How Is Print Advertising Better In The Digital Age?

How Is Print Advertising Better In The Digital Age?


If you think digital advertising is the only way to promote your product or brand, you should think one more time. Maybe you are forgetting the most important and effective form of advertising and that is print advertising. 

If you are still wondering how print advertising is still more effective when we do have so much technology that powers the world of digital advertising, continue reading and you will find the answers!

The truth – The charm of print ads isn’t over yet

Many reports and surveys claim that the effectiveness of print ads are way more effective than digital ads. Many businesses, companies, and startups still use print advertising for creating a marketing campaign.

According to the studies, an average person spends 20 minutes reading something that is in the print medium, be it a newspaper, a magazine or any other printed material. However, it is highly unlikely that the reader spends all 20 minutes reading your ad or article only but it still engages the reader longer than any digital media can. 

Businesses still trust print advertising when it comes to promoting their brand because the print medium has better visibility and its durability is way more than digital advertising. 

What Is Print Advertising?

Print Advertising

Yes, digital advertising is taking over the world, but Print Advertising is still in the game and hasn’t lost its effectiveness yet. Print advertising refers to the oldest form of advertising that captures the attention of the reader. This advertising is done by using different print media channels including newspapers, direct mail, magazines, brochures, and billboards.  

Print advertising is an undeniable mode of advertising that has its unique way to reach the audience. With a higher brand recall, print advertising is said to be attention-grabbing, Tangible and highly informative. 


Why Print Advertising Is More Relevant and Beneficial?

Even in today’s world of digital ads newspapers, magazines and journals are widely published. This makes it obvious that people are still believing the print ads and using them for commercial purposes. The emergence of digital ads doesn’t mean that print advertising is dead. Let’s look at the benefits now:

  • Print Ads Are More Trustworthy 

People tend to believe that print ads are more authentic and trustworthy. While looking at any advertisement in a magazine or newspaper the chances of people staying and reading that ad is much higher than it is on digital media. That is why businesses still prefer print ads because they add credibility to their brand. 

According to reports, 82% of people trust print ads more in comparison to digital ads. The least trusted are online popups. Creative, well-constructed and relevant print advertisements prove to be more trustworthy than most digital ads.

  • People Remember Print Ads More

Digital media is full of so much content that it becomes very difficult to make your ad noticeable to the consumer. With so much content online, people tend to move from one ad to another very fast without even noticing the content thoroughly. 

With comparatively fewer distractions, print media has the ability to engage people for a longer time. Studies show that viewing ads in print form activate the visionary senses and provokes emotions in a person that helps brands to create a memory in the mind of the audience.

  • Long Lasting And Tangible Effects

Print advertising is tangible which means that it has the capability to promote your brand for a longer duration. Unlike print ads, digital ads have a limited life, while the durability of print ads is usually long-lasting.

Print ads can stay on coffee tables, work desks, bookshelves and more places for a longer period of time. The tangible characteristics of the print ads make them more appealing and personal. 

  • People Engage With More Print Ads 

People only subscribe to those newspapers and magazines that match their interests. So promoting your brand through print media is actually a good idea. Since people are willingly reading the content of the magazine and it is not something that suddenly pops up in front of them like digital ads, they tend to engage more in print media. 

In other words, if you plan to advertise your brand through print media, it engages people more. People even look at the classifieds and other types of advertisements in the newspaper and magazines very carefully. 

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Final Words

The rise in the popularity of digital media greatly affects the print advertising industry. But we cannot also deny the fact that print advertising has still maintained its charm. Reaching the audiences in an effective way, print advertising has a higher conversion rate.

If you want your advertisement to have a lasting effect on customers, you should do it through print version. Associate with your audience with a clear, concise and creative copy of print advertising. 

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