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Here’s How Red Boys Foundation Is Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

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John Dewey’s words – Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself, reminds us that education is the thread that weaves together the fabric of our society.

Education is the sole weapon through which a person can grow, enlighten and transform. While it stands as true as it can be, children from marginalised communities often get deprived of this basic right. That’s when organisations that are dedicated to educational empowerment emerge as change makers to carve out the futures and reshape the destinies of these children. One such NGO is the Red Boys Foundation. It was founded by Zakir Khan and Shahnawaz Shaikh in 2007.

The NGO was finally registered in 2014 and is on a mission to give underprivileged children a chance to learn, develop skills, and become a part of the community. Situated in Bandra, Mumbai, the foundation is actively playing a pivotal role in different walks of life.

We connected with Zakir and Shahnawaz to understand more about the NGO, its success stories, expansion plan and more.

1. What led to the inception of the Red Boys Foundation and how it has evolved?

The Red Boys Foundation was inspired by the desire to empower underprivileged youth in Mumbai, India. Since the NGO’s inception, we have aimed to provide them with opportunities for education, skill development, and social integration. 

In the beginning, we focused on sports but gradually expanded our programs to include various forms of youth development activities, including education, health, and community engagement. As the years have passed, we have grown, in terms of our scope and impact. We now reach to a larger number of young people and offer a broader range of services to support their holistic development. As change makers, we are here to make a meaningful difference in the lives of underprivileged youth and empower them to build brighter futures.

2. Shed light on the initial challenges faced when starting the organisation. How did you overcome them?

Team Red Boys Foundation

Like any other NGO, we also faced many challenges during our inception. Securing funding, building a team, establishing credibility, and facing bureaucratic processes were not a tough row to hoe. 

To overcome these challenges, we burned the midnight oil and engaged ourselves in extensive networking with potential donors. We used our partnerships with other organisations and demonstrated impact through pilot projects to establish ourselves. We also built a strong organisational structure with clear goals and values, so that society could understand our long-term vision.

3. Could you describe some of the key programs and initiatives the Red Boys Foundation has undertaken to support youth development in the slums of Mumbai & other cities/areas?

We are based in Mumbai. Since 2007, we have focused on empowering youth in slum areas through various initiatives. In 15+ years of our journey, we have made a substantial impact and launched several key programs to address the diverse needs of underprivileged communities.

Some of our key programs include educational support such as tuition classes, skill development workshops, mentorship programs, and community outreach activities like health camps and awareness drives. 

As mentioned earlier, we also focus on sports programs as we believe these programs help us to engage with the youth and promote teamwork and leadership skills. Additionally, we work on advocacy and lobbying efforts to address systemic issues that are affecting the slum dwellers and advocate for their rights and better living conditions.

4. What are some of the most notable success stories or achievements of the Red Boys Foundation that you’re particularly proud of?

We have achieved significant milestones in empowering youth through education, skill development, and community engagement. Over the years, we have been successful in reducing school dropout rates, providing vocational training to unemployed youth, and fostering leadership skills among marginalised communities. Our initiatives in promoting gender equality and social inclusion have garnered praise and recognition.

5. Can you share with us any future plans or initiatives Red Boys Foundation is currently working on?

Our next ambitious aim is to open a school and skill development centre for underprivileged children. We look forward to providing them with a learning environment that helps them excel academically and professionally. Moreover, our school will continue offering quality education that is accessible and inclusive. We aim to empower children and help them shape their futures.

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