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“Our tag line is Make Business Easy. SalesClap software helps a business to scale 10x faster. One can close the deals quicker and faster with our application.”

Amar Jadhav and Poonam Jadhav (Co-Founders,

The business world has gone digital. Companies are entering new markets to introduce their products and services and thus pushing them to invest in CRM software. To help businesses close their deals quicker and faster and expedite their growth, SalesClap laid its foundation in 2016. It is a powerful cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) CRM provider for AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) sector. It stores all customers’ information like names, addresses, email, phone numbers & other necessary details and keeps track of full sales activities. SalesClap makes sales predictable and is a definitive tool for scaling businesses.

SalesClap is running entirely on air, ensuring no expensive setup cost. Users can work from anywhere on any device with an internet connection. They just need to log in and start using the software application and manage their customers.

The application is made in such a way that it can be used by a single entrepreneur, small businesses set-up, or a large-scale enterprise. SalesClap doesn’t start and end with CRM for Sales and Marketing. The platform enables the person to manage all interactions with the customers and prospects, so that the organization can grow and succeed, making SalesClap a Customer Success Platform.

SalesClap is operating under the strategic leadership of Amar Jadhav and Poonam Jadhav.

Poonam Jadhav: (Co-Founder, SalesClap)

Amar Jadhav is an MBA graduate with 15+ years of experience in Information Technology, Product Development, Sales, and Operations. Poonam Jadhav is a BA graduate with 10+ years of experience in Software Design & Development and DBA.

They came up with a SalesClap Software Application in 2016. Within a year, they completed basic CRM for Real Estate Industry. In 2017, they did a pilot run in the market and successfully sold 25 licenses. After the pandemic period, they are planning to relaunch SalesClap in the market from January 2022. 


SalesClap aims to bring the entire AEC Sector on one platform. It has crafted the most affordable CRM exclusively for real estate brokers, developers, and plot sellers. The distinctive reasons that make SalesClap unique in the market are:

  • Interactive Dashboard:

An enterprise application interface that is used to track the market leads and sales prospects, processes, and results. It offers snapshots of real-time business activities for monitoring and improving market reporting analytics.

  • Social Wall Posting:

A live or aggregated stream of social posts like articles, images, videos, etc. that are projected on any digital signage screen. 

  • Dynamic Lead Management System:

A collection of methodologies, processes, and procedures designed to generate new potential business clientele. It is run through a diverse range of marketing campaigns.

  • Quotation Management System:

Aims to improve the company’s business performance by producing, generating & emailing quotations, storing data, and providing enhanced reporting features.

  • Inventory Management:

An aspect of property supply chain management that includes the control of assets and properties. It manages the flow of properties from suppliers to clients.

  • Sales Team Management:

Sets the sales targets of the Sales & Tele-caller team and helps in sales forecasting & sales team performance check.

  • Unlimited Contacts:

For storage of unlimited contact in the SalesClap contact folder. It is useful for marketing and remarketing.


“The Indian real estate sector has witnessed significant growth in recent times with rising demand for office and residential spaces. In the next 4 years, Real Estate is expected to increase by 15-18 million sq. ft. area and the residential sector is also expected to grow remarkably, as the central government aims to build 20 million affordable houses in urban areas. There is huge scope for this product in the domestic and international market. Our target countries for business are India, UAE, USA, and Europe. We see robust demand as the biggest opportunity for SalesClap in the near future,” said the Co-Founders. 


SalesClap targets to understand the client’s needs, and provide quality solutions that are important, result-oriented, and profitable at all times. It combines smart design and rich technology to scale the business 10x faster.

The vision of the company is to be recognized as a leading CRM company in terms of quality, accuracy, and on-time deliverables. The company believes that those who challenge the way they work today will lead the way tomorrow.


SalesClap has a professional team of change-makers, who work smartly, think positively & creatively. Currently, it has skilled experts in all the necessary departments like Technical, Marketing, Sales, and Finance.


According to Amar and Poonam, Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle. They shared a piece of advice for emerging entrepreneurs and said, “You need to do meaningful work to gain a sense of fulfillment. Know your target audience, develop a solid business plan, set a strong vision and mission, and stick to it. Build a strong business network because your network is your net worth.” 


SalesClap has been recognized under “10 Most Recommended Real Estate Technology Solution Provider” in 2020 by CIO Insider. 

SalesClap CRM is successfully assisting companies to grow business relationships with their clients, thereby building strong brand loyalty and client retention. In the next 5 years, the company plans to expand its business in four countries. In 2022, the focus would be on India, followed by UAE in 2023, the USA in 2024, and Europe in 2025. 

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