Tickle Right: Inculcating love for learning in kids

Tickle Right: Inculcating love for learning in kids

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Dr. Munira Dattani and Pranay Dattani- Co-founders of Tickle Right shared their company’s growth with The Global Hues.

Tickle Right is a holistic brain development programme for kids between the age group of 0 to 7 years. Tickle Right works on extracting the unadulterated potential of young children with an aim to inculcate a lifelong love for learning in the tiny tots. The company covers a massive number of topics in their programme, but the prime focus has always been skill-building. Once kids pick up skills like photographic memory, musical appreciation, creative thinking, and audio-eidetic memory, these talents and skills can be employed anytime in the future in the best possible manner. 

Undoubtedly, every child thrives in an environment of love and affection. Therefore, Tickle Right encourages parents to sit with their child during the programme, giving them a keen insight into the functioning of the class. In this way, they can truly experience the wonders of right brain education by observing their child’s growing passion for learning. “After all, a happy parent is equal to a happy baby, and happy babies are smarter babies,” said Pranay and Dr. Munira.

Transforming the outlook of education

On a fundamental level, Tickle Right seeks to shift the focus of early childhood education from a knowledge-based development to a skill-based education. At Tickle Right, knowledge is simply a by-product of the learning received, not the main aim. 

Greatest strength going forward 

“Our greatest strength is our experience in offline education,” said Pranay. Tickle Right has been operating offline for the past 6 years. Going online during the initial phases of the pandemic helped the company to unearth its hidden potential and helped expand the reach to a much wider audience.  Having in-house brain development experts planning the curriculum, coupled with a unique teacher filtration and training model helped Tickle Right to maintain the finest standards of quality – something Tickle Right is renowned for today.

Currently, the company’s biggest challenge is accommodating children who come from different countries with varying time zones. Hence, they are hiring trainers from different time zones, in order to cater to these requirements.

Differentiating Factors

The biggest differentiation between Tickle Right and other Ed-tech companies is their unique delivery process. In a Tickle Right class, children engage in interactive activities, digitally as well as in real-time, with the teachers during class. Most parents testify to be extremely satisfied and submit valuable feedback. In their opinion, little ones not only love the activities offered by Tickle Right, but also look forward to them during the entire week.

Real-time experience recreates the offline class environment for the kids making it very different from other unidirectional training programs in early childhood care. Additionally, the company’s simplified approach helps parents to manage their busy schedules without struggling to prepare study material for every class.

The Clientele

Tickle Right’s clientele is parents with children between the age group of 0 to 7 years. Children between the age group of 16 months to 7 years attend the classes themselves. Whereas, parents attend the classes and then do the activities with their infants at home, for babies under 16 months.

A few reasons why Tickle Right is blessed with unbreakable faith from parents are : 

  • Vast, interesting, and unique curriculum. 
  • The best quality training.
  • A unique delivery process.

Ensuring best teaching experience

Tickle Right has a special training programme designed for trainers who teach online. The training is not just centered on the technical aspects of online delivery of class but also focuses on how different an online class is from an offline class. Teachers undergo special, soft skill training for non-technical skills needed to run an online Tickle Right programme. Besides, every teacher has a counselor attached, who constantly monitors their classes, gives feedback, and finds ways to improve the classes.

“We believe in finding the right talent and nurturing it to maintain the quality of education delivered. Therefore, each trainer has to undergo various assessments and only if they clear all assessments can they become a Tickle Right teacher,” explained Dr. Munira. 

Impact of Covid-19

Tickle Right’s level of growth may be impacted for an exclusively online programme as they cater to smaller age groups. A hybrid model of online and offline setups may be needed once the schools reopen. Tickle Right’s pre-pandemic experience in offline education indemnifies that risk.

Company and Team Ethos

Tickle Right focuses the most on equal opportunity. Other principles of the company ethos include: establishing, developing, maintaining, and nurturing a strong relationship with all the customers and school associates. The company maintains a safe and healthy working environment in order to understand all aspects of a child’s developmental process and improve the standard of education delivered by Tickle Right, constantly improving year after year.

Views on success

In Pranay opinion, success is when the right product or service is created and delivered to a large audience without compromising on quality. Tickle Right has achieved success in creating an excellent curriculum and training process, but there’s a long way to go when it comes to accomplishing a goal regarding the number of children enrolled in the programme.

Visions and Future Prospects

“Our company’s vision is to inculcate, in our children, a lifelong love for learning accompanied with a set of specialized skills, empowering them to lead a happy and fulfilling life,” stated Dr. Munira.

Advice for upcoming start-ups in the ed-tech sector

Your prime focus must be the quality of the education or service delivered. In a world with so many options and very few barriers to entry, the only thing always standing out is the superior quality of service, along with the value it adds to an individual subscribing to it. 

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