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Uncle Delivery: The New On-Demand Same-Day Affordable Delivery Companion In Town For Small Businesses & Individuals

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“Uncle Delivery addresses the inefficiencies of the traditional logistics market, builds sustainable competitive advantages for SMEs, in turn, providing a one-stop solution for all types of logistic needs.”

(Sourabh Chatterjee,
Executive Director, Uncle Delivery)

From getting a charger or important document that you forgot, to helping in shifting bigger items like furniture & sofa and moving business packages from the warehouse, Uncle Delivery is the go-to delivery app on which customers can rely on!

Uncle Delivery caters to every delivery need with the widest range of vehicles on its app – from bikes to 3-wheelers & bigger trucks. Transforming the way goods are transported in and around the cities, Uncle Delivery is a young and enthusiastic on-demand logistics start-up with presence in different cities such as Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Incepted in 2021, Uncle Delivery has built a tremendous client base in such a short span of time with over 113,000 drivers and 34,000 users. The organisation has also been recognized by the Government of India as a part of the Startup India program. Uncle Delivery operates as a “tech based aggregator” with a right blend of conventional traits of any logistic company, for last-mile logistic needs. “Uncle Delivery provides on-call support as well as you can track the vehicle on their app,” shares Sarvesh Tiwari, an Uncle Delivery user. 


It is not easy for any company to win the trust of its clients however Uncle Delivery shines as a rising star in the logistics industry by building the trust of the users with its impeccable and unmatched delivery services. Rajdeep Sangar, another user, acknowledges that using the Uncle Delivery app has helped him save 50% of his transportation cost. “Within just one year of inception, we have seen a growth of 566% in monthly orders and 430% in monthly revenue,” shares the Executive Director of Uncle Delivery.

“Our USP is that we have a ‘Moonlight’ policy for our Partners i.e the Drivers. Our delivery partners do not require to be employed with us or to be solely working with us, in the absolute sense they are our Business Partners, free to choose their working hours, number of orders and even the orders they want to accept! We do not penalize them for not being active. We ensure good service to users by having over supply of drivers rather than penalizing drivers to make them compliant. Thus, we maintain balance by offering affordable fare for users and high earnings for drivers,” shares Sourabh.


Founded in the post-pandemic period, Uncle Delivery has grown manifold under the exceptional leadership of Mr Sourabh Chatterjee. Sourabh carries with him over 20 years of vast experience in the logistics & SMEs domain and therefore excels in enriching the company with his valuable industry insights and leadership skills.

Starting his professional journey as a Sales Executive, over the years Sourabh has gained excellence in various business domains including Business Strategy & Planning, Distribution & Business Development, Customer Strategy, Operation & HR. It is his expertise and valuable inputs that have resulted in the company’s significant growth & expansion. With the focused aim of continually driving aggressive growth for the company, Sourabh leads the team diligently to position Uncle Delivery as a formidable player in the on-demand logistics and quick commerce space. 


Perfectly blending the conventional traits with technology, Uncle Delivery provides affordable delivery solutions for all kinds of logistic requirements. The company operates with the help of two sets of Apps, one for the Users and the other for the Partners (Drivers). With the help of AI and on-ground market surveillance, Uncle Delivery ensures the perfect delivery experience by matching the user’s order with the best-priced supply (Driver).

In an effort to take their business to the next level, Uncle Delivery has recently launched their extensive marketing campaign ‘Har Delivery Ka Companion’ ahead of the festive season. The campaign focuses on positioning Uncle Delivery as a synonym for Speed, Variety of Fleets, Reliability and Cost Effective delivery service anytime, anywhere. 


Uncle Delivery Team

Uncle Delivery’s growing team of 500+ employees in just a year of its inception only proves the pace of progress the company has set for itself. Being led by the finest leaders & industry experts, the senior team of Uncle Delivery includes:

  • Mr Sourabh Chatterjee, Executive Director 
  • Mr Farid Ahmed, Head of People Operations & Administration 
  • Mrs Gargi Basu, Head of Customer Experience & Supply COE 
  • Mr Goutham Raam, Head of Marketing & Growth
  • Mr Ruchir Pradhan, Head of Finance

Sourabh iterates, “The leadership team brings to the table not just vast experience & expertise from distinctive domains but also sets the right example of leading with empathy, innovation, integrity & ownership that lie at the core of Uncle Delivery’s mission statement.”


Talking about the marketing efforts, channels of distribution & campaign budget, Sourabh adds, “Our marketing budget for the next 3 months is about 40% of our projected revenue. The campaign is targeted to an age-group of 20 to 65 years, small business owners & enterprises and to anyone & everyone with a delivery need. It is also planned to be promoted widely on the outdoor & radio front and across the digital & social platforms. Our message is clear & concise – Need something picked up & dropped? Uncle Delivery hai na, your Har Delivery Ka Companion!”

Uncle Delivery is also working to expand in other Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities, Enterprise business (with API integration), and Intercity business. With the mission of becoming a financially self-sustained, leading on-demand logistic aggregator in India by 2023, Uncle Delivery surely has a promising future ahead in the logistics industry.

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