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DroptheQ: Making The Checkout Experience Convenient With Exceptional Phygital Solutions

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The idea of DroptheQ revolves around eliminating the physical queues from the Billing Counters using the best technologies available in India and abroad.

Vaibhav Singhal
(CEO & Co-Founder, DroptheQ)

Everyone loves shopping but what no one really loves is waiting in the queue. The feeling of being stuck in the queue and waiting for your turn for the billing is a tedious task that nobody really enjoys. To save the customers’ time by dropping the queue, DroptheQ provides its exceptional Phygital Solutions to the customers and vendors making the checkout experience more convenient and hassle-free. 

Leveraging the technology, DroptheQ works diligently to save the precious time that a customer spends during the checkout process at different places, be it a retail store, in-office cafeterias, QSR including food court outlets or stand-alone restaurants.  DroptheQ efficiently reduces the waiting time and replaces it with a convenient and user-friendly experience. The perfect blend of digital convenience while being physically present in the store is what makes DroptheQ an innovative and unique brand. 


With unrelenting ambition and willingness to walk through the walls, Vaibhav Singhal incepted DroptheQ in 2021 to eliminate the physical queues from the billing counter. As a CEO & Co-Founder of the company, Vaibhav lays the strategic roadmap for the prolific growth of DroptheQ. 

After pursuing Industrial & Production Engineering and MBA from IIM Indore, Vaibhav worked for a few years in Dubai and gained industry insights. Before starting DroptheQ, he was associated with an MNC company in which he was heading a P&L of ₹300 Cr. Vaibhav also brings with him 18 years of rich experience of cross-border and cross-industry experience in building a business from scratch. 

Vaibhav iterates, “on average, any person spends around 2-3 years of his life standing in queues. This prompted us to think about where and how we can eliminate the long queues.  Billing Counters and Pick Up Counters came foremost to our mind for solving the queue problem and that is where DroptheQ started.”      


The exhilarating journey of DroptheQ started in August 2021 with the goal to solve the queue problem in retail, QSR and restaurants. Gathering and understanding a large amount of data on customer buying behaviour at the places where DroptheQ has deployed its services helps the company to get insights into the customer. These insights ultimately help the company to better their services, to provide top-notch services to its customers. 

With its best-in-class services, DroptheQ is emerging as a rising star in the startup ecosystem with its unique and innovative problem-solving approach. In just a few months after its inception, DroptheQ has grown multifold marking its presence in 7 cities across India. 

In the words of Vaibhav says, “we learnt that we all require convenience in everything we do, be it shopping, eating out, staying out and more. This encouraged us to keep developing new technologies which can provide convenience to the physical customers present at the stores.”


Various smart brains from different industries come together to take DroptheQ to its infinite heights. Vaibhav, “We believe the company is formed by its team”. Along with Vaibhav Singhal, the other expert professionals of the company are:

Nikhil Monga
Co-Founder & CTO
The main architect of the technology

Swati Agarwal
Co-Founder & CTO
Leads the IT and operations part of DroptheQ

Yogesh Dora
With over 2 decades of experience in the F&B industry, he controls and manages the company’s overall operations

Mayank Lavania
Vice President
Takes care of self check out and AI/ML Analytics Vertical


With a complete focus on making the customer experience seamless, DroptheQ works on 3 verticals:

  • Order2Serve at the food courts and other Self-service Restaurants

With an aim of converting QSRs to CDRs, DroptheQ has digitised the food courts with the Order2Serve model. This model allows customers to order through mobile or web apps and DroptheQ executive collects the food from the counter and serves it on the respective table.  This model of DroptheQ is currently available in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Hyderabad. 

  • Self-checkouts at Modern Retail

Through its own indigenously developed Scan and Go technology, DroptheQ has digitised the checkout process at modern retail stores. In this, customers’ smartphones can be converted into a POS thus providing the facility of convenient self-checkout without getting into long checkout queues. This facility is extremely helpful in grocery and retail shopping. 

  • Pre-ordering and Pay-my-bill at Local and Famous Restaurants

Digitising the local and famous restaurants, DroptheQ allows customers to pre-order their food and take away without any hassle. The company also provides service to pre-order in Dine-in also and enables them to pay the bill through DroptheQ’s mobile or web app. The customer can also avail of discounts using the company’s app. This service is currently present in Delhi-NCR. 

“It is all about providing digital convenience to the retail customer, who is physically present at the Retail Store (both fashion and grocery), Food Courts and Quick Serving Restaurants,” mentions Vaibhav. 


DroptheQ has added many feathers to its cap since its inception. The most significant ones are:

  • Won the “Technology Provider of the Year” by FCI.
  • Won the “Best App of the year 2022” by ET Hospitality.
  • Featured in the Top 30 startups to watch out for by INC42.
  • Featured in the Top 10 Best Retail Awards 2021 and 2022, by SiliconIndia Startup city. 
  • Featured in Insights Success. 


DroptheQ’s plan for the next 5 years is to expand its customer base and transit globally. With a mission to reach every city, highway, and airport, the company is looking forward to providing convenience to a broader spectrum of customers and also helping businesses grow their revenues through increased CX.

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