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Dr. Santoshi Kurada: The Healing Touch With Care

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“We specialise in treating all kinds of chronic pain.”

Dr. Santoshi Kurada (Co-Founder and
Consultant Interventional Pain Specialist, 

In this fast-paced world, we find ourselves caught in the whirlwind of competing priorities and ever-accelerating demands. Healthcare, which should be our foremost priority, takes a setback. Fortunately, amidst this storm, Dr. Santoshi Kurada, the Co-Founder of Alleviate, steps in to provide solutions for chronic pain management. Dr. Santoshi is a highly accomplished doctor, having completed MBBS, MD Anesthesia and a fellowship in Chronic Pain and Critical Care (UK). She has also done an Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore. 

“When I was working in the UK, I became acutely aware of the significant impact chronic pain can have on both the mind and body. It struck me that in India, people dealing with chronic pain often lacked access to proper care and guidance on how to alleviate their suffering. Many didn’t know where to turn or how to improve their situation. Witnessing this gap became the driving force behind the launch of our services in India,” shares Dr. Santoshi.

She, along with her husband, decided to fill this void, especially for those experiencing chronic pain and seeking alternatives to surgery. Their goal was to make sure no one in India with chronic pain felt lost or without the necessary care to help them get better.

Dr. Santoshi prefers to lead by example and build trust with her colleagues and subordinates. Communication holds a key role in her approach to leadership. She also believes in fostering teamwork and creating an environment where everyone feels valued and works together toward shared goals. 

Running A Business Is No Walk In The Park

Starting a business is like diving into many unknown challenges along the way. While setting up Alleviate, Dr. Santoshi faced several obstacles that tested her determination. The first challenge was to convert the idea of providing proper care for people with chronic pain into reality, and that proved a difficult task due to the hierarchy that is present in the culture. She faced stiff opposition from colleagues within the industry but Dr. Santoshi, with the support of her husband, remained steadfast in her belief and passion to deliver top-notch services to people. 

“Building a network and seeking guidance from mentors and advisors played an essential role in overcoming these initial hurdles. Their insights and expertise helped us go in the right direction,” says Dr. Santoshi while sharing the initial struggle faced by Alleviate.  

Alleviate: Comprehensive Chronic Pain Care

Alleviate, a clinic dedicated to pain management in Bangalore, addresses pain issues without resorting to surgery and helps individuals experiencing chronic pain regain mobility and embrace life to the fullest. It stands out for its commitment to use state–of–the–art techniques to help relieve pain without surgery. Its dedicated team of qualified experts creates awareness about the concept of ‘Pain Management’ in the country.

“Our doctors, specialised in their respective fields, use regenerative medicine, pain management and spine care to help those living their lives without a solution to their discomfort. We focus on people-centred care and place the patients at the core of every decision and action we take,” adds Dr. Santoshi. Alleviate aims to be the ultimate health partner by delivering top-notch medical services to enhance the patient’s well-being. By offering prompt, effective, and affordable immediate care for non-life-threatening illnesses, patients are seen, treated, and released within approximately 60 minutes. 

For its commitment to excellence and innovation in pain management, Alleviate has achieved significant achievements, such as the prestigious Times 40 under 40 awards, Best Pain Management Center award by the BigFm Healthcare Awards, and more. Alleviate is the first centre in Bangalore to receive accreditation from the Indian Society of Pain. These feathers in the cap reflect Alleviate’s quality standards and professionalism in serving those struggling with chronic pain. 

On A Mission To Make Alleviate A One-Stop Solution

Dr. Santoshi Kurada The Healing Touch With Care

Alleviate, as Dr. Santoshi shares, stays proactive by recognising and exploring new avenues for growth and development. The clinic focuses on research and using customer feedback to improve and expand its services. In the long term, Dr. Santoshi envisions positioning Alleviate as a one-stop solution for all kinds of chronic pain and helps address both the physical and mental aspects of pain management. 

Alleviate has successfully cultivated enduring connections with a diverse clientele in just a few years of its inception. It caters to Chronic Pain sufferers spanning the ages of 20 to 80. Its patient-centric and multidisciplinary approach establishes Alleviate as a trusted healthcare clinic for effective chronic pain management. The Clinic offers the patients not just relief from chronic pain but a supportive and understanding healthcare environment. Looking ahead, Dr. Santoshi focuses on expanding Alleviate’s presence in major tier 1 and 2 cities by 2030, with a vision to maximise the clinic’s impact and empower individuals to live healthier and happier lives.

Dr. Santoshi finds inspiration in Napoleon Hill’s words – Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy idol. For her, success doesn’t lie in the achievement of a goal but in the journey toward the goal. Real success is a continuous process, always growing and reaching for noble goals. This philosophy guides her in offering care for people dealing with chronic pain.

She believes in always getting better and accomplishing meaningful things in the field of medicine.

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