Festive Season Recap ft. Uncle Delivery

Festive Season Recap ft. Uncle Delivery

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India is a land of diverse festivals and rich cultural traditions associated with the celebration of these festivals. The period from August to November every year is when brands come up with grand marketing campaigns and impactful narratives centered around Indian festivals, however big or small they might be. It’s indeed one of the most effective ways of striking a chord with the audiences by sharing the brand’s heartwarming story in all its festive splendor suited to deliver the nuances of the different festivities, observances and practices.

This year, right from Raksha Bandhan to Diwali, Uncle Delivery – an intracity on-demand last-mile logistics platform offering services in and around Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Hyderabad – delivered not just personal and business packages but also happiness and joy to its different stakeholders with its community building and customer engagement initiatives.

In this day and age, where ‘convenience and efficiency at one’s doorstep’ is at the heart of modern-day living, Uncle Delivery understands the changing consumer needs which makes it go the extra mile to deliver parcels with a promise. A promise of providing ‘delivery experience just as you like’ for its users and a ‘fulfilling job experience’ for its riders with freedom, rewards and respect that they deserve. What sets Uncle Delivery app apart is its burning desire to spearhead into a new era of deliveries that not only focuses on optimized logistics solutions for individuals and businesses but also revolves around committing to enhance the lives of its users and driver partners.


Uncle Delivery PARIVAAR

For Uncle Delivery, its delivery partners are the stars of the show. Its pillars of strength. In an industry where driver partners play an integral yet often unappreciated / underappreciated role, Uncle Delivery indeed takes pride in nurturing a positive, rewarding and enriching environment where riders are truly heard, understood, and acknowledged.

At its core, Uncle Delivery thrives to ensure a supportive platform for its delivery partners where respect and growth opportunities know no bounds. Uncle Delivery is dedicated to coming up with impactful initiatives consistently for its riders which enhance their job experience along with the various interesting strategies that help to constantly increase their earnings.

In the growing, fast-paced and demanding business landscape of logistics, delivery partners often find themselves in situations where the nature of their work and financial woes at home can result in them putting their personal safety, overall health and well-being at risk. They spend the majority of their time on the roads trying to make a daily living; this makes them vulnerable to various road risks and accidents. Uncle Delivery understands their struggles and aims to see beyond the packages that they move. Uncle Delivery recognizes the uncertainty that comes with the job. So to ensure their safety and stability, Uncle D recently launched UD Parivaar. 

“The health and happiness of our driver partners matter the most to us and to make sure they feel safe, we have come up with an insurance benefit plan for them under our campaign called #UDPARIVAAR. As a part of our 2-year anniversary celebrations recently held, as a token of appreciation, as a gesture to convey our gratitude towards their commitment for making Uncle Delivery a household name, we have started to give this insurance benefit to our top frequency driver partners in both the vehicle types i.e Big Wheel and 2-Wheel category to begin with. We will be adding more driver partners to this benefit in the coming weeks,” shared Sourabh Chatterjee, the Executive Director of Uncle Delivery.


This initiative’s main focus is to provide a sense of security, peace of mind and an improved quality of life for Uncle Delivery’s riders. It truly is a testament to their dedication and hard work in making deliveries convenient and reliable for all of Uncle Delivery’s users.

A Round-up Of Ganpati Festival Campaigns

A Round-up Of Ganpati Festival Campaigns

This year, Uncle Delivery painted the city of Mumbai in gorgeous green and yellow with its festive campaign creatives at the various popular Ganpati pandals. Recently hitting the milestone of over a million app downloads, Uncle Delivery is the ‘#HarDeliveryKaCompanion’ for thousands of users who are relying on the app for their personal, home and business deliveries. This festive season, Uncle Delivery is making doorstep deliveries – affordable, hassle-free and safe, one order at a time.  

Ek Do Teen Chaar, Uncle Delivery Ke Saath Manao Har Tyohaar!

A Round-up Of Ganpati Festival Campaigns 1

Lighting Up The Morale Of Delivery Partners This Festival Of Lights

The anxiety and stress associated with delivering packages on time, safely and swiftly, faced by countless driver partners every day cannot be understated. The job of a delivery partner is not easy – it’s a road filled with many hurdles. Their stories are less told and their journeys are seldom celebrated. Limited rest, penalty for inactivity, endless working hours, the wrath of harsh weather, accidents, no healthcare support, no leaves, no week offs, no treatment as regular employees and more challenges – Their everyday life is filled with such blocks that impact not just their jobs, but also their health, their family’s well-being, and their standard of living. 

To recognize their amazing efforts, apart from UD Parivaar, Uncle Delivery has also come up with the Driver Partner Diwali Championship 2023 contest to boost every rider’s earnings and encourage them to compete and win exciting huge prizes. This delivery competition is an engaging format to push driver partners to challenge themselves, break their own records and find a top spot in Uncle Delivery’s weekly leadership boards fostering immense growth and success as a community. The star players of this game are to be rewarded with more than just monetary benefits, they stand a chance to win additional gifts like Bluetooth speakers, headphones, smartwatches, power banks, induction stoves, geysers, table fans, dinner sets, microwaves, juicer mixers, mobile phones, refrigerators, electric cookers, scholarship for their children and so on. Uncle Delivery’s aim was to make this Diwali, indeed a Dhamakedar and Shaandaar one for the riders on the platform and their dear ones!

Lighting Up The Morale Of Delivery Partners This Festival Of Lights

Mr. Chatterjee further added, “We truly look forward to connecting with our dear delivery partners as we would be felicitating the rider winners for their stellar performance in the Diwali Championship 2023. The real achievement for us as a team is being able to witness the victory smiles and the real joy on their faces while becoming the star players of this festive season. We commit to adding that spark in their lives by being their constant support and source of income in their journeys!”

Delivering Smiles To Little Ones In Need 

The values of serving the community and taking responsibility for the actions that can drive impact – it’s in Uncle Delivery’s DNA. From the 12th to the 20th of October 2023, Uncle Delivery’s Bangalore team came together and generously donated towards supporting the children in need at a neighbourhood orphanage, with the noble objective of letting their collective efforts light up their lives and make their Diwali all the more special and memorable. 

A few days before Diwali, on the 5th of November, 11 UDians volunteered to spend their day with these little ones who had no one to call their own during the festive season. They shared lunch with them along with special Diwali care packages where each package was thoughtfully put together with notebooks, pens, pencils, biscuits, chips, juice, and blankets. While the kids surely treasured these heartfelt moments, UDians also shared a sense of fulfilment and gratitude for being able to contribute and make a difference. 

Delivering Smiles To Little Ones In Need

“Diwali is all about giving, sharing, and spreading smiles! To celebrate this auspicious day, everyone tries to do their best to make their loved ones happy and turn their simple moments into memorable ones. This year we wanted to celebrate with kids that have no family, we wanted to brighten their day and make their Diwali super special,” stated Farid Ahmed, Head Of People Operations And Administration at Uncle Delivery. 

The grand success and incredible impact of Uncle Delivery’s initiatives so far only motivate their team to keep up the good work and break their own records with a truckload of more such campaigns with the ultimate goal of achieving greater milestones and building a bigger community in the years to come. 

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