Displaying courage and Resilience: Women combatting Covid-19 

“Women have the potential to achieve positive and favorable outcomes despite challenging or threatening circumstances”   Women have demonstrated their resilience in a magnitude of ways, past and present. The survival of women around the globe has remained dependent on their ability to be resilient. It’s an important time to celebrate women of all walks […]

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Diptti Tiiku

Diptii Tiiku: An Idiosyncratic, Spearheading Ridecell With Phenomenal Marketing Ideas And Creative Edge

For decades now, traditional marketing has been replaced with digitized solutions. In parallel, for the longest time, women limited in certain roles have eventually broken the glass ceiling to transform into fierce, focused, and fabulous businesswomen. One such woman, who has revolutionized a historically male-dominated industry of marketing, is Diptii Tiiku, Senior Director of Marketing, […]

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Waste-Management- Saahas


  Waste management is making its mark in the daily lives of people, helping them know the consequences of increasing quantities of waste entering their homes. However, awareness is not the only solution. Waste management also needs a well-organized structure. But, the waste management industry in India mainly relies on the unorganized structure, and it […]

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Tamanna Singh- Making Luxury Affordable

A true mentor empowering people, especially women, Ms. Tamanna the founder of ‘UberLux‘ connected with The Global Hues. Tamanna is an entrepreneur and investor helping start-ups with fundings, operations, guiding strategies, and global expansion, to make their dreams come true. She is building her Businesses strong for above 20 years and lending extra support to […]

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Shraddha Sheth- Inspiring a Fit India

Vice President of  F2 Fun and Fitness (Gold’s Gym India)- Ms. Shraddha Sheth shared a glimpse of her journey withThe Global Hues. Joseph Pilates said, “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” On the same lines, the Vice president of Gold’s Gym– Ms. Shraddha is spreading happiness each day. After completing her post-graduation in […]

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Shivani Malhotra: An Award-Winning HR Specialist, Providing Tailored HR Advisory and Training Interventions 

Shivani Malhotra, Co-founder & CEO at Positive Vibes Consulting, is an award-winning seasoned HR & Learning specialist. Under her 17 years of work experience, Ms. Shivani worked in various senior HR positions at reputed Indian and Multinational Companies in India & abroad. In 2016, she started her successful entrepreneurial journey with Positive Vibes Consulting- one […]

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Dr. Nidhi Khurana: Shaping Future Generation With Revolutionary Learning

Despite lots of efforts, India’s current education system can’t keep pace with how quickly technology is changing and they lack the resources to adapt. They have less focus on the practical implementation of concepts. To bridge this gap, a Professor turned entrepreneur, Dr. Nidhi Khurana took the foundation of GoGlobalWays, an Ed-tech online platform. Her […]

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