Captain Sunaina Singh ‘If Face Everything Head-on’ Finds A Face

Captain Sunaina Singh: ‘If Face Everything Head-on’ Finds A Face

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Teaching isn’t just a profession; it’s a mission to shape the future warriors of our nation. Captain Sunaina Singh leads the way in ‘Mission Join Indian Army’ to raise awareness and inspire the young generation to have an extraordinary life by joining the Defence Services. She is currently teaching sports psychology at the Sports University of Haryana, contributing to the state’s burgeoning sports landscape. She is a key member of the university’s nascent project and dedicates herself to guiding and nurturing young talents from rural Haryana. 

Captain Sunaina Singh, army veteran

Capt. (Dr.) Sunaina shares, “My project is for students in rural India because I noticed that a lot of talent lies in rural India. These students don’t have proper guidance and opportunities, so I am helping them pursue their dreams by reaching out to different schools and colleges through my workshops and motivational talks. I aim to provide them with proper information and guidance that helps them build their career. Through workshops and motivational talks conducted in various schools and colleges, I provide them with proper information and guidance that helps them build their career.”

Transitioning from the military to academics

Transitioning is never easy. It comes with many challenges. Transitioning from the military to academics was quite a shift for Capt. Sunaina. The first challenge for her was the decision to leave behind her uniform. Motherhood brought about a shift in priorities. She shares, “When my son was born, my maternal instincts overpowered everything in life. Army and Motherhood is 24×7, and I had to choose between my career and being there for my child. Initially, developing an emotional bond with your child is essential, and since I didn’t have a permanent commission, I chose to leave the army after five years of service.”

Captain Sunaina Singh with her son

Another challenge for her was adapting to life as an Army officer’s wife, leading to a change in identity from Captain Sunaina to Mrs. Sunaina. It was not easy at all but she successfully navigated through it. She completed her MBA, taught at Delhi University, and enrolled for her PhD in Positive Psychology. Gradually, teaching became her passion. She loved herself being surrounded by a younger crowd.

Wearing a big smile, she says, “The love and respect I get from the students is overwhelming. It mirrors the camaraderie I experienced in the Army. The most rewarding thing for me is to see my students smile with dreams in their eyes.”

Her Perspective on Life

Captain Sunaina has worn multiple hats throughout her career – an army officer, life coach, trainer, researcher, sports Psychologist, and SSB Mentor. She believes that achieving everything may not be feasible. People who do well in their professional lives might have compromised their personal lives and vice versa. Everything that has come into our lives is because of our priorities and changes according to the situation.

Captain Sunaina Singh, Nari Shakti

She suggests seeking support from friends and family when needed. She values her time highly and structures her day around her son’s activities, starting at 4.30 A.M. Her routine includes accompanying him to tennis classes, teaching students at the university, coming back home, having lunch with her son, and taking him to tennis classes again. Sunaina unapologetically embraces activities that bring her happiness and advises others to do the same.

Upon asking whether students after completing the 12th grade should undergo Army training for a year, she answers, “Yes. I believe that it would be beneficial for students to undergo a year of Army training after completing the 12th grade. When you are in the academy, they train you mentally and physically, which helps build strength and resilience. Yet, the training doesn’t end at the academy. Challenges will come throughout your life, you need to learn how to face them head-on.

Message from Captain (Dr) Sunaina Singh

Life has its ups and downs, face all your challenges head-on. If you have a passion, hold on to it, as it gives you the determination to move on and succeed. Get out of your comfort zone and focus on your self-improvement.

My special message for rural girls in India is– Believe in your potential and dream big. Keep pursuing your dreams with your heart. To live a purposeful life, you only need education, determination, and resilience. With these three superpowers, you can unlock any opportunity. Your background doesn’t decide your destiny; what decides your destiny is your aspirations and your actions. Dare to dream, work hard and never underestimate yourself.

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