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“Every home is a new challenge, and with evolving lifestyles, we try to evolve the modern-day home to complement the client’s lifestyle.” 

Jacob Mathews (MD, Glamerhomz)

When you walk into a room, it’s like reading a story. The way it’s set up, the furniture, the colours, and the lighting all come together to tell a tale; A tale that evokes hundreds of emotions together. This story isn’t just about looks; it’s about the people who live there and their feelings. Interior design is about creating a story that connects the people in that space with the world around them. It’s all about making a place feel like home, where design and emotions converge in one place.

When Jacob Mathews and his wife Sneha Jacob came back to a new resurgent India after having lived abroad for years, they had no idea what they would do professionally. With nearly six decades of life behind them, both of them decided to follow their hobbies. That’s when the duo decided to renovate their 35-year-old home.

First and foremost, they identified the areas they would like to change to bring elegance and aesthetics. Once they achieved that clarity, they started researching through the net and exhibitions and understood the options available to them. “To our surprise, the budget we planned was well below what we could spend to create our dream home,” laughs Jacob.

Hence, they redefined their budgets and expanded the horizon for the scope of their envisioned project. To give shape to their aspirations, they took help from some freelancers to draft their dreams into 2D and 3D drawings. It was at this juncture that both decided to take charge of executing the project themselves, recognising that doing so would provide them with invaluable insights into the transformation of their beloved abode.

“What we initially thought to be just a mere ‘couple of months’ of work turned out to be a 13-month journey of tireless effort and creativity. The house we started with, turned out to be a place that reflected our personalities. We had successfully converted our dream into a reality,” recalls Sneha Jacob. 

Jacob’s and Sneha’s place of allure and charm caught the eyesight of many of their friends. As they approached them to seek their expertise in similar home renovations, they did it with utmost happiness. As they completed a couple of such projects, the universe gave all the signs to them to sow the seeds of a new commercial venture. 

It was April 4, 2018, when the creative masterminds birthed Glamerhomz, with its registered office in Horamavu, Bangalore. “We aptly named it ‘Glamerhomz– Your Key to a Glamorous Home’, in our passion to create the dream homes of many with style and elegance,” the duo explains.

Placing Integrity Above Image 

In a market where self-proclaimed carpenters masquerade as interior designers and fly-by-night operators peddle 20-year warranties despite barely having two or three years of business history, Glamerhomz Founders believe in always delivering good quality work. When they commenced their journey with an accountant and a designer, they established a clear set of guiding principles. Foremost among the principles was a commitment to customer-centricity, with a focus on always coming up with out-of-the-box ideas and putting integrity above image. 

Sneha Jacob
Sneha Jacob, Finance Director

Sneha while asking “What’s the point of delivering a project that lacks three core elements- innovation, aesthetics and quality?,” explains her perspective, saying “While running Glamerhomz, we realised how clients are often tricked by the promise of low prices. We came to realise that exceptional quality work and robust after-sales support come at an optimal, rather than cheap price. That’s when we carved a niche in the market, catering to those clients who would value innovation, aesthetics, quality and most importantly optimum flexibility in pricing.” 

While adding more to it, Jacob states, “Our support mechanism for after-sale service has always been our trump card.”

As the company’s Managing Director, Jacob constantly looks for innovative ideas within the country and beyond. Overseeing technologies, improvising production methodology, and researching and introducing new finishing materials also come under his responsibilities. He also works as the client interface for all HNI client designs, and production, apart from admin-related issues.

On the other hand, Sneha, as the Finance Director, takes care of all the financial aspects of the company. She also handles stores, inventory control, purchases, statutory compliances, and more. 

Glamerhomz has its Management Information System that reports the respective day-to-day activities to the management. The ‘client update system’ updates clients on the progress of their projects.

The Design Process

Step 1: Initial Inquiry

The client submits the floor plan along with vague details of their requirements via email.

Step2: A One-on-One Meeting with the Design Experts

The client pays a visit to the office. They receive a presentation on materials and pricing packages.

Step 3: Site Visit and Design Initiation

The design team pays a visit to the site to take measurements. The design process starts with the development of 2D and 3D drawings with approval at each stage.

Step 4: Estimate Refinement

Following design approval, the company refines the estimate to align it with the finalised design.

Step 5: Documentation and Agreement

Signing of all hard copies of 2D drawings, 3D drawings, and final estimate.

