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DATA, AI & Cloud Roadshow 2024 (DAICON)- Bengaluru Edition witnessed 300+ Participants

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StrategINK Solutions Private Limited successfully concluded the third leg of DAICON (DATA, AI, and CLOUD) on March 13, 2024, at the Four Seasons Hotel, Bengaluru.

The one-day conference brought together a dynamic assembly of 40+ subject matter experts and luminaries from various sectors. Boasting participation of 300+ delegates, DAICON 2024 – Bengaluru Edition was a resounding success and has set a benchmark for holistic industry engagement in the realm of the digital world.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed sponsor partners, whose unwavering support contributed to the resounding success of DAICON Bengaluru Edition. Our sponsors included SADA- An Insight Company, Google Cloud, Hitachi Vantara, Microgenesis & Atlassian, Ruckus, a CommScope company, Redington, FountainIQ, and Tecplix who played a pivotal role in making this event possible.

Focusing on the powerful combination of Data, AI, and Cloud, DAICON brought to light recent progress, emerging trends, and effective strategies through a series of keynotes, interactive sessions, focused roundtable & panel discussions. 

  • Technology Needs Artists: Augmented Intelligence x Storytelling – Keynote Address

Biren Ghose, Managing Director – Asia Pacific & Global Excom Member delved into the synergy between creativity and cutting-edge technology, where Augmented Intelligence seamlessly intertwines with the captivating force of storytelling. 

  • Guest of Honour Address by Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai (Moon Man of India)

An enlightening discourse on how innovations originally crafted for space missions have sparked revolutions across industries on Earth, spanning healthcare, communications, agriculture, and transportation. He embarked on a cosmic journey delving into space exploration and the deep-seated connection with transformative technologies.

  • Guest of Honour Address by Prof. Sowmya Narayanan Sadagopan

Prof. Sowmya Narayanan Sadagopan, Founding Director IIIT Bangalore, Chairman BoG, IIITDM-Kancheepuram emphasized that Data and AI are not just tools for innovation; they’re essential catalysts for driving sustainable development and responsible business practices.

  • Elevate your Data & Analytics (DnA) Game – The Mantra for DnA Success by StrategINK

A holistic approach that reshaped how we perceive and leverage vast data reservoirs along with inspired, informed, and transformed with the 10 Mantras.

  • Panel Discussions

Multiple panel discussions served as the heart of DAICON’24, where industry veterans analysed a spectrum of topics, from the synergy between Data, Cloud, and AI to unravelling the impact of transformative technologies on enhancing customer experiences.

As the echoes of triumph from our DATA, AI, CLOUD roadshow resonates, they affirm our dedication to nurturing innovation and fostering collaboration. This success propels us to the forefront of the dynamic intersection of technology and business transformation,” remarked Santanu Ganguly, CEO of StrategINK.

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StrategINK is a leading provider of market intelligence, technology advisory and integrated marketing solutions in the B2B domain with a variety of services towards accelerating ‘Business Innovation & Go-to-Market’ pursuits. With our core offerings of ‘Research-based Business Insights’, ‘Content driven Marketing Solutions’, ‘Digital Transformation Consulting & Advisory’, and ‘Learning, Enablement & Skill Augmentation Services’, we catalyse & accelerate business transformation, digital-led innovation, sales acceleration, skill enhancement, and customer delight. With our rich, diverse & hybrid model of digital and physical tools, techniques and industry-proven frameworks and best practices, we develop unique & custom solutions to address the complex business challenges of our clients and create compelling value through sustainable innovation.

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