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“Across the globe, one thing is universally true of the people of Accenture: We care deeply about what we do and the impact we have with our clients and communities. It is personal to all of us.”

Julie Sweet, Chair & CEO

Digital transformation is the force that moves businesses ahead. The need for swift business transformation has never been greater. Irrespective of the industry, any organization needs to transform itself in today’s changing landscape to survive in the evolving business environment. Founded in 1989, Accenture emerged as a leading global professional services company with leading capabilities in digital, cloud, and security. 

Accenture aims to harness the potential of its powerful partner ecosystem (Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, AWS, Servicenow, etc) at the greatest speed, accelerating the path to value in all directions for all its clients.

Accenture has a total workforce of 624,000 employees, serving 6,000 clients in more than 120 countries. It embraces the power of change to create value and shared success for its clients, people, partners, shareholders, and communities. 

Accenture is led by Julie Sweet who is the Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the company. She became the CEO of the company in September 2019. Previously, she used to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of Accenture’s business in North America.



Accenture lives up to its core value to support the company’s vision and shape the culture. “We innovate every day at Accenture to build more inclusive societies and to create a positive, meaningful impact,” says Jill Huntley, the Managing Director of Global Corporate Citizenship at Accenture.

  • Client Value Creation: Accenture provides 360-degree value to its clients. It enables clients to become high-performance businesses and create long-term relationships by continuously delivering quality services.
  • Integrity: Accenture tries to be as ethically unyielding as possible. It takes responsibility for all its actions and matches the behavior to its words.
  • Stewardship: It fulfills the obligation of building a better and strong company for future generations. It also helps improve communities and the global environment. 
  • Developing Best People: It attracts, develops, and retains the best talent and fosters a supportive and collaborative environment in the organization.


Accenture operates at the heart of its clients’ businesses and helps address their most critical and complex issues by providing a wide array of services: 

  • Application Services

Accenture provides an innovation-led approach to application services that help businesses to reinvent their enterprise application portfolio, making use of emerging technology, and building with speed and agility to enable enterprises to meet their business needs, now and in the future. It promises to provide end-to-end application services by covering all stages of the application lifecycle. Under application services, it offers agile transformation, DevOps, Application modernization, software engineering, quality engineering, data management, intelligent automation, liquid application management, architecture, and project & service management.

  • Artificial Intelligence Services

Businesses have started unlocking new efficiencies and increasing productivity by leveraging Artificial Intelligence. Accenture facilitates cultural changes in any business to help the workforce use data and AI to deliver continuous and consistent growth. “With the huge boost in data access, computing power, and speed from Cloud, businesses can scale their AI faster, change their business outcomes and expedite their return to sustainable growth,” says Sanjeev Vohra, the Global Head of Applied Intelligence at Accenture.

  • Cloud Services

Accenture believes that Cloud is today’s urgent business imperative. With its cloud services, the company puts the cloud at the core of the business to create new and extraordinary 360° value. Its Cloud First service offers a full spectrum of cloud services like cloud migration, cloud engineering & automation, infrastructure services, cloud management & optimization, cloud strategy & change management, data transformation, and cloud security.

  • Data Analytics

Data-led transformation goes beyond the approach to be a complete reimagining of business through data. Data-led Transformation leverages modern platforms to help businesses determine the path to unlocking core business value, profitable partnerships, and business model differentiation. Six critical capabilities include data management & governance, product-based organization & skills, value realization, business adoption, critical data elements, and data platform & architecture. 

  • Intelligent operating model

Accenture also helps create data-enabled operating models that continually adapt to the changing business imperatives and improve employee engagement. It helps businesses build new business models, optimize digital transformation, inspire innovation, build human-centered organizations, and reduce complexity & cost.

  • Technology Innovation

Accenture believes in embracing disruptive technologies and designing a new future. Its technology innovation capabilities can help a business craft a long-term vision, architect the right solutions for the journey, and ensure today’s investments helps in building tomorrow’s competitive advantage. It innovates by:

  1. Incubating new concepts and applying the advanced technologies to deliver breakthrough solutions
  2. Helping clients understand the potential of quantum computing
  3. Prototyping and delivering software to help businesses enter new markets
  4. Making targeted equity investments in emerging technology start-ups

Accenture also provides other significant services like business strategy, technology consulting, supply chain management, finance consulting, digital commerce, business process outsourcing, etc.



