Zainika Jagasia A Dazzling Model and Baker with Down Syndrome

Zainika Jagasia: A Dazzling Model and Baker with Down Syndrome

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This is the story of a charming and cheerful girl, Zainika Jagasia who can definitely bring a smile to your face when you talk to her. This 21-year-old girl with Down Syndrome harboured a profound desire to step into the world of modelling, since her childhood. Her dream came true when she got a chance to do her first-ever photoshoot with Abhishek Golecha in 2021. She is also a professional baker and helps her sister Gitika run a healthy bakery brand named ‘Homebred by G&Z’ 

Down syndrome is a genetic condition wherein a person is born with an extra chromosome which may cause developmental delays. While people with Down syndrome may share some similarities in appearance and behaviour, each person has unique abilities and characteristics. 

In a world that sometimes underestimates people with differences, Zainika stands tall, highlighting that her Down syndrome is not a hurdle but a unique part of her extraordinary journey. 

Zainika Jagasia aspiring model Nari Shakti

Zainika is a down-syndrome aspiring model, content creator, and the Co-Founder of  ‘Homebred by G&Z’. She has gained recognition as a fitness enthusiast, inspiring others with her dedication to health and wellness. Most of her childhood was spent in several therapies, such as physical, speech, occupational, and language therapy. But she didn’t let her syndrome bog her down as she dreams of becoming the face of renowned fashion brands like Gucci.

Importance of Family in Zainika’s Life

Zainika’s family has been her cheerleader. They always support and push her to manifest her dreams. When she was young, her mother managed her therapies and homework. She receives unconditional love from her entire family which makes her perform best in any field she wants. They treat her like a normal kid which increases her self-confidence and motivates her to stay optimistic. 

“When I got a chance to do my first-ever photoshoot with Abhishek Golecha in 2021, it was a magical experience. When I saw my pictures, I was so surprised and happy and couldn’t stop smiling. It gave me more confidence to try new things,” says Zainika with a big smile on her face.

During the pandemic, Zainika found a new hobby– Baking. It might seem shocking that Zainika wasn’t initially interested in baking. She didn’t like getting her hands dirty. Eventually, she fell in love with it and started making cakes, mini-cookies, and brownies from scratch. When her sister encouraged her more, she started taking more interest. With time, she mastered the art, leading to the creation of ‘Homebred by G&Z’ by both sisters.

Zainika Loves Trying New Skills

Zainika tries on different skills like being a fashion influencer, fitness enthusiast, modelling and content creator. She also likes working out on the Bollywood dance styles. 

She says, “I’m not perfect at everything but I’m always working on improving myself. I want to inspire everyone to work hard and let the process take time. I will continue to pave my way through the fashion industry until I reach the level I want to be at.”

Real Talk With Z

Zainika has recently begun sharing episodes on her Instagram series, “Real Talk With Z,” where she courageously challenges stereotypes linked to Down syndrome. While breaking the myth which says people with Down syndrome are immune to stress and anxiety, she says, “I am 21 years old with Down syndrome and I am not some superhero. We all feel it. We all deal with it. But I am still facing it head-on and proving that strength comes in all chromosomes.”

Zainika Jagasia

She is on a mission to help people change their perceptions and perspectives and teach them how to be more inclusive, thoughtful and kinder to everyone around them.

Message From Zainika Jagasia

No matter what challenges come your way, never, ever give up. Believe in the power of your dreams and manifest that they will become something big. Remember, nothing should stand in the way of achieving your goals. Life may throw curveballs, but with determination and a positive mindset, you can conquer anything. Keep pushing, keep dreaming, and don’t let anyone hold you back. You’ve got this!

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