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“We have never escaped from our promise to share the best analysis on various topics of the stock market.”

Shri Dilip Kantilal Shah, inspired by a vision to provide factual Equity investment information to those interested in the investment world, established Smart Investment with the blessings of his father Late Shri Kantilal Shah. From its roots, Smart Investment has blossomed into a leading Financial Weekly Newspaper released from Ahmedabad, reaching global audiences through both physical and digital editions.

Smart Investment is a part of Archi Publications, a division of Archi Finmark and Communications Ltd. which is an ISO 9001:2008 (QMS) certified company. Additionally, it holds the membership of the Press Council of India and is duly registered and approved by DAVP (Delhi) & Director of Information (Govt. of Gujarat).

Smart Investment

The company offers a range of newspapers namely Smart Investment Financial Weekly (Available in English and Gujarati), Smart Bonanza Mid-weekly (Available in English and Gujarati) and Smart Plus Newsletter. Its services include  BOSS – Best of Smart Services, DOW – Den of Wealth and SIR – Smart Investment Reports.

Meet The Leaders

Smart Investment is helmed by three successive generations from the same family – Dilip Shah, Siddharth Shah and Het Zaveri, each playing integral roles in steering the company forward.

Dilip Shah

Founder, Chairman, Managing Director and Editor in Chief 

Dilip Shah carries with him 45+ years of experience in the stock market as an analyst and researcher. His key responsibility in the firm include maintaining a balance between new launches and old products so that each product and service grows uniformly. He also manages the publication of Financial Weeklies starting from giving opportunities to the Analyst, content finalisation and newspaper publication.

Siddharth Shah

CEO and Director

Siddharth Shah holds a graduate degree in BCom and PGD in Entrepreneurship Development and Business Management. He is an investor with 20 years of experience in the stock market. As the company’s CEO and Director, he engages with Analyst and looks after designing new products which would help investors gain wealth over time.

Het Zaveri

COO and Director 

The youngest in the leadership team, Het Zaveri has recently completed his MBA in Finance. He has 2 years of experience in the stock market. Deriving from his grandfather Mr. Dilip Shah in heredity, Het’s responsibilities include handling different departments including Digital media marketing, Business Development and Sales, Financing and day-to-day operations. 

Insights Into The Stock Market World

The Newspapers by Smart Investment deliver comprehensive insights into the stock market. This includes updates on the Primary market, IPO details and Grey Market Premium, Company analysis articles for short-term, Mid-term and Long-term Periods, Astrological analysis, information on other investment options such as BONDS, ETFs, and Mutual Funds and analysis on Commodities.

“Through our services, we provide stock recommendations based on analysis done by SEBI registered analysts having 100+ years of combined experience, ensuring informed investment decisions,” mentions Het.

The company’s current clientele includes stock market investors of different age groups and from various parts of the world. 

Acing The Game In The Crowded Stock Market

The stock market is becoming a very crowded industry due to the advancement of technology and many discounted brokers. Sub-brokers and paid service providers have entered the market, luring in the youth with promises of easy money through aggressive advertising and competitive pricing.

To sail through these waves, the firm has uniquely designed and priced its products and services. “Whether someone is new to the stock market or a seasoned veteran, a full-time investor or part-time investor, a dedicated trader or occasional one, we’ve curated a comprehensive suite of products and services that caters to everyone,” explains Siddharth. This unique approach sets the firm apart and attracts customers in the crowded stock market.

Before presenting any service, the firm asks them about their interest and the types of investments they are interested in. Even after the sales, the commitment to facilitate the client continues. The dedicated sales team always stays available for the customers. 

The Expansion Plan

The Directors believe that there’s more ground to cover. Their plans include venturing into other investment avenues like Mutual Funds, Bonds, and NFOs. The objective would be to offer the customers a complete package of various investment options. Furthermore, the plan also involves introducing new screeners along with live market data, back-tested by the analysts. This will help subscribers to get the best out of various services offered. 

“It fills my heart with pride to mention that it is our hardworking team behind the company’s success. The employees who joined us during the firm’s inception are still working in the company, showcasing their loyalty. We proudly refer to our team as family, because like any family, our collective efforts are directed towards the success of our company, Smart Investment,” says Mr Dilip Shah. 

Smart Investment has marked a significant milestone by welcoming over 2 crore visitors to the website in just 5 years. The newspaper’s circulation is more than 2 lakhs. These achievements reflect the company’s growing reach and impact in the investment landscape. It has been recognised by Silicon India under the ‘Top 10 Most Prominent Brands in the Stock Market for 2023.’

While signing off, Het says, “This is just the outset of what’s to come.” 

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