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Gift Kya De: Crafting Moments of Joy In Every Gift

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“We have got the perfect solution to your every ‘Gift Kya De yaar’ problem!”

 Amandeep Singh Bhatia & Suyash Chandel (Co-Workers, Gift Kya De)

When it comes to finding the perfect gift, it’s like embarking on a quest. Frustration sets in, and you find yourself exclaiming, “Gift Kya De” in search of the ideal present. Fortunately, there’s a solution for that! ‘Gift Kya De,’ a prominent name in the world of corporate gifting, founded by the duo- Amandeep Singh Bhatia and Suyash Chandel, has got it all covered. 

“During the pandemic time, we got some time to delve into the potential of the gifting industry. Since India is a land of events and festivals, this sector holds immense potential. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, an anniversary, Diwali or any other occasion, gifting remains an all-season business. Realising the potentiality of the sector, we decided to incept ‘Gift Kya De,’ recall Amandeep and Suyash.

Gift Kya De is currently focusing on capturing the e-commerce market. It has established itself in leading market platforms– Amazon and Flipkart. In the B2B market, the products have garnered a special affinity among professionals and corporates as they are 100% eco-friendly and are made in India. The firm has served many reputed organisations including Tata Motors, Hyatt Hotels, Indian Express, Navbharat, Hira Group, Mercedes, and many more. 

“The best part about us is that we don’t trade or resell products. We are a manufacturing company, therefore, quality control, product design and packaging everything stays in our hands,” explains Mr Bhatia. 

What Does ‘Gift Kya De’ Offer?

Gift Kya De

The firm offers all the utilities you need- Pen holders, mobile stands, laptop stands, table clocks, calendars, desk organisers and more. Its areas of specialisation include 3D popup cards, gift boxes and customised/handmade gift items.

“Customisations and personalisations always add emotions to a gift. Our customised gifts help our customers to add a personal touch and deliver happiness to their loved ones’ doorsteps,” says Suyash with a smile. 

A Power-Packed Team

Each team member is the lifeblood of the company. Therefore, as Amandeep puts it, “we refer to ourselves as ‘GKDians’ Currently, there are 6 members in the Core Team. The overall team size stands at 30 creative GKDians. 

In the core team, each member plays a crucial role. Suyash Chandel oversees all backend and production operations, while Guljeet Singh takes care of business on Flipkart and Amazon. Rajat Chandal manages offline sales, Amit Patel masters in product design and packaging and Vinay Deshlehra takes care of facility management, QC and production. 

GKD is backed by its parent company ‘Konsole Group’. The contribution of the creative minds– Harpreet Dhody, Zamauddin Khan, Pushpendra Singh, Suyash Chandel and Amandeep Singh Bhatia play a significant role in shaping GKD into a successful gifting firm today in the market. 

“From hardly any orders in the beginning to managing 350+ orders per day, GKD is reaching heights. We are recording almost 2x growth every year. Many of our products feature under the ‘Best-Seller’ category on Amazon and Flipkart, securing No. 1 rank in their respective categories”, shares the duo with great pride.

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