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Founded in 2006, Covalense Global is a well-recognized and reliable IT transformation partner. Covalense consists of a well-diversified, highly trained, vibrant & dedicated teams working cohesively to deliver effective solutions to organizations of varied sizes and businesses including a number of Fortune 500 companies across the United States, Canada, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa.

The business operations of the company across different geographies are ably supported by its development centres in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Auckland, Sydney, and Canada. Its projects and implementations span across industry verticals such as Beverages, Education, Engineering, FMCG & Retail, Government, Healthcare, ISVs, Logistics, Power & Utilities, Insurance, and Telecommunications. Covalense provides its services in 18 geographies globally, with office presence in more than 6 countries – India, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Singapore.

Covalense was founded by Narayana Peesapati with the aim to establish a trusted software solutions company & reliable technology partner to clients. As a CEO, he steers the strategy of the company with his technical excellence and is highly admired for his amazing strength in empowering teams associated with him and his strong belief in their ability to deliver results.

Covalense Global is dedicated to maximizing the value of enterprises by adding intelligence to processes, products, services, and ideas and create extraordinary customer experiences!.


Covalense Global is a people-focused, customer-centric organization that is committed to long-term partnerships. The core values of the company are:

  • Customer Focus & Commitment to their success
  • Relationships based on trust and loyalty with clients, employees, associates, and partners
  • Integrity and Transparency in all operations 
  • Successful Solutions which are futuristic 
  • People Orientation and work towards the greater good of all


With implementations in more than 18 geographies, Covalense Global works in building platforms, designing innovative solutions, end-to-end product development, managed services, and consulting. Some of its main services are:

  • Enterprise Application Development

It includes creating customized, personalized, and fit-for-need applications. Covalense Global works on enterprise application integration to create interoperability and build communication stacks, middleware frameworks, and application connectors. The offerings in application development include enterprise application development, product engineering, quality assurance & testing, enterprise application integration, re-engineering & migration, and user interface and experience services.

  • Digital Transformation & Legacy Modernisation

Covalense Global makes businesses truly digital by leveraging technologies such as Cloud, Data Analytics, Mobile, Social Media, CRM, ERP, CMS & AI platforms.

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Covalense builds fresh product experiences for customers through its wide-ranging AI services. Its aim as a technology partner is to enable enterprises to become data-driven and develop innovative AI-based products and gain a unique competitive advantage in their industry. Covalense provides strategic consultation to evaluate the contribution of AI to businesses, and also takes this endeavor further through services such as data intelligence, design, and deployment of machine learning, deep learning models, integrating computer vision, NLP capabilities into products, intelligent automation.

  • Advanced Analytics 

Covalense data scientists build frameworks that design, model, align, execute, monitor, and tune decision models and processes in the context of business outcomes. The data science teams enable clients to leverage advanced data architectures and analytics to mine the large enterprise data and obtain actionable insights for better decision-making.

  • Enterprise Data Management

The highly experienced and motivated team of Covalense Global designs, captures, stores, governs, secures, analyzes, reports, and ultimately manages data effectively. Under data management services, the company offers data warehousing, data analytics, and master data management services.

  • Quality Engineering

Covalense Global follows a distinct quality engineering approach that predicts what can go wrong in the future rather than stopping what is wrong in the system now. It provides Dev-Ops & agile testing, test automation, application & product testing, database, performance, and security testing. 

  • Intelligent Automation

It offers best-in-class automation solutions that unleash the real potential of any business’s automation investment by empowering employees, enhancing customer experience, and establishing new pathways for innovation through self-learning processes embedded within technologies.

  • Managed Services

Covalense helps its customers to optimize investments on Managed Software services by reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) and delivering sustainable services tailored to business needs.


Covalense Global believes in building long-term partnerships with clients. It works with several large brands and large enterprises globally along with smart IP players across different domains. It has been associated with reputable organizations like Unilever, Te Wananga, Coca Cola Amatil, Vodafone, UL Renewables, Australia Tourism, Emerson, ISB & IIB to name a few. “We put client success first and focus on staying ahead of the curve with continuous R&D,” says Narayana Peesapati.


All customers are looking for reliable partners who can understand their business and come up with IT solutions that are highly customized to suit their unique requirements, Covalense Global dedicates that quality time and ensures it is rightly aligned to its customers’ long term road maps and strategic objectives that enable customer business growth. The company offers unique & highly customized solutions that are futuristic and can scale up with effortless ease for the customer’s growth in the coming years. 


The mission of the company is to enable customers to achieve business growth through the right technologies. The vision is to be a recognized software services and niche solutions company. 


Covalense Global is committed to building trustworthy and reliable teams. Company’s flat hierarchy enables everyone to grow, innovate, and lead. It nurtures, innovates, and delivers with good team spirit, and ensure all are involved & meaningfully participate to the best of their abilities. It continually ensures teams work for a better world, for a better community, and for the greater good of all. Covalense Global values partnership, tenacity, enjoyment, and cares for its people, clients, partners, associates, and society at large.


Narayana Peesapati shared a piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs and said, “Entrepreneurs should work on their core strengths and deliver solutions and products that are always futuristic, sustainable, and help customers achieve business growth. Never give up and keep on enjoying every part of the journey to continue for long innings! Always ensure that your organizational goals, your team’s orientation, and your long-term vision contribute to making a better world together!”


According to Narayana, being able to deliver solutions that benefit societies and communities wherever we operate is success. The secret to Covalense’s success is the delighted & esteemed customers who are committed to delivering and making the world a better place every day.

Today, Covalense Global is positioned as a Trusted Development Partner at the global level. In the next 5 years, the company wishes to meet the market demands on a global scale and emerge among the leading solutions providers in the AI space. 

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