Breaking Barriers: HearClear’s Path to Accessible Hearing Care

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In a world filled with whispers and symphonies, where the melody of life weaves through our days, there exists a challenge that remains hidden in the shadows- The challenge of hearing loss. Surprisingly, only about one in five individuals who could benefit from wearing a hearing aid choose to use one. One prominent reason behind this is the stigma around hearing loss and hearing aid. This stigma gives birth to a lot of other health hazards in elderly people. So, what’s the solution?  HearClear, a leading Hearing Care Clinic chain, comes into the picture with a mission to remove this stigma from society and help people with hearing deficiency enjoy every moment of their lives by helping them regain their hearing. Currently serving the entire Delhi NCR and Chandigarh Tricity, through its 9 clinics and 6 more planned for this FY, HearClear is here to help people bid goodbye to hearing imperfections.

Shivam Narang (Business Head (P&L, Marketing & Growth) HearClear

“We are thriving to become a dominant player in North India and will continue to increase our density of Clinics to get closer to our patients. Our vision is to serve 50,000 patients every year through clinic visits, home trials, country-wide RWA camps, connect with senior doctors and provide Audiology services right at the clinic,” mentions Shivam Narang (Business Head (P&L, Marketing & Growth). 

Services by HearClear

HearClear is an official retail partner for Signia (Earlier, Siemens). Its services include Hearing Tests, Hearing Aids, Counseling, Speech Therapy and Hearing Aids Repair. For all its patients, HearClear offers a Free 2-day Hearing Aid Trial with actual devices, so that patients can experience the kind of impact hearing aids will make on their lives. 

Hearing aids by HearClear are extremely compact, with natural sound, and tons of features such as Bluetooth connectivity, AI processing, and more which make them fit seamlessly into patients’ lifestyles, without any hassle. 

Manish Narang (Business Head (P&L, Marketing & Growth) HearClear

“Hearing loss is more common among older people, with one in four individuals aged 60 and above experiencing it. In India, people often live with their hearing loss, but this can have serious consequences. Research indicates that hearing loss if left untreated, can lead to anxiety, depression, and even dementia. It also causes isolation from family, friends and social circles, greatly affecting the person’s quality of life. However, with the use of hearing aids, people can once again enjoy the sounds and conversations with their loved ones,” explains Manish Narang (Business Head (P&L, Marketing & Growth). 

Shubham Chugh (Head – Corporates Affairs, HR & Expansion) HearClear

“While there is a stigma associated with hearing aids, modern-day advanced devices like Signia’s offer features like Bluetooth connectivity and AI sensors, making them seamlessly integrate into users’ lives,” adds Shubham Chugh (Head – Corporates Affairs, HR & Expansion). 

Core Values of HearClear- Excellence, Convenience and Accessibility

Undoubtedly, corporate culture is hard to manufacture. It evolves through company traditions, events and daily interactions between different people. HearClear believes in building a company culture that provides a positive and engaging environment and that comes through strict adherence to core values. 

  • Commitment to Excellence

HearClear delivers the highest standard of care through its cutting-edge clinics and advanced diagnostic equipment. It cultivates a culture of excellence by investing in continuous training and professional development for the team members. By staying abreast of the latest advancements, the firm ensures that its patients receive top-quality care.

  • Emphasis on Convenience

Convenience holds utmost value, therefore the company strives to make the process of receiving hearing care as hassle-free as possible. Whether it’s offering flexible appointment scheduling or providing remote consultations and home-based hearing tests, HearClear prioritises convenience in every aspect with one aim— to make the patient experience seamless and stress-free.

  • Promotion of Accessibility

Top-notch hearing care should be accessible to all, therefore, the company promotes accessibility by offering affordable services, establishing a network of clinics across the country, and utilising technology to reach individuals in remote areas as well. It actively works to remove barriers to access by providing educational resources, engaging in community outreach initiatives, and advocating for greater awareness of hearing health.

Forging Partnerships 

HearClear is currently creating a strong network of partners with doctors, hospitals, chemists, diagnostic labs and others. This collaborative ecosystem is currently lacking in India. By establishing extensive partnerships on a large scale, the company aims to bring immense convenience and ease to patients seeking hearing care services.

Moreover, finding the right audiologists and equipping them with the right skills is a major challenge that the Hearing Care Industry deals with. To counter this, HearClear has partnered with two leading Universities in India and is starting a premier Audiology institute to produce qualified audiologists with the right skill set to help the hearing-impaired population of the nation.

On A Mission To Make World-Class Hearing Care Accessible 

“At HearClear, we have a clear mission: to bring high-quality hearing care within reach of everyone. Our focus is on enhancing the lives of individuals with hearing loss through outstanding services, advanced technology, and personalised attention. Looking ahead, our vision for the next decade is to establish ourselves as the foremost provider of hearing care solutions nationwide, revolutionising the way hearing health care is delivered and perceived,” mention the trio. 

By aligning actions with its long-term vision, HearClear is here to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those with hearing loss. The main aim is to deliver world-class care and reshape the landscape of hearing care, ensuring that it is accessible to all.

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