Greening Your Workspace Must Have Plants for A Happier Office

Greening Your Workspace: Must-Have Plants for a Happier Office


Every morning, people get ready and rush to a place where they are supposed to be productive for long hours. As soon as they enter that place, all their excitement and energy go away because this is the same place they have to go to every day, with monotonous colours and sophisticated vibes. This place is their office. Offices are where people spend a significant amount of their time, and no one just lies idle there; they have to be productive too. 

While monotonous vibes in the office can stop the flow of creativity in people, minimal additions to the office space can uplift the vibes. Apart from concrete and glass, adding plants to the office space can elevate the whole aura of the office. The human brain is wired in such a way that it releases happy hormones whenever we see plants. Hence, it’s a win-win situation; employers will get a more productive workforce and employees will also feel more relaxed. In addition to that, plants can unleash creativity, improve air quality, and make the workspace more attractive.

Let’s take a look at ten must-have plants for a happier office. They can elevate the whole office experience, making the workspace more attractive and productive.

1. Areca Palm
A Must-Have Plant For Good Luck

Areca Palm, plants for a happier office

Areca Palm is a tall and slender-looking green plant with feathery leaves. It is a beautiful-looking plant that is also considered to bring good luck. This plant can easily survive in low-light areas and also purifies the surrounding air. Moreover, it’s a low-maintenance plant, hence the perfect fit for an office. 

2. Snake Plant
The Air-Purifier

Snake Plant, plants for a happier office

These plants look like a sword or snake emerging from the ground. They have distinctive leaves with green colour on their edges and beige in the centre; they look beautiful. These plants are strong and pointed on top; they thrive in low light, purifying the surrounding environment. These plants also absorb negative energies and eliminate bitterness and jealousy.

3. Spider Plant
Your Stress Buster

Spider Plant, plants for a happier office

These plants look like snake plants but are small; a perfect fit for desks and table tops. Keeping a spider plant on your desk will increase your productivity as it reduces stress. Like snake plants, these are low-maintenance and can easily survive in low light. They also have air-purifying capabilities. They also help in reducing depression, anxiety, and anger, thereby creating a healthy and happy environment. 

4. Rubber Plant
Providing Freshness In Every Breath

Rubber Plant, plants for a happier office

These are strong plants with glossy and beautiful leaves. They are completely safe and can also be grown indoors. These plants are also low-maintenance and can be a great fit for a workspace. They require low indoor sunlight and also purify the surroundings. 

5. Money Plant
Green Wealth for Your Workspace

Money Plant, plants for a happier office

We all have heard of Money plants because of their amazing benefits. These are the most popular indoor plants. Their heart-shaped leaves and vining stems give them a beautiful look, making them a good choice for decorations. People believe that these plants also bring wealth and prosperity. These plants can easily survive low-light indoor conditions. 

6. Bamboo Plant
Lucky Tranquility Symbol

Bamboo Plant, plants for a happier office

People believe that bamboos bring good luck and this is the reason they are popular in the gifting category too. It brings wealth and prosperity. With beautiful leaves and slender culms, they add charm to the office space. They thrive in low-light conditions and also provide freshness in the office. 

7. ZZ Plant
Uplifting Aesthetics And Bringing Prosperity

The beautiful appearance of ZZ plants makes them a popular choice. Their leaves are glossy and feathery. These plants don’t require much care and can be a smart addition to your desk and table tops. They also purify the air making them a great addition to the office space. Moreover, they are small in size, hence you can fit them anywhere like a corner shelf, desktop table, and more. 

8. Orchid (Orchidaceae)
The beautiful bloom to freshen you to the core

Orchid, plants for a happier office

Orchids are undoubtedly beautiful flower plants; they come in different shapes and colours. These plants can be easily grown in pots and are suitable for office space. However, orchids require some care, but once they bloom, their flowers last for several days, uplifting the office aesthetics and mood of the workforce.

10. Succulents
Adding Charm And Elevating Ambience

Succelents, plants for a happier office

Succulents are a variety of plants in one category. They have fleshy leaves, which are thick and store water. They also come in various shapes and sizes. Some of the most common succulents are jade and echeveria. These plants can easily adapt to indoor spaces and survive with minimal care. 

Air Plants (Tillandsia):

Inviting Freshness Without Any Mess

Air Plant, plants for a happier office

The species Tillandsia has a variety of plants; these plants don’t require soil, and that’s how they got their name. They extract nutrients and minerals directly from the air and can easily survive in low-light areas, enhancing the whole look and feel of the office space. Some air plants also have beautiful flowers, adding extra charm to them.

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