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The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Limited: Blending Tradition with Innovation in Ayurveda


“We envision a future where AVP plays a crucial role in India’s growth trajectory by advancing the field of Ayurvedic manufacturing.”

Vipin Vijay
(CEO, The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Limited)

Numbers have a way of telling a story of their own. The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Limited is no exception. 120 years of rich legacy, a global footprint spanning 100+ countries, and a network of 1000+ outlets across India, speak volumes about its journey and commitment to delivering quality Ayurvedic products to people worldwide. AVP, helmed by Vipin Vijay, stands as a pioneer in harnessing the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda for society’s betterment. As the company’s CEO, Vipin carries forward an Ayurvedic family legacy and brings over two decades of rich experience in the Ayurvedic and wellness industry. 

“We see ourselves not just as a business entity but the custodians of revered traditions. We adhere to the timeless values of Ayurveda – tradition, sincerity, compassion, and service. These values serve as the guiding light and ensure that every product, service, and initiative reflect the highest standard of quality and authenticity,” states Vipin.

Vipin’s values closely align with those of AVP. He believes in leading by example, fostering a culture of transparency, and continuous learning and innovation within the organisation. 

A Rich Legacy of 120 Years

AVP traces its history back to the visionary Shri Mankulangara Kunjan Varier, a pioneer in Ayurvedic medicine. It was founded in June 1943 by his son, Aryavaidyan Shri P.V. Rama Variar. He established the company to preserve Ayurveda’s ancient values of purity and quality. Rama Varier envisioned this as a space where traditional wisdom would harmonise with modern advancements to offer holistic healthcare solutions to all.

Over the decades, the company has grown by leaps and bounds. It has expanded its offerings, diversified its operations and invested strategically in research, education, and infrastructure. Today, AVP has become an industry leader, renowned for its pioneering quality standards and innovation in Ayurvedic healthcare. With a presence that spans continents, the company remains committed to upholding integrity, compassion and service.

AVP’s product and service portfolio is rooted in the rich heritage of Ayurveda. The company boasts of manufacturing over 800 formulations using traditional Ayurvedic principles and cutting-edge scientific advancements. What sets its products apart is not just their effectiveness, but also the expansive distribution network. With over 1000 outlets spanning a wide geographic area and reaching more than 100,000 stores, its products are accessible to consumers who seek natural and sustainable wellness solutions. Vipin mentions, “Our network includes 200,000 Vaidyas who endorse and prescribe our products, which reflects our commitment to excellence, credibility, and efficacy.”

Beyond its product line, AVP promotes Ayurvedic wellness through several services and initiatives. It includes operating hospitals, manufacturing facilities, treatment centres, and resorts that provide holistic healthcare experiences. The company is also at the forefront of research and development by constantly innovating to enhance the efficacy and reach of its healthcare solutions. Furthermore, through investment in education and training programs, the company nurtures the development of future generations of Ayurvedic practitioners and researchers, ensuring that they uphold the legacy of Ayurveda.

What sets AVP Apart?

Manufacturing plant of The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Limited

Three factors distinguish AVP as a leader in the Ayurvedic industry:

  • First and foremost, AVP stands tall for its commitment to honesty, quality, and environmental responsibility. It prioritises transparency from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing processes and upholds stringent measures to ensure that the products maintain the highest standards of purity and efficacy.
  • Secondly, the company allocates resources for its research and development activities to ensure continuous innovation and product refinement. AVP leverages cutting-edge research & traditional wisdom and establishes strategic partnerships to create groundbreaking solutions that resonate with the demands of modern-day consumers, all while keeping the old traditions alive.
  • Acknowledging the importance of environmental guardianship, the company works on minimising its ecological impact. Its manufacturing processes are designed while keeping sustainability in mind and integrating energy-efficient systems and waste management practices. Moreover, the company prioritises sourcing raw materials from sustainable and ethical suppliers.

AVP has also implemented the ‘Talk to Vaidya’ project, making customer service more personal. When people contact AVP, they don’t get a robot. They get to chat with a Vaidya, a real person. This personal touch makes talking to AVP feel special.

Team The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Limited

“I believe teamwork can win any championship. Therefore, we foster teamwork by promoting open communication, collaboration, cross-functional collaboration, knowledge sharing, mutual respect, and empowering our talented team to table their ideas. We also provide opportunities for professional growth, thereby fostering a sense of ownership and accountability within employees,” explains the CEO. 

