Mithibai College Finance Department Hosts a Stellar Finanza 2024 Event

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Mithibai Finanza, the fastest-growing Financial and Entrepreneurial festival, hosted by students of the Finance Department of Mithibai College Autonomous, Mumbai, inaugurated its festival on the 10th of January with an energetic kickstart.

The day commenced with the Foresight Conclave that comprised of an array of distinguished speakers including Mr. Sumit Zaveri (CFO, Burger King), Mr. Maulik Sanghavi (Partner, BDO), Mr. Ankit Gadia (Head of Finance- India Business, Cipla) and Mr. Amit Dalmia (Senior Managing Director at Blackstone).

Following this was an enriching session of Fables with Finanza on ‘Building a 900 crore Company from Scratch’ with the visionary Dr. Sanjay Arora (Founder, Suburban Diagnostics) and the renowned and popular Mr. Rafique Merchant (Real Estate and TEDx Speaker), Mr. Vishal Bhargava (Real Estate Columnist at Moneycontrol) and Mr. Sagar Visawadia (Founder, Dream Properties) for the ‘Beyond the Bricks’ session. The cherished presence of our esteemed guests and their valuable words of wisdom, sense of humour and unique perspective served as great inspiration and insight for all attendees. The events across all three departments unfolded in all their grandeur.

Day 1: ‘Filmy Frenzy’ and ‘Unsettling Roles’

Scheduled for day 1, the Informals events included ‘Filmy Frenzy’ and ‘Unsettling Roles’. The events falling under the Financial Events Department included ‘Dalaal Street’, ‘Oil Sheikhs’ and ‘Corporate Auction’ . The Business and Management Events consisted of ‘Venture Nexus’, ‘Money Mastery’, ‘Catalyst Chronicles’ . Ending the session with the Finanza Cheer, the team wrapped up Day 1 with broad smiles and high spirits! Day 2 commenced with the Foresight Conclave, attended by the dynamic and pathbreaking Mr. Jitendra Attra (CFO, SBI General Insurance) and Mr. Girish Goenka (CFO, Piramal Realty). Another special session of the Foresight Conclave was attended by Mr. Graham Rouse, New Zealand Trade Commissioner and Consul General for India and South Asia where he delivered an informative and enlightening presentation on the bilateral trade between India and New Zealand and the plethora of opportunities that stand, waiting to be availed.

Day 2: ‘ Money Matrix’ and ‘Monopoly X Crypto’

The events that transpired on Day 2 included ‘ Money Matrix’ and ‘Monopoly X Crypto’ from the Financial Events Department, ‘Brainwave Battle’ and ‘Mastery Mansion from the Informals Department and ‘IPL Auction,’ from the Business and Management Events Department. Promoting the spirit and culture of entrepreneurship, the FinFlea (Carnival) set up in the lab area of Mithibai College provided a platform to 30+ small business owners and served as an attraction to attendees due to its diverse offering of delectable food, trendy accessories, desserts, clothing and so much more! The zest and competitiveness of the participants in turn energised the entirety of Team Finanza to deliver more than its best.

Mithibai College Finance Department Hosts a Stellar Finanza 2024 Event

By the end of the day, the team was overwhelmed by the participation and response to Financial 2024. The efforts and hours of work put in by every member of the talented and driven workforce truly realised the vision of Finanza 2023. Having registered a path-breaking success, Team Finanza truly did live up to what it initially started out to achieve.

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