From Sketches to Guinness Monisha Ravi’s Artistic Journey

From Sketches to Guinness: Monisha Ravi’s Artistic Journey


We all know that “Art is the journey of a free soul”, a pure expression of creativity and imagination. Within this domain lies the inspiring tale of Monisha Ravi, an artist whose passion for art has led her to achieve remarkable heights. With a paintbrush in hand and a strong determination in heart, Monisha has etched her name in the records of art history.

From humble beginnings to achieving recognition all over the world, her journey is nothing short of extraordinary. It was her artistic excellence that led to this path. When she followed it with utter dedication, record-breaking achievements were waiting for her with open arms. 

Monisha’s story is a testament to the power of pursuing one’s passions with utter selflessness and confidence. Let’s hear her story in her own words. 

Q: What inspired you to pursue a career in art? 

I discovered my passion for drawing and painting at a very young age. I started it just as a hobby. I would spend hours and days immersed in my artwork, improving my skills and exploring my creativity. When I was in 12th grade, I decided to take my passion for art to the next level. I started participating in competitions held at different schools and colleges. When I received my first award, it fueled my determination to excel further. Encouraged by this recognition, I started participating in district-level competitions, to challenge myself and showcase my abilities to a much wider audience.

When I was 18 years old, my dedication and hard work paid off. I achieved a significant milestone in my artistic journey— The title of “Maximum Portraits Drawn On Different Egg Shells” in the esteemed “India Book Of Records in 2020.” This remarkable achievement involved sketching 50 portraits of renowned figures on different eggshells within a time span of 1 hour, 31 minutes, and 59 seconds.

I kept going which made me record another milestone— The title of “The Largest Drawing By An Individual” measuring 562.80 m² (6057.92 ft²) in the renowned Guinness Book of World Records in 2020. This accomplishment took place on August 15, 2020, marking the first time such a record was set by someone from Tamil Nadu, India.

In addition to my artistic talent, I work in the IT sector as an HR Associate Consultant, allowing me to balance my passion with my professional responsibilities. 

Q: You are proficient in many different types of paintings. How do you effectively handle various art forms?

Monisha Ravi

My passion for art is inspired by my mother, who had a keen interest in fashion and used to sew garments. Motivated by her, I delved deeper into the world of art and felt a strong desire to elevate my skills to new heights. 

After achieving Guinness World Record, I wanted to learn more. Therefore, I pursued an ADFA Degree (Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts) at an esteemed private institution. 

Upon completion of my degree, I ventured into the realms of oil painting, acrylic painting, and glass painting, seeking to master each technique and bring forth unique creations.

My mother and father are my biggest inspirations. They are the ones who always motivate me to explore the unexplored. In fact, I have even created paintings dedicated to them, as a heartfelt expression of gratitude.

Q: How many awards and accomplishments have you achieved so far?

Apart from receiving the Guinness World Record and the India Book of Records, I have achieved many accolades.

  • My Pencil Sketch Drawing was selected and sent to the honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, receiving acknowledgement from the deputy secretary.
  • Awarded an Honorary Doctorate for achievements by The Diocese of Asia in Chennai.
  • Kalams World Record holder for “Maximum Portraits Drawn on Different Egg Shells,” where I sketched 50 portraits of famous personalities on different eggshells in 1 hour, 31 minutes, and 59 seconds.

Many other awards include the Sayal Wings of Women Icon Award 2022, Super Women Icon Award 2022, Golden Lady Icon Award 2022, Young Artist of the Year 2022, Kovai Wonder Woman Icon Award 2021, Kalaichemal Award for Drawing and Handwriting, and many more. 

Q: What motivational or inspirational message would you like to convey to budding artists?

Each individual possesses unique hobbies and interests. Rather than treating them merely as hobbies, you should always strive to take them to new heights. Believe in your abilities and have faith in your creative potential. Always embrace the passion that drives you and pursue it wholeheartedly. You should never forget that with dedication and perseverance, you can transform hobbies into something truly remarkable. 

Embrace the journey of self-discovery and let your passion guide you towards fulfilling your dreams.

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