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India is witnessing a fast-emerging startup ecosystem. The country has created 38 unicorns as of January 2021.  In the period of Jan-March 2021, investors have infused around $4.4 billion into Indian startups. 

The only way to get started is to quit talking and start doing. With this approach in mind, many startups are emerging in the market to earn billions of dollars by launching a business around an innovative idea. Startups are a leading example of driving innovation and economic growth across the globe. 

Irrespective of facing challenges like fierce competition, unexpected dangers, and financial management, startups are not leaving any stone unturned to scale new heights and achieve success. Below, we have listed some of the innovative and emerging startups from diverse verticals


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Category: Marketing and Advertising

Founders 4Q Digital

4Q Digital is a full-service marketing agency that helps brands understand their customers and break through the noise. It helps its clients reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time with its specialized retained and ‘one-off’ outsourced marketing services. 4Q Digital has an in-house team specializing in web design and development, digital SEO, lead generation, marketing automation, PPC management, strategic social media marketing, mobile app development, and graphic design. The company is led by Sai Jithesh and Sreekanth Goud Ulli, who brings more than three decades of digital and inbound marketing, data analytics, and lead gen experience.


Category: Space-Tech

Co-Founders Agnikul

To bring transformation in the world of space technology, Agnikul Cosmos was incorporated as a company in Chennai, India in 2017 through combined efforts of Satya R. Chakravarthy, Srinath Ravichandran and Moin SPM. Agnikul comprises a group of highly talented, skilled, and experienced rocket scientists, engineers, programmers, lawyers, and many more who are working round the clock to make space accessible to everyone. It has recently test-fired the world’s first single-piece 3D-printed rocket engine Agnilet. 


Category: Home Decor

Co-Founders A Vintage Affair

A Vintage Affair is mainly a home décor brand in the e-commerce space that offers quirky and unique vintage products. It is present in 10 online marketplaces including Amazon, Myntra, and Flipkart, and 25 retail stores across 8 cities in India. Currently, it is supplying products to bookstores, furniture stores, airports, gift shops, and malls in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and other cities. The founders, Karan Khanna and Prerna Khanna are also planning to expand their services in Amritsar and Ludhiana as well after seeing the surge in customers from Punjab and other parts of Northern India


Category: Nutrition Marketplace

CEO Fit Regime

Born under the wisdom and expertise of Manish Kajla, Fit Regime is a one-stop-shop for all fitness and health enthusiasts that gives them everything they need at one place, such as, protein supplements, multivitamins, protein bars, and many more at their convenience. With an aim to be the go-to marketplace for enthusiasts to achieve their fitness goals, Fit Regime delivers high-quality and easy-to-access fitness products to every household. The hunt for nutritional supplements stops with Fit Regime. 


Category: B2B Marketing

markivis founder

Founded by Amit Khanduja, Markivis is a name inspired by JARVIS from the Marvel universe and created with an intent to become a Marketing JARVIS for the clients. It is a marketing consulting agency that walks the extra mile to solve the challenges at hand and deliver outstanding results. It not only creates exceptional presentations but also has the ability and expertise to take them to execution. As a marketing consulting and execution firm, Markivis functions as an extension of its clients’ core marketing team. With a focus to deliver the results that matter for businesses, it offers Marketing Shared Services, Account-Based Marketing, Employer Branding, and Marketing Technology Services. 


Category: Furniture and Design

P2s International

Founded by Pramod Susare, P2s International is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of drum and tyre furniture, automotive furniture, eco-friendly garden designing solutions, interior design solutions, outdoor design solutions, vintage products, and other customized products. The annual turnover of P2s International is between Rs. 90 lakhs to 1 crore. It gets around 10 to 15 orders from big hotels and cafes per month. A single order ranges from Rs 50,000 to 1 lakh.


Category: Financial Literacy

Co-founder ReadOn

ReadOn is an online media brand that makes business news fun and interesting. The aim is to make the average Gen Z financially literate. It was co-founded by Shantanu Jain in January 2021. ReadOn helps college students and young professionals save time and effort in scavenging through the internet to find good reads around business and finance. It handpicks the most relevant content, takes a deep dive to ensure all facts are in line, and presents it in a fun and eye-pleasing format. 


Category: Waste Management

shuddh sustainable solution

Shuddh Sustainable Solutions is a solid waste management startup that provides 360 waste management solutions. It is one of the leading suppliers of waste-associated solutions, technologies, and operations & maintenance. It is a young group of engineers and entrepreneurs dedicated towards making a green and clean tomorrow for future generations with a strong belief in sustainable development. It was founded in 2015 by a certified Environment, health, and safety professional, Chandan Hait.


Category: Clean Energy

tadpole projects founder

Mohammad Jawaad Khan, a 23-year-old young entrepreneur and an electric engineer founded Tadpole Projects, a clean energy startup to take the mobility sector ahead by adding electric vehicles without adding new vehicles on the road. He started Tadpole Projects in September 2020 in association with the Centre of Excellence for Research on Clean Air (CERCA) at IIT Delhi. Tadpole Projects aims at enhancing the EV ecosystem in the country. The company retains the driving feel of the vehicles keeping the transmission intact.


Category: Organic Marketplace

the glocal store

Mehru Soni and Sanika Narang Sarna, two bold and ambitious women entrepreneurs realized the importance of an organic lifestyle and founded The Glocal Store with the sole intention to house all organic and natural products under one roof. The Glocal Store features products like pet care, home essentials, haircare, skincare and makeup, exotic and gourmet teas. Catering to any and every need of the modern individual, the store strives to serve nearly all of the 1.39 billion people in the country to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

  • WONDRx

Category: Health-Tech

founders of Wondrx

Founded by Pankaj Sindhu and Pankaj Agrawal, WONDRx is an innovation-based Health-Tech Startup that is conceptualized and executed with an aim to integrate Healthcare ecosystems in India and other similar developing countries. It is a futuristic and smart solution company that attempts to digitize the services of many healthcare partners thereby successfully creating a world of connected healthcare. In essence, WONDRx is democratizing healthcare by improving accessibility and convenience for all in their respective healthcare endeavours. 

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