Adapting To Industry Trends

“Success is not about predicting the future but rather adapting to an ever-changing present.” AVP adapts and evolves to industry trends by investing in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that adhere to strict quality control and environmental regulations. It also optimises production processes, minimises waste, and reduces the carbon footprint.

Backward integration is a pivotal element in AVP’s sustainable strategy, as it allows the firm to exert greater control over its supply chain and mitigate its environmental impact. Integrating its operation allows the company to trace the origins of its raw materials and guarantees that its procurement is from sustainable and ethical suppliers. This approach not only minimises the environmental harm associated with sourcing but also promotes fair labour practices while supporting local communities.

Expanding AVP’s Presence

AVP’s vision, as Vipin explains, is to expand the frontiers of Ayurvedic healthcare while staying true to our roots. The firm is inching closer to its vision with each passing day by constantly innovating its manufacturing processes and adapting to evolving consumer needs. In addition to this, the company aims to set industry benchmarks by prioritising sustainability, quality, and authenticity. Through its commitment to innovation, education and collaboration, AVP continues to contribute heavily to India’s economic growth and well-being in coming years.

The company is also set to expand its presence into global markets and specifically target North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Through this strategic expansion, the company looks forward to establishing new outlets, forging partnerships with local distributors, and developing online sales channels to broaden its customer base. AVP’s Consumer Business Division is actively involved in the retail sector and aligns its commitment to innovation by bringing Ayurvedic wisdom to everyday life. The company maintains competitiveness by constantly innovating new formulations and products tailored to market trends and customer preferences.

Milestones and Awards

Since its inception, AVP has received several awards and crossed milestones that mark a significant contribution to the field of Ayurveda. These include inaugurating the Ernakulam Branch in 1957, graced by Rama Varma Parikshith Thampuran, and the establishment of the Delhi Branch in 1960, attended by the Honorable President of India, Shri S. Radhakrishnan. In 1966, the company revolutionised Ayurvedic medicine production by introducing steam-jacketed vessels.

It partnered with WHO and ICMR for Clinical Research on Ayurvedic remedies for rheumatoid arthritis in 1976. The establishment of the Arya Vaidyan Rama Varier Educational Foundation of Ayurveda (AVREFA) in 1978 was another feather in the cap. Its collaboration with the Tropical Botanic Garden Research Institute (TBGRI) for Jeevani in 1995, initiation of the ‘Brihatrayee Ratna’ award and the establishment of the Centre for Indian Medical Heritage (CIMH) in 1996 proved a pivotal highlight in the history of AVP.

Between 1998 and 2000, the firm led the establishment of the Ayushman Trust and commenced its first centre in Kuala Lumpur for international expansion. In 1982, AVP was recognised as a research centre. In the following years, the AVP research foundation was launched in 2011 and AVP Baltics in 2015, leading to collaborative projects with the University of Edinburgh and Latvia.

The company received grants from the Ministry of AYUSH for various research studies– wound healing, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular dystrophy, diabetes, and COVID-19 management. Furthermore, the AVT Institute for Advanced Research (AVTAR) was launched in 2003, alongside the initiation of the RUDRA clinical documentation program. AVP’s collaboration with NIH USA was facilitated by a PICRC grant in 2003, involving the University of Washington and UCLA.

Further accolades that the company has received include clinic expansion in Coimbatore and Bahrain in 2005 and the establishment of a training academy and hospital in 2008. AVP’s then MD, Shri Krishna Kumar Ji received the Padma Shri in 2009 and the Ayurvedic Trust earned a ‘Centre of Excellence’ Grant from the Department of AYUSH. The company received funding from the Ministry of AYUSH for the first international clinical trial on managing Diabetes with Ayurveda in 2020. Subsequently, it received funding for clinical research on managing COVID-19 through Classical Ayurveda, provided by the Ministry of AYUSH in 2020. It has recently launched its Consumer Business Division in 2024.

“When we look back at all the achievements and milestones we’ve achieved, it brings back memories of our humble beginnings. But it also inspires us to keep doing better, to keep helping people with their health and making a tangible difference in communities worldwide,” Vipin reflects with pride.

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