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Revolutionizing Learning: Infinity Learn’s AI App ‘VISTA’ Ready to Take Off

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Amidst the soaring success of Sri Chaitanya, reaching new heights in exams like JEE Main, NEET, and JEE Advanced, there is an air of excitement surrounding Infinity Learn, a prodigy of Sri Chaitanya. The ed-tech platform is set to revolutionise the learning landscape with its groundbreaking AI application. Ujjwal Singh, the President & CEO of Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya, radiates confidence as he talks about the firm’s latest creation, VISTA (Virtual Intelligence System for Tailored Academics). This innovative AI application is not only designed to elevate the learning experience of students but also to empower teachers in fostering enhanced education.

With the launch of VISTA, the firm aims to unravel a new era of learning possibilities. The stage is set, and the world waits with bated breath as Infinity Learn prepares to unleash its new AI application that holds the promise of transforming the educational landscape like never before.

Here’s what Ujjwal Singh has to share about VISTA:

Q: Can you explain how the new AI application developed by Infinity Learn aligns with current trends and advancements in the field of educational technology?

The main aim of our new AI application is to leverage Artificial Intelligence to enhance the learning and teaching experience of students and teachers respectively in three key areas:

First and foremost, the objective is to leverage AI to enable personalised learning experiences for students. With the help of AI, we intend to provide tailored academic solutions to meet the unique needs and learning styles of students.

This application also aims to support teachers in conducting more effective and engaging classes. We seek to provide teachers with tools and resources that can enhance their teaching methods.

We also look forward to making learning materials more interesting and suitable for students of various ages. The aim is to create interactive and engaging content that can captivate learners and facilitate better understanding.

Q: How is this application different from other applications which are existing in the market?

VISTA aims to offer unique experiences and advancements in two key areas:

Firstly, the application focuses on personalised learning by providing learners with experiences that are not currently available. For example, learners can interact with freedom fighters and historical figures like Mahatma Gandhi or Isaac Newton, asking them questions and gaining insights from their perspectives. “Imagine having a conversation with Gandhiji, asking him about the reasons behind his Dandi March, or inquiring about his viewpoint on LGBTQ issues. Learning through such interactions with historical figures who are no longer present would provide a unique learning experience.

Secondly, VISTA aims to support teachers by acting as an assistant rather than replacing their roles. It provides teachers with valuable insights and recommendations to enhance their teaching methods. The application can analyse the performance of previous classes and customise the content, helping teachers to improve their effectiveness in front of students.

Q: After the AI application is launched, how are you going to measure the success or impact of this application?

First of all, we’ll evaluate the level of engagement of students with the application by assessing how frequently students access the application and whether they find the learning journey enjoyable. A high level of engagement would mean that the app is capturing students’ interest and effectively holding their attention.

Another parameter would be to analyse the impact of the AI application on students’ performance. The focus is not solely on marks and scores but on building the right perspective and enhancing students’ ability to produce better outcomes.

Q: Would there be any challenges involved in adapting to the application?

Yes, there may be some challenges involved in adopting the application, particularly for teachers. While children may easily adapt to the technology, it may take some time for teachers to familiarise themselves with it. Different teachers may have different levels of readiness to understand the new technology, and their adoption may occur at different speeds. As teachers become more familiar with VISTA, the adoption is expected to increase, thereby producing the desired results.

The technology itself will also undergo stabilisation as users adapt to the changes. This process is vital to enable users to learn how to effectively use the tool and reap the benefits of it. Slowly and gradually, they’ll say, “Now I have learned how to use it. Now, I will start benefiting from here.” The tool will take its sweet time but will gradually stabilise in the coming months, providing users with a more consistent and reliable experience.

Hence, there may be initial challenges in adapting to the application, it is expected that with time, both teachers and students will become more comfortable in utilising the technology for improved learning outcomes. 

Q: What’s the launch date for this groundbreaking AI application?

The application is planned to launch in August. Initially, we will first give it to 10,000 to 20,000 students and approximately 500 teachers for testing and refinement before making a wider release. We don’t want children to learn anything wrong and want to build a safe and right environment.

By the end of this year,  we will be fairly in advanced stages, with a growing number of students using it. Early tests have shown promising results, with positive feedback from students and encouraging responses from schools where it has been introduced on a limited scale.

The due credit behind the app’s development goes to our Data Science team, which, I think, is the best in the industry today. Infinity Learn is also successfully embracing the potential of AI not only for learners and teachers but also within internal processes, such as marketing and sales.

The rapid progress made in just two and a half months, from initial discussions in April to readiness for testing and surveying, reflects the company’s commitment to embracing AI and driving holistic change.

It is important to highlight that AI can serve as a powerful tool in enabling a larger pool of individuals to become teachers. This includes those who may not have prior experience in a traditional classroom environment. With the support of AI, they can now deliver exceptional lessons. This represents a significant shift, and we are witnessing this transformation first-hand.

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