Step 6: Project Production

With all approvals and agreements in place, the production phase of the client’s project begins.

Gifting What The Client Wants

Glamerhomz’s 70% of clientele comprises first-time home buyers who embark on their journey to designing a home with open minds, seeking consultation on design concepts. These are the people who find it difficult to understand where to start and whom to trust. That’s where Glamerhomz steps in, to provide holistic project support that the clients yearn for.

Team Glamerhomz believes that earning the trust of the client is paramount. Many people often make the mistake of going for readymade brands rather than opting for solutions, because of their inclination towards not taking a chance. What they don’t realise is that it’s a compromise as finding the product that perfectly suits your taste and requirements is almost impossible. The firm always makes sure that it earns the trust of its clients and makes them understand that they must go for a customised solution. 

Designing A Home Inside Out


Glamerhomz’s scope of services focuses on residential projects, including a diverse range of holistic offerings. From conceptualisation to project design and execution, the firm handles every aspect of the project. This includes in-house expertise in woodwork, false ceiling installation, electrical and plumbing work, meticulous colour scheming, granite applications, and civil work, all managed by the firm’s dedicated staff.

The firm uses the latest equipment in production to provide crispy finishing. Furthermore, it also uses state-of-the-art equipment to detect electrical wiring and waterpipes within walls, apart from laser equipment for measurements. In situations that demand specialised expertise and support, it integrates with a network of trusted vendors. 

“I strongly believe that an interior designer’s most vital skill is being an active and good listener to fully grasp the client’s needs, tastes, dreams and expectations to finally provide customised solutions. Sometimes, clients may not be initially aware of their own needs until the designers identify probable issues that had previously gone unnoticed. This is how we build trust by proving to our clients that we are keeping their interests at the top.”

If a house has 5 adults living in it, they would have different tastes. To design a house with all the different tastes and yet maintain a smooth transition in design themes and colour schemes is a challenge. However, we always rise to the challenge, skillfully striking a perfect balance that brings smiles to our client’s face, ultimately giving us a sigh of satisfaction.

While many companies in the industry offer generic interior products, our approach is different. We consider ourselves solution providers above all else. Rather than simply selling ready-made products, we cater to individual needs and that’s what makes us stand unique in the market.

Balancing Dreams and Budgets

Present-day interior design industry presents endless possibilities when it comes to designing and decorating spaces. The availability of a wide range of materials, technology, and creative ideas allows for captivating interior design solutions. Clients always put forward some expectations, seeking top-notch solutions and cutting-edge designs. Yet, it’s essential to understand that “what money can buy, only money can buy.” Glamerhomz believes that flexibility in budget is very important, to bring out the best in every project. 

However, Glamerhomz takes up projects with strict budgetary constraints as well, requiring thorough research and creative thinking to provide clients with the best possible solutions to make ends meet. Sometimes, the team might suggest a cost-effective wall covering that mimics a stone cladding design. Even when authentic stone cladding would have been the recommendation. Clients with tighter budgets often appreciate these cost-saving alternatives.

“Ultimately, it’s the client’s decision whether to simply exist within the space or truly live life,” states Jacob.

The Team of Creative Heads

Glamerhomz is equipped with a dedicated design team that masters the art of handling projects of all sizes. The team initiates a brainstorming session, where rough sketches of project concepts come to life. These ideas then set the foundation for the design proposals. The team engages in extensive discussions with the clients to ensure their vision is seamlessly integrated into the project.

Interior design solutions by Glamerhomz

Each designer at the firm constantly keeps an eye on the latest trends to provide cutting-edge and out-of-the-box designs and space-saving solutions to every customer. The duo explains, “Just like how American ready-to-eat restaurant chains adapt and evolve to suit Indian tastes, we too provide desi solutions to firangi design concepts.” 

Even when tackling projects with whirlwind schedules, the design team, under the leadership of the Team Head, engages in invigorating brainstorming sessions. Here, they set challenging timelines and distribute project designs among themselves, to meet even the most pressing deadlines. The key to their success lies in their effective networking and seamless communication.

“We even bring in all our designers together on networking platforms and use Zoom meetings to coordinate client requirements and synchronise resources to improve efficiency,” states the Founder.

Apart from the design team, Glamerhomz boasts experienced talents in accounts, project management and client support. Team members of all departments update project status daily to ensure transparency and synergy. 

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