Accenture offers strategy, consulting, interactive, technology, and operations services across 40+ industries. Some of the industries it serves include: 

  • Automotive Industry:

    With the rapid industrialization and digital transformation, the Automotive industry is getting creative about how it reshapes its products, structure its businesses, and re-imagine the services and experiences it brings to customers. It helps automotive companies to create new capabilities across engineering and new business units, optimize costs to invest in innovation, embrace electrification, transform into a data-driven business, explore a new market space, and evolve into a responsible organization by embedding sustainability.

  • Banking Industry:

    Accenture uses new technologies to help banks and payment providers take bold steps to thrive and be future-ready. It helps the banking industry by building intelligent, connected, and flexible core banking systems fit for the future and revamping bank operating models using smart tech to cut costs. It helps banks reinvent their customer experience, navigate compliance, cyber risk, fraud & financial crime, and unlock
    Cloud’s true benefits with the right strategy, people, and tools to migrate it, operate it and secure it.

  • Capital Markets:

    Accenture offers a gamut of services to capital markets, such as asset management, wealth management, market infrastructure, and investment banking. The company helps exchanges, central security depositories, clearing houses, and custodians develop strategies and technology & operations for the future.

  • Insurance Industry:

    Accenture helps the insurance industry redefine its business and operating models. It offers property & casualty services, intelligent insurance operations, and life insurance services.

  • Industrial Companies:

    It serves many sectors like engineering, construction, real estate, freight & logistics, industrial & electrical equipment, suppliers, and heavy equipment industries. The company helps these sectors accelerate and scale the cloud-based digital programs, leverage real-time data, and rethink business operations across the E2E value chain.

  • High Tech Industry:

    It provides high-tech services to a variety of sectors like communications technology, medical equipment, enterprise technology, consumer technology, and the semiconductor industry. To help high-tech companies transform, Accenture embraces digital strategies, offerings, products & experiences, builds an intelligent and customer-centric supply chain, designs compelling and holistic user experiences with smart connected products, accelerates innovation, intelligence, and business value, and drives top-line growth with the right data and advanced AI & ML tools.

It combines valuable experience and specialized skills to help various other industries like natural resources, healthcare, life sciences, public service, consumer goods & services, travel, retail, chemicals, energy, industrial equipment, communications & media, and aerospace & defense industry.



Accenture has made sustainability one of its greatest responsibilities as it believes that it can create the most powerful force for change in the present and future generations. 

  • Sustainability by Design: The company infuses sustainability into each and every aspect of what it does and designs from the start keeping sustainability in mind.
  • Sustainability Services: It has designed six services to help tackle the greatest sustainability challenges. The services include net-zero industry transitions, sustainable IT and technologies, responsible & circular value chains, leadership development, talent & optimization, sustainable measurement & value creation, and sustainable brand, design, and customer experience.
  • Responsible Company: To play its part in accelerating change, it launches SDG ambition to support organizations to raise the bar in driving growth on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Responsible Citizen: It is working with its partners, clients, and communities to come up with solutions to all the societal challenges. It equips young minds with the right skills to make substantial improvements to their lives, addresses social, economic, and environmental issues, and accelerates social innovation for clients and ecosystem partners.


The mission of the company is to deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity. Accenture embraces the power of change to create long-lasting value in every direction for its clients, partners, people, and communities.


It is tirelessly working across the globe to make a world of difference. The contribution of Accenture to the entire globe is noteworthy. Some of the prestigious awards that the company has received so far are:

  • Five Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards 2020 for leading with innovation in Business and Communications
  • Rank #33 on Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies for 19 consecutive years
  • Ranked #1 on Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies in IT services category
  • Recognized five times in Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards in the categories of advertising, food, health, pandemic response, and experimental in 2021
  • Ranked #5 on People magazine and Great place to work’s 100 companies that care
  • Ranked #27 with a brand value of $64.7 billion on BrandZ’s Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands for 16 consecutive years.

Accenture has recently acquired umlaut, an engineering consulting and services firm based in Germany, to enhance its Industry X capabilities. In February 2021, Accenture also acquired Infinity Works, expanding its cloud delivery and engineering capabilities of Accenture Cloud First in the United Kingdom. According to reports, Accenture forecasts 12-15 percent growth in the fiscal year 2022. “We are very proud of our outstanding fiscal 2021 financial performance, reflecting growth significantly above the market and strong momentum heading into fiscal 2022,” said Julie Sweet. 

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