“Bits Pilani Presents BITSMUN Hyderabad ’23 Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders (2)

“Bits Pilani Presents BITSMUN Hyderabad ’23: Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

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It is our great pleasure to present you with the 12th edition of BITSMUN Hyderabad ‘23, the annual MUN conference of BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus, scheduled from 3rd – 5th November, 2023.

For the past 11 years, BITSMUN Hyderabad has served as a platform for fostering intellectual discussions, ensuring diplomacy, and nurturing socially aware leaders of tomorrow. BITSMUN boasts of being one of the most impressive MUN conferences in Southern India, with more than 350 delegates expected to attend the conference from various colleges and universities nationwide.

BITSMUN Hyderabad is hosted as the headliner event of the annual techno-management festival of BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus, ATMOSWe believe in the power of MUNs, to not only improve the debate, diplomacy and discussion skills of its delegates but also in its power to make a real difference in society.  We hope that BITSMUN ignites delegates with the passion to right the wrongs of the world, innovate new ideas for the betterment of society as well as be kinder human beings. We have 7 committee simulations with agendas that will leave you exhilarated and a strong press corps to keep you accountable. BITSMUN is committed to providing a holistic experience by building a problem-solving and networking platform.

The agendas chosen for BITSMUN ‘23 are all very gripping issues that endanger the current world in one way or another. From basic human rights to a deadly multi-decade war, all the agendas have one thing in common: the urgent need for discussion, debate and ultimately change. We hope that delegates will come here, debate and find sustainable, worthy and long-term solutions to the very pressing issues that the world is engulfed in right now.

We are stimulating the following committees at BITSMUN Hyderabad ‘23-

1. UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council)-

Deliberating upon the sexual and reproductive rights of women with special emphasis on teenage pregnancies

2. UNGA-DISEC (United Nations General Assembly – Disarmament and International Security Committee)

Deliberating the ethics, legalities and risks associated with the weaponization of Artificial Intelligence.

3. UNOOSA ( United Nations Office on Outer Space Affairs)

Discussing peace, safety and security in outer space with emphasis on its militarization and privatization.

4. AIPPM (All India Political Parties Meet)-

Agenda 1: One Nation One Election

Agenda 2 – Reviewing the fundamental rights of The Indian Constitution.

5. UNSC (Historical Crisis Committee): (United Nations Security Council)

The dissolution of the U.S.S.R:

The UNSC Summit Meeting of 1992 in the aftermath of the culmination of the Cold War.

Freeze Date:  30th January 1992

6. G-21 (Group of 21)-

Exploring the implications of the New Delhi declaration and the framework for its implications.

7. WTO ( World Trade Organization) –

Analyzing the effects of US-China economic tensions on global trade.

8. IP ( International Press)

We have recruited the ablest Executive Board to facilitate a cumulative learning experience. These parameters are a few that have helped us gain prominence in the circuit. Our theme of ‘Ponder, Persuade, Proclaim’ seems apt seeing the current status of the world.

BITSMUN hopes that delegates ponder upon these essential issues to think of out of the box ideas, persuade them with fellow delegates and finally proclaim solutions based on these discussions with vigour and passion. The secretariat sincerely hopes that the conference will give its delegates a chance of a lifetime, a chance to make real change in society, a chance to learn diplomacy and a chance to make life-long friends.

With “the status quo” of the international community at the cusp of change, several disputes and obscurities have been uncovered in our current order that need to be addressed. This summit has taken that task on its shoulders.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope to see you all at BITSMUN Hyderabad ‘23 .

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