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The Perfect Impressions Factory: Gifts that Unite Uniqueness and Functionality

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“It is unfair to have an idea that is not shared.”

Renuka Lewis (Founder & Director, The Perfect Impressions Factory)

Carrying with her over 18 years of experience in diversified sectors, when Renuka Lewis decided to give luxury gifting experience to the world, it led to the inception of a leading gifting firm, The Perfect Impressions Factory. Headquartered in Maharashtra, TPIF is a one-stop shop for all kinds of gifting solutions for all occasions like corporate events, birthdays, engagements, weddings, festivals, baby showers, housewarming parties, and other social events. 

“We believe that a meaningful gift wrapped impeccably is the perfect way to express love to others,” states Renuka. TPIF specialises in curating gift items and pre-made hampers that are thoughtfully conceptualised and created, ranging from home decor to pet accessories, grooming to wellness, electronic accessories to fashion, scented candles to office stationeries and many more aesthetically meaningful products.

While corporate gifting is a significant part of the company’s portfolio, TPIF’s scope goes beyond the corporate world. It serves hotels, IT companies, and large organisations, including renowned entities like TCS, Nissin Group, Tata Serein, TROSS, CMA Global, Planet Hollywood, Jewel Crest Builders, Sumer Builders, Volofin, Zaggle, Indetrans Global Logistics, Viterra and many more. 

The Perfect Impressions Factory

The Woman Behind TPIF

Renuka Lewis is a graduate in Advertising from Mumbai University and a postgraduate in Television Production from the University of Salford, UK. Her career trajectory initially led her into filmmaking where she worked with many media houses, production companies, retail chains, and film directors. At the tender age of around 8, she used to visit a gift store in her neighbourhood. As she explored small gift items and mementoes, it sparked a desire in little Renuka to innovate and create something unique and meaningful.

While she was pursuing her MBA in Los Angeles, she was exposed to many manufacturing companies in America and the role of China manufacturing. She visited these places and learnt about business. In 2020, she returned to India to set the wheels in motion for ‘The Perfect Impressions Factory,’ with a vision to create a place where creativity and purpose would come together to redefine the art of gift-giving. 

Ethos at TPIF: A Four-Point Process

TPIF prides itself on delivering personalised and meaningful gifts, a mission that is deeply rooted in a four-point ethos. When TPIF takes on a project, whether it’s corporate gifts for Diwali or a collection of wedding favours, it follows a four-point process.

  • Ideation and Conceptualising

The first process involves understanding the essence of the event, whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or any other occasion. The purpose is to create a seamless and meaningful extension of the event itself. The process also includes finalising the budget and costings.

  • Designing and Branding

Once the concept is finalised, the focus shifts to designing. This involves determining how to incorporate a logo into the gift packaging, choosing placement, and deciding on design elements like ribbons and bows. 

  • Customisation

This is where TPIF works to convert vision into reality. If, for instance, the project involves a corporate handover kit with various items, TPIF takes care of branding and executing the design, ensuring that the entire package aligns with the client’s requirements.

  • Personalisation and Gift Wrapping

TPIF Corporate Gifting

The last and most important step is adding the final touch of elegance through gift wrapping. TPIF offers suggestions for wrapping based on budget and personalisation. The final product is wrapped, presented, and, if desired, personalised with a name or letter to provide a complete and memorable gift.

The Diverse Clientele

In the B2B realm, TPIF caters to large corporations, and mid-size as well as emerging startups. It extends its services to the B2C market, accommodating individual clients seeking customised gifts. TPIF welcomes all with open arms. 

“We work around two things, creating uniqueness using innovation and creating functionalities. When the product is unique, it’s also functional for the person who’s receiving that gift. Our aim is to create a meaningful experience,” mentions the Founder.

Team: The Strength of TPIF

Renuka aptly puts it, “The driving force behind the success of TPIF is its team.” TPIF has designated departments to ensure smooth functioning in the organisation. 

The Design Team brings concepts to life. Whether it’s crafting marketing collaterals or designing product packaging, this team ensures that each product has an aesthetic appeal. The Production Team is responsible for the entire manufacturing process, ensuring that quality and craftsmanship are paramount. The Marketing Team focuses on establishing the firm’s presence digitally. All promotional activities are handled by them. 

What’s The Expansion Plan?

TPIF plans to open its first showroom at Lodha Signet Mall located at a premium junction in Kolshet Road Thane, to provide an immersive product experience that goes beyond what the website offers.In Renuka’s words “The aim is to let customers understand the efficacy of each product and that can only come once they experience it physically. We want to make the experience of gifting more meaningful. We’re currently focusing on opening stores in Maharashtra.” While the immediate focus is local, TPIF remains open to the possibility of Pan India expansion.

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