TEDxNMCollege - The best Conference in Town?

TEDxNMCollege: The best Conference in Town?

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We gotta talk about the TEDx conference that took place at Narsee Monjee College. It was on February 10th, and let us tell you, it was nothing short of AMAZING! It was a whole day filled with mind-bending talks on the theme “Pixel by Pixel,” all about making big dreams happen, step by step.

The First Half – A Powerful Beginning 

Kicked off by Shruti Seth (the Fanaa fame), the conference was exciting from the very start. She rocked the stage, talking about how discipline and sticking to her yoga routine completely changed her life. Her story is truly an example of trusting the journey, no matter how long it takes.

Then, Abhinandan Sekhri, the big brain behind Newslaundry, blew our minds with the importance of a free press. Challenging us to stay curious, ask tough questions, and never settle for less than the full story, Abhinandan was a pleasure to hear. It was a wake-up call about how young folks need to value fighting for accurate news.

Up next was Satyarup Siddhanta, and if you haven’t heard his name, you’re totally missing out. He’s a real-life superhero, breaking Guinness World Records despite battling asthma. Listening to him talk about how he turned his ‘impossible’ into ‘I’m possible,’ teaching us to face our fears head-on and to dream big, was more inspiring than anything.

The Second Half – Packed with more Inspiration


Ujjawal Pahwa, the finance influencer right out of the Instagram reels was next and his story was equally gripping! Sharing his journey from a shy kid to a Forbes-recognized financial influencer, he inspired us to embrace change and find our passion.

Then, there was Pravir Dahiya, the tech wizard! He talked about the power of consistency and appreciating the little things every day, because they always add up to something great in the long run of life.

And finally, Mahesh Thakur, the veteran actor, who we’d probably know from the movie Hum Aapke Hain Kaun! His entry was the most rocking and his talk even better. He shared his life’s script if we may, reminding us to never give up. Relating a movie character with a pixel, he gave us an amazing deep dive into the film industry and its challenges.

A Musical End

The night ended on a high note with the band called “Stress Busters”, lifting everyone’s spirits with their energy with some amazing classical Bollywood songs. It was seriously the most inspiring day ever, leaving us all ready to conquer the world, one ‘pixel’ at a time.

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