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Transformative Evolution – Personal Branding

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“Personal branding is the Journey of creating and managing a recognizable and positive image.”

Preeti Phuskele (CEO,
Concord Talent Hunt & Pinacolish)

Ask any entrepreneurs and Senior management professionals about their struggles in business and they will always discuss about issues of trust and recognition. This is where Personal branding comes in as a solution.  

Preeti’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2017 as she incepted Concord Talent Hunt. Despite a successful career as a professor in management studies, her path took an unexpected turn when she had to quit her full-time job and retreat from her profession for childcare. An unexpected sudden death of her husband hit her with financial challenges and she got into the path of entrepreneurship. Unconstrained by the challenges of being a working mother, Preeti stood tall. Preeti Phuskele, successfully running her two brands – Concord Talent Hunt and Pinacolish, rides this strategic rollercoaster as she believes in exploring different opportunities in this dynamic and interconnected world. She has started a new vertical – ‘Personal Branding’, understanding what people need today.

The success of Concord Talent Hunt laid the groundwork for Preeti’s next entrepreneurial chapter – Pinacolish, established in 2020. While Concord Talent Hunt focuses on Permanent Staffing in the Engineering domain to multiple sectors like Automotive, Automation, Heavy Equipment, and Oil & Gas, her other venture, Pinacolish, provides temporary staffing, training, organization development, and more. She has added a ‘need of the hour’ vertical – personal branding – to Pinacolish’s repertoire in 2023.

“At Concord Talent Hunt, we provide permanent staffing, leadership hiring, training, outbound programmes, resume customisation and organisational development. At Pinacolish, we offer assistance in defining communication strategy, facilitating marketing planning, branding, improving staff performance, marketing strategies, customer satisfaction, and employee motivation,” explains Preeti.

The Strategic Move

What made Preeti introduce Personal Branding? The idea stemmed from the realisation that even senior professionals needed Personal Branding. She shares, “Due to changes in the market post-Covid, even Senior officials need personal branding to make a chance among only a few opportunities in marketing across the world.” While shedding light on another vertical, she further says, “Retention and attracting employees is also becoming a challenge for most of the companies. This can be taken care of with Employer Branding.” 

Personal branding, as Preeti understands, helps in expanding an entrepreneur’s network and attracting new opportunities. A strong personal brand helps entrepreneurs become more visible within their industry, making it easier for them to connect with like-minded professionals, potential clients, and industry influencers. 

Furthermore, with a motive of returning back to society, Preeti is training future entrepreneurs in Personal Branding through lectures in courses in Entrepreneurship. 

How Does Pinacolish Help In Personal Branding 

Under the stewardship of Preeti, Pinacolish helps establish a professional and consistent online presence. It emphasises sharing industry insights and educating customers. After the brand is created, it helps its clients maintain a consistent image on different platforms. It encourages them to showcase their testimonials or recommendations from colleagues, clients, or collaborators on social media, as it adds credibility and authenticity to the established personal brand.

Preeti Phuskele, Transformative Evolution - Personal Branding

In her own words, Preeti asserts, “I believe, your personal brand is your compass– it’s not just about promoting products or services, it’s about what you do as a whole, who you are and the values you bring for the customers. Therefore, it must be crafted with authenticity and credibility.”

As the business world continues to get more competitive, the new vertical introduced by Preeti Phuskele is a strategic necessity. Her foresightedness positions her brands as proactive and adaptive in the face of evolving market demands.

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