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Dr. Aroop Das: Mastermind Behind Itvara’s Tale of Travels


“Itvara is all about creating memories together.”

Dr. Aroop Das (Co-Founder, Itvara)

“At one point in life, I thought of becoming my own boss. I decided to follow a passion. I saw a need in the market that is not being met by others and then I knew exactly what steps to take next,” explains Dr. Aroop upon asking what made him enter the entrepreneurial world. Dr. Aroop Das is the Co-Founder of Itvara Hospitality Pvt Ltd which specialises in making travel stories the smoothest, sweetest, and unforgettable. 

In today’s competitive world, you should constantly reinvent yourself. Dr. Aroop, too, worked on himself to become what he is today. As the Co-Founder explains, “I spent time making observations, understanding my flaws, seeking constructive criticism, and learning from past mistakes.” Dr. Aroop also listened to people with experience and followed their footsteps. He invested in further education and building a strong network. 

As a leader, he believes in setting clear expectations, assessing team members’ skills, and empowering them to make the right decisions. Emphasizing open communication, accountability, and mentorship, he fosters an environment conducive to the growth and development of his team members.

When Itvara Faced The Covid Head On

When Itvara hit a low point, Dr. Aroop viewed it as a comma, not a period. Rather, it was a turning point. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic affected businesses worldwide and brought many corporate giants to their knees. However, we kept fighting and found new ways to grow,” shares the Co-Founder.

Surviving the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t merely a matter of government-driven financial aid; it required a comprehensive overhaul behind the scenes. The real work started behind the scenes with business leaders with whom Itvara was in touch. Dr. Aroop with the support of his team, crafted a new financial strategy and revamped the operational framework. This strategic groundwork positioned the business for a successful future.

He explains, “We were one of the few businesses that moved out of our physical space into the digital space. It helped us survive in the long run; as giving up the physical space saves your business on overhead costs and other expenses.”

Itvara: Creating Memories Together

Itvara offers meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibition services, customised leisure tours, rewards and recognition programs, offsite gatherings, safaris, cruises, Rail Europe experience, and luxury escapades. To ensure that offerings align with the market need, in the leader’s words, “we employ an approach rooted in market research, customer survey, and social listening.” Adapting to changing preferences, Itvara tailors its services for the clients, which helps the firm deliver unparalleled experiences.

On A Mission To Become A Global Brand

Itvara envisions becoming a global brand in the Tourism and Hospitality industry by harnessing the expertise of its partners and associates. “We believe in highlighting unique customer benefits and adapting to new conditions, and our goal is to differentiate ourselves from the competition,” Dr. Aroop adds. 

To cultivate strong client relationships, Itvara communicates regularly and offers incentives and rewards to showcase appreciation for choosing its services. Team training and support, feedback and cooperation, and community-building help cultivate great client partnerships. 

Awards and Milestones

The company has received several awards due to its relentless contribution to the field of travel and hospitality. Some of them are:

  • Tamil Nadu Leadership Awards 2022 for Brand Excellence in the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Industry 
  • Young Entrepreneur Award by the Indian Achievers’ Forum (IAF INDIA) 
  • The Tourism and Hospitality Company of the Year Award from FTIEA for continuously providing outstanding guest experiences. 

These awards are a tribute to our dedication to excellence and demonstrate our commitment to becoming the best in our industry and establishing industry standards,” says Dr. Aroop Das while signing off.

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