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Scorpion Ventures: Offering A Creative Range Of Gifting Options

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“We are flexible in understanding customers’ needs and then work in the background to get the best possible Corporate Gifting options.”

Mohan K
(CEO, Scorpion Ventures)

To enrich the gifting experience and nurture healthy business relations, Scorpion Ventures offers a comprehensive and exciting range of gifting products. With its top-quality gifting products, Scorpion Ventures has become a highly preferred choice for businesses when it comes to corporate gifting. The wide range of corporate gifting products of Scorpion Ventures includes Notebooks, Merchandise, Mementos & Trophies and other gift set combos.  Today, Scorpion Ventures is associated with 250+ direct corporate customers with 100+ Suppliers and 6000+ products to offer. 


Having a techno-commercial background, Mohan always dreamt of having his own business empire. Intrigued by the idea of corporate gifting, Mohan started Scorpion Ventures in 2012. 

As the company’s CEO, Mohan strikes the right balance of ambition and dedication that paves the way to ignite the limitless growth of Scorpion Ventures. 

“While leaving the IT industry, one thing was clear, we want to be in a stress-free and positive business line and Scorpion Ventures provides us with that positive vibe,” says the CEO.


Scorpion Ventures

Putting special emphasis on the branding of the company, Scorpion Ventures provides a wide range of gifting options right from Lanyards to Pens, Key Chains to T-Shirts, Trophies to Gift Sets Combos and many more. The product portfolio of the company includes 16 categories with 6000+ products for promotions and branding. The company is working to launch more environment-friendly products, such as:

  • Seed Pens, Pencils & Notebooks 
  • Cotton, Canvas, Jute and Cork-based laptops, travel and carryon bags 
  • Vegan Leather Promotional Products
  • Wood-based desktop organisers
  • Recycled Gifting Products and more


It takes a lot of hard work, money, and time to transform a business idea into reality. The same happened with Scorpion Ventures, in the starting days of inception, the team had to face many obstacles. It took them a while to find the core strategies for the company to reach the high road. But finally, after facing a bundle full of trials and errors, Scorpion Ventures finally embarked on a journey of success.


Scorpion Ventures was incorporated with a focus on becoming a Digital Service Provider for Custom Gifting Products & Services. Mohan Iterates, “Our journey started with a challenge of getting multiple options of gifting products under one roof but either the products were priced high or only limited options were available for selection.” To bridge this gap in the industry, the company started to directly engage with corporate clients and set its footprints in retail through online marketplaces such as Snapdeal, Flipkart, PayTM & Amazon.


The rising demand in the gifting domain nurtured the idea of “Collaborate and Facilitate”. This idea led to the formation of networking and Scorpion Ventures started signing vendors on a collaborative model to offer multiple gifting options on one platform digitally. Collaborating with multiple manufacturers and consolidators also helps the company address the problems of affordable prices. “Our majority challenges were addressed  by direct collaboration and we could get 5000+ products to our portfolio to our site. With just a click of a button, customers could get varied options with budgetary prices,” says Mohan.


Moving forward on the growth path, Scorpion Ventures:

  • Set its foot in the export business through its partners
  • Integrated Automated Inbound Marketing Systems
  • Moved to process-based systems and procedures to ensure better deliverable
  • Started Exhibiting & Socialising with various B2B Networks across India

To integrate and give customers a single point of delivery, the company moved to a consolidation model bringing all the printing, packing and logistics services together. 

2020-till Date:

As the company is growing towards establishing its name among the industry leaders, Balaji K, brother of Mohan K joined the company as a Director to oversee the operations. Balaji enriches the strategic operations of the company with his 21 years of extensive experience in Supply Chain & Business Analytics in North American Markets.  Along with this, Scorpion Ventures has embarked on many other crucial initiatives for the growth of the company such as:

  • Migrated totally from a manual to a process-based work environment and enabled a Hybrid model for the employees.
  • Working to bring easy access to a wide variety of products and services with a better turnaround time for customers.
  • Planning to extend the company’s range of gifting options for Individual customers, various Alumni, Festivals and Personal celebrations.


Associated with 250+ Direct Corporate Customers, 20+ Direct Channel Partners and 50+ Brand Signups, Scorpion Ventures adds many feathers to its cap. The most significant are:

  • Top Performer Flipkart 2015-16
  • India5000 Best MSME Winner 2020

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