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“We try to find ways in which we can simplify healthcare for both the consumers and the doctors.”

Shashank ND (Co-Founder & CEO, Practo)

Doctors are qualified experts. They go through years of medical education and training to provide treatment and advice to diagnose the problems. 

Founded in 2008, Practo is one of the fastest-growing healthcare platforms that connect millions of patients with hundreds of healthcare providers around the globe. Practo provides a singular platform to customers to book an appointment, get the test reports, take online consultations from highly qualified doctors and order specific medicines as well. 

Practo aims to connect fragmented healthcare communities with millions of patients. It has made information more accessible by creating a single platform that allows doctors to list their services and manage patient interactions and provide an array of services to patients. From period doubts & pregnancy to depression & anxiety, from acne & skin issues to fever and other health-related problems, Practo provides doctors in all specialties like Dentists, Dieticians, Physiotherapists, Surgeons, Orthopedist, Physicians, among others.   

Today, Practo has almost 2,00,000 healthcare professionals on its platform and is present in many countries like Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, and India. 

While others were busy hunting for jobs, Shashank ND was thinking to begin his entrepreneurial journey in the healthcare sector. He Co-Founded Practo along with his friend, Abhinav Lal. After facing a difficult healthcare situation in his personal life, Shashank identified the existing gaps that could easily be filled with the help of advanced technology. From creating and developing a new software for doctors, to building India’s first integrated healthcare company, Shashank has been tirelessly working on Practo’s fundamental vision of making healthcare simpler, more accessible, and convenient for all. 


Practo’s approach to healthcare makes it unique in the healthcare industry. It provides high-quality, trusted, and accessible healthcare to all. It follows three essential principles: 

  • Connect

Practo understands healthcare goes beyond signs, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. The company establishes a deep connection between doctors and patients that leads to continuous care and better outcomes.

  • Trust 

Practo works on trust. It is aware of the responsibility placed on the platform by 30 crore+ patients and over a lakh doctors. Practo consistently takes care of everything and does everything possible to uphold the trust.

  • Transparency

Practo believes in full disclosure. It communicates openly and honestly and holds itself to the highest ethical standards.


  • Extensive and comprehensive medical directory with detailed and verified information about more than a lakh doctors across India
  • Online appointment booking at over 9,000 leading hospitals and clinics with doctors using Practo Prime
  • Online consultation with trusted and highly experienced doctors across 20+ specialties
  • Plus, subscription-based health plans, that provide unlimited online consultations with doctors in all specialties at any time
  • Ray, Practo’s powerful practice management software, which is used by 10,000+ clinics
  • Insta, a full-stack Hospital Management System Solution to monitor and control moving pieces of the hospital easily. It is trusted by 500+ clients across 1,200+ facilities
  • Diagnostic Tests through Practo Associate Labs to get samples collected from the comfort and safety of one’s home
  • Medicine delivery by a network of verified pharmacies across India


Practo is a secure platform. Each product is designed to protect data security and privacy. 

  • Anything shared on Practo is completely secure and private. Practo gives an unprecedented level of privacy to the data.
  • Everything is protected with multiple layers of encryption (256-bit encryption over the network).
  • Practo enables two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Remote logout fends off suspicious logins. Whenever a new device gets logged into the user’s account, Practo sends a notification immediately.

Practo provides data security to both patients as well as doctors. 

Data Security for Patients: 

No one at Practo can view any patient’s data, Practo does not send any messages without the patient’s permission. It does not share data with any third party.

Data Security for Doctors:

Practo does not have access to read or view a doctor’s practice data. Doctors are in full control to decide what communication has to be delivered to their patients.


Practo is on a mission to make healthcare accessible and affordable for all Indians. It believes in empowering its users with the most authentic, comprehensive, and correct information, enabling them to make informed and better healthcare decisions. 


Practo has bagged many awards in its journey to make quality healthcare simpler. Some of the coveted awards received by the company include: 

  • ‘Best Telemedicine Company’ award at ETHealthworld Intelligent Health & Tech Awards 2020
  • Recognized as a significant contributor to the field of Indian ophthalmology by the Karnataka Ophthalmic Society (KOS) at the iBeach Film Festival in 2019

A complete focus on simplifying the healthcare process, and creating services for both patients and doctors are making Practo a massive brand in the healthcare industry. 

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