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Amanpreet Kaur Khamba: HR Dynamo in Action


“The lowest point in my life became the launching pad for my greatest achievement.”

Amanpreet Kaur Khamba (Founder, Jobzkart HR Services)

It was April 2023 when Amanpreet Kaur Khamba incepted Jobzkart HR Services, proving once more that every setback is a setup for a comeback. After dancing with the rhythm of office politics and hurdling over many challenges throughout her 16 years of journey as an employee, she learnt to never lose hope. Today, she is brilliantly scaling Jobzkart HR Services, a consulting business, with utmost determination.

Amanpreet started a business during the difficult COVID-19 pandemic. While companies were shutting down, she was taking a risky move. Although the business failed, it taught her adaptability and determination. “I started that business from home but my attempt to handle everything on my own led to failure. Despite having clients, I couldn’t succeed due to the lack of a strong team. I returned to the corporate world but still kept the spark of entrepreneurship within me. In March ’23, I bravely quit my job again.

This time, I started Jobzkart HR Services with fresh determination and lessons from my previous failure. I strategically set up the office in a shared space, hired a team & built a robust foundation before securing clients. Within 6 months, we shifted from a shared space to our own office,” shares the Founder while reminiscing the rollercoaster journey she has lived in the last 5 years. 

Jobzkart HR Services, Amanpreet Kaur Khamba

As she sits proudly in her own office, surrounded by a team of passionate individuals, Amanpreet believes composure and understanding while making business decisions hold significant value in all aspects. She believes in responding rather than reacting, as in her words, “Reactions are spontaneous and responses are planned and calculated.” 

Jobzkart HR Services: One-stop Destination For HR Services

With a vision to empower organisations to streamline their HR processes, Jobzkart HR Services provides an array of HR services. Services include Talent Acquisition, HR Implant, HR Outsourcing, Payroll Outsourcing, Contractual Staffing, Background Verification and Training & Development. The company does recruitment in pan India and the UAE. It also does bulk hiring in countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

As a dynamic and progressive HR consulting company, Jobzkart has served 25+ clients within 10 months from different industries like logistics, shipping, freight forwarding, manufacturing, trading, and realty industries. It stands out in the competitive HR arena by providing practical, professional and empathetic HR-related solutions to its clients.

“MSME founders and owners often find themselves becoming troubleshooters instead of revenue generators due to the absence of strong second-level management. We promise to assist you in recruiting key personnel at the second level, to streamline your business operations,” adds Amanpreet Kaur Khamba.

Jobzkart looks forward to streamlining HR processes, optimising workforce management and enhancing overall organisational performance. It will soon be the trusted partner that supports companies in achieving their business goals and maximising their potential. With each passing day, it is inching closer to its mission as each professional working in the company has never compromised on their core values which are Integrity, Innovation, Quality, Teamwork, Passion & Customer satisfaction.”

The Legacy Of Mentoring Young Minds

Amanpreet Kaur Khamba is grateful to have worked with managers of high intellect, who never acted like bosses, but instead motivated and groomed her like a mentor. Now, as a leader herself, she is passing on the legacy of mentoring young minds and the next generation within her team. For Amanpreet, it is her privilege to contribute to the growth of others, just as she experienced throughout her career.

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