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Explorex: A Complete Solution For Restaurants


“Our solutions ensure that not only a multichain restaurant but even the smallest cafe can use the tools that are necessary for its business by democratising technology for restaurants in the true sense.”

Mainak Sarkar
(Co-Founder & CEO, Explorex)

Consumers are now looking for hygienic contactless ordering & delivery options, digital payment methods and a seamless personalised experience since the pandemic hit the world. To help restaurants work with full efficiency and to make consumers’ experience exceptional, Explorex offers full-stack solutions to streamline the business of restaurants. Revolutionising the restaurant industry with Empathy, Care and Passion, Explorex emerged as a rising star catering to the evolving needs of the restaurant industry.

Explorex offers exceptional services and helps restaurants upscale their business and generate more revenues by understanding the wants and needs of their restaurant partners. Explorex is democratising software access for the restaurant industry with its full-stack ecosystem, enabling the restaurant industry to ease its operation process and grow faster.


Mainak & Pritam CoFounders

With a firm belief in the saying “You are never too small to make a difference”, Mainak Sarkar (Co-Founder & CEO) started Explorex along with Pritam Khan (Co-Founder & CTO) to make a remarkable change to the restaurant industry. Mainak started his entrepreneurial journey with his friend from IIT Kharagpur, Pritam Khan. The duo from IIT Kharagpur, Mainak and Pritam, together started their first startup ‘Eatable’ with a mission to help diners have a great dining experience ordering through QR Codes. Eatable started to swing but the 2020 pandemic hit the entire world and the duo was forced to shut down their first startup. 

There is a famous saying when destiny closes one door, it opens many others for you. Taking lessons from the last journey, Mainak and Pritam understood the problems and the needs of the industry and incepted Explorex in 2020. Coming stronger than before, the duo hasn’t looked back since then.


Born out of Empathy and Necessity, Explorex is on a path to becoming an industry leader providing restaurants with a complete ecosystem for every single requirement of the restaurants. Growing at 20% MoM (Month-over- Month), Explorex is currently working with 1000+ restaurants, including the ones on the waiting list. After setting its firm foot in Bengaluru, the company is expanding in various cities in India including Delhi and Mumbai.

Explorex faced many challenges in its initial days but Mainak and Pritam never took them as a failure instead saw it as an opportunity to learn and improve themselves. The Founder duo experienced great difficulty while scaling the team. Mainak asserts, “We understood that great culture attracts great talent and that’s what we focused on at Explorex.” And now Explorex has a highly motivated team of enthusiastic and professional minds.


Working closely with many restaurant owners and staff, Mainak and Pritam realised the need for a complete ecosystem solution that takes care of all the operational needs of restaurants. Stating the limitations of the software that was being used in the industry, Mainak iterates, “Existing solutions are inefficient and most of them lack the technical expertise needed to develop modern stable products that would enable the restaurants to match customer expectations.”

Bridging this gap, Explorex provides a full suite of solutions ranging from Full-scale POS Software, Inventory Management Tools to Vendor Management Tools and reduces the complexity & costs associated with piecemeal solutions and legacy softwares. 

Helping restaurants with collecting payments and providing access to capital, Explorex has partnered with reputed payment players in the industry including Razorpay, Paytm and MSwipe. Along with this, the full stack Customer Data Collection Tool offered by Explorex allows restaurants to collect customers’ names and numbers and also maps them to the customer’s visit count, order preferences and other important data. 

‘‘Our solutions ensure that not only a multichain restaurant but even the smallest cafe can use the tools that are necessary for its business by democratising technology for restaurants in the true sense,” mentions the CEO of the company.


Catering to the end-to-end operations, the ecosystem designed by Explorex manages restaurants of every scale from large to small. Be it a small cafe or a multi-chain restaurant, Explorex has the expertise to manage them all. Eliminating all the hurdles from the process, the company work diligently to provide solutions that increase the overall efficiency and revenue of the restaurant but also improve the lives of their staff and improve the diners experience significantly. Some of the key features of Explorex’s full-stack ecosystem are:

  • Digital Menu

With the help of Digital Menu, the restaurant can offer their customers, a well-crafted dynamic menu that can be accessed by scanning the QR code simply with a customer’s mobile. Digital Menus are extremely helpful in managing and updating menus on special occasions and increase the visibility of dish items by adding images. It also controls the recurring costs of managing physical menus.

  • Integrated Payment Services

Explorex makes the process of payments and checkout absolutely smooth with its Integrated Payment Systems. Making payment process easier through various means of payment gateway with UPI, web apps and other digital modes of payment.

  • Restaurant Analytics & Reports  

Explorex not only makes the day-to-day operations of the restaurant easy but also provides them access to in-depth analysis of the restaurant’s analytics and reports. This helps the restaurants to make better future strategies and decisions to improve the efficiency and growth of the business.

In addition to these features, the other key features of Explorex include Automated Ordering, Integrated POS/ mPOS Solutions, Third-party Delivery Integrations, Inventory Management Tools, Multi-Location Management, and Customer Re-engagement Tools.


Explorex Team

Aligning with the core vision and mission of the company, the Team of Explorex is highly motivated and with their hard work and expertise, they are pushing the company closer to becoming the industry leader. 

“Our team is not focused on just getting the job done, each one of them makes sure they are doing their best and are always flexible to the requirements that our clients and partners have,” says Mainak taking pride in his team. Standing right next to Mainak and Pritam in every situation, the team of Explorex is its biggest asset.


In such a short span of time, Explorex has been able to establish a huge client base. This shows the efficiency and effectiveness of its one-stop and complete ecosystem. Mainak says, “We can proudly say that 30% of the Microbreweries in Bangalore have adopted us, along with more than 1000 restaurants including ones on our waiting list, which include QSRs, Cafes, Breweries, Pubs, Dine-Ins etc.”

The company believes that open and consistent two-way communication is fundamental to maintaining a healthy client relationship. And this is what Explorex has been following from day one and will continue to do so going forward. 

Putting emphasis on establishing trust and faith with clients, the Co-Founder says “we maintain an internal ritual, ‘Explore it Yourself,’ which empowers all our employees to visit at least one partner restaurant, talk to the staff, experience the product for themselves, and provide valuable feedback to the team.”


Since the inception of the company, Explorex has won many awards for its groundbreaking services. Some of the most prestigious ones include:  

  • Times Business Award Bengaluru 2022 as the “Best Ecosystem Solution in the Restaurant Industry”  
  • “Best Startups to Work for in 2022” from Startup City Magazine  
  • “Emerging Company of the year 2022” by Indian Achievers Forum


With the vision to make Explorex enable opening and running a restaurant easy in the future with just a few clicks, the company sees itself as an ecosystem becoming a mandatory necessity for every restaurant to be a part of. In the next 5 years, Explorex is planning to become partners with 80% of the restaurants in India and looking forward to expanding beyond the geographical boundaries of the country.

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