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Sonali Chitale: The Design Luminary

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“Every project we complete is a great milestone and accomplishment for us.”

Sonali Chitale (Founder and Creative Head,
Kaizen by Sonali Chitale)

Sonali Chitale’s work is far from cookie-cutter as she ensures that there is no signature style to her work. Her creative eyes, attention to detail and artistic abilities reflect her sense of style, to create aesthetically pleasing designs. Sonali has been in love with Architecture and Design for a very long time. 

“The beauty of aesthetic designs and smart planning has always been around me. It’s like an integral part of who I am,” says Sonali while sharing her love for design. She founded Kaizen in 2011 to create, innovate and generate one-of-a-kind spaces and products based on design skills, trends and client individualities. Sonali’s personal experiences and life journey, including a mix of Asian and Indian influences, help her create designs that are not only unique but also make a strong statement.

“When we started Kaizen, our main idea was to showcase products and finishes mainly for the hospitality industry. But the store had its own plans. Soon, we started getting projects from residential and corporate clients. We grew as a company based on what our clients wanted and what designs we could offer,” shares Sonali. “When we incepted Kaizen, we were the first ones to bring in many products from various parts of the world that differed from the typical taste.”

“Our experiences from different countries influenced us to bring in products that we thought were important to create warm welcoming spaces. It wasn’t easy at first, it took us some time to break boundaries, but over time we accomplished and continue to do so.”

Initially, Sonali’s decisions were based more on implementation than profitability. However, gradually, she understood that both are equally important and it is essential not to compromise on design principles while also acknowledging the customer’s financial aspects. She believes in delivering quality with no room for any shortcuts or compromises. Simultaneously, she makes sure that everything the firm delivers stays in sync with the client’s lifestyle. Recognising the ever-changing landscape of design and trends, Sonali’s style of leadership revolves around providing clients with a diverse range of design options tailored to their preferences. This way, her whole team can let their creativity shine and come up with different ideas.

A Turnkey Design Studio By Sonali

Kaizen by Sonali Chitale

Kaizen by Sonali Chitale is a turnkey design studio that offers comprehensive end-to-end design services. The studio also has a collection of special Indian and international brands, offering different fabrics, wallpapers, furniture, and accessories. In her words, Sonali states, “Today people are very open to exploring new products and finishes which makes it very interesting for us. We cater more to individuals so it’s their needs that we cater to.”

Kaizen doesn’t choose to offer brands that are freely available in other stores. It brings in new and unique products created especially for architects or clients. The firm works with many architects, who share their designs and work together on the technical side to make sure the product looks just as imagined and is also strong and stable. 

In Sonali Chitale’s design studio, clients hold the utmost importance and are served with best–quality products. The primary focus is ensuring that clients receive what was assured to them. The studio takes pride in the fact that a significant number of clients have chosen to stay with them for the long haul. 

Sonali Chitale The Design Luminary

“Looking forward, we aim to grow our design practice and, at the same time, collaborate more with local talents and smaller artistic families. The building industry is booming, which is exciting, but certain aspects worry me. I’m actively addressing those concerns as we move forward,” shares Sonali while emphasising the long-term vision of Kaizen. Kaizen is a place where every project, when handed over to the client, comes as a milestone and accomplishment. For its excellent work in the field of design, the firm has been featured in many publications.

In today’s world of excesses, Sonali finds inspiration in a mantra – “Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” – Steve Jobs

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