”. 

There is already a supercomputer in the market named Nautilus that can foretell your future.

Do you know about the top four artificial intelligence (AI) trends of 2020?

Artificial intelligence is such a broad area, it’s hard to compose it in a few words. However, in 2020, four particular trends have saved the world. As the pandemic covid-19 hit the world, only artificial intelligence combined with various technologies could make the transition to this new lifestyle easier.
new technology | Did you know these interesting things about AI Technology?

1. Learning new AI skills:

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected numerous parts of how we work together, however it hasn’t lessened the effect AI is having on our lives. It’s become clear that self-training calculations and brilliant machines will have a major influence in the continuous battle against this pandemic with visible impacts later on.

Man-made intelligence without a doubt stays a key pattern with regards to picking the advances that will change how we live, work, and play sooner rather than later. Along these lines, here’s an outline of what we can expect in the upcoming time as our lives are modifying. We need to reexamine our business techniques and needs. According to different studies, there are more male employees in AI-related jobs than females. At least 71% are men.

2. A better understanding of Data and Analytics:

During this continuous pandemic, we’ve seen direct the critical need to rapidly dissect and decipher information on the spread of infections around the globe. Governments, Various health-related global bodies, scholastic exploration places, and industry have met up to grow new ways that data can be gathered, amassed, and worked with.

We’ve gotten used to seeing the aftereffects of this on the news consistently when the most recent disease or passing rates are given for our areas. Artificial Intelligence was already in limelight throughout the world before the pandemic struck the nations. Specifically, a branch of AI known as Machine Learning was popular among top-notch tech-based industries.
artificial intelligence | Did you know these interesting things about AI Technology?

3. Disease Detection and prevention:

We have just observed the utilization of automatons in a few locales, including the US. This helps in testing the AI importance and its role in identifying social distancing parameters are followed properly or not. Further developed applications are not too far off –, for example, drones with the ability to identify COVID side effects, for example, high temperature in people inside a group.

These frameworks use PC vision innovation to break down information caught by cameras on the automatons and educate specialists or nearby overseers regarding insights and probabilities around the spread of the infection. China, the USA, UK, Japan, and India are the top 5 countries working on AI technologies.

4. Predictive behavior in diverse fields:

How we live, work, and mingle has been immensely affected by the spread of Covid-19. While there has been a consistent, solid pattern towards computerization in numerous parts of society, this year, we’ve seen a significant boost. Amazon’s deals during the second quarter of 2020 were up 40% on a similar period a year ago, as even the individuals who have so far evaded online retail had to reevaluate their choices.

Most AI calculations are equipped towards expectation and the sacred goal of AI-helped study of disease transmission. There will now construct frameworks that can precisely foresee when and where future disease spreads will happen. This exploration has been continuous for quite a while, and actually, the absolute soonest preventive alarms are available about the current episode, we can look for better dealing mechanisms.

An interesting example of this scenario is the Toronto-based BlueDot’s apparatus which was at that point examining 100,000 legislative and media information sources day by day when it gave an alarm about an expected disease spread in Wuhan, China, on December 31, on19.


Any technology not used wisely can result in an epitome of destruction for mankind. However, we can’t see progress, if there are no new developments. In the coming years, AI will change the whole way of working. The markets will be supremely dominated by AI. if this isn’t the future, what is? Look at the innovations, they can change the future